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  1. Working on some game assets, this time a floating platform. More like docking area for Warships to replenish their supply. I still adding more details, no texture at the moment.
  2. This is mine - Gameplay video 01 - Gameplay video 02
  3. Does anyone here nominating their indie games to Indiescrashe3.com ?
  4. Hi I got an assigment to create 3D model/Environment : Electronic panel inside an abandoned spaceship, with plants and/or shrubs growing on/around it. Any good reference for me to start with ? my head kinda numb at the moment XD Thanks
  5. Interesting, other than that, NFS Carbon has nice driving ... love the drift mode.
  6. hmmmmm ... interesting, especially for 90's games ...
  7. oh, not forgot to mention the Syndicate by bullfrog, not the FPS one.
  8. ah, you got me "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE!!!" that one of the greatest old skool!
  9. ah yes, The Half Life 3 ... still no confirmation yet ...
  10. and, maybe the Modern Warfare 4, I wonder what will happen with Captain Price
  11. Just wondering, what kind of Gaming Sequels (that's not existed yet) you would like to see ? I wish EA would consider the Need For Speed Undergound 3 (or what ever they gonna call it). The reason is simple, it was fun! I miss that old time. How about you ?
  12. deepeyes

    Gunner Fury

    I've been working on personal project, called Gunner Fury (by crew of 2). A game about naval war simulation. I built the 3D assets by myself, no textures at the momen. Currently working on the third ship. You can try the game here: http://myuberconcept.com/index.php/item/gunner-fury Some friends told me to get sponsor to develop this game further, I have no idea how to do that and I do not know whether this game is worth to get sponsors. Maybe you guys have some suggestion.
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