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  1. PuffDragon

    [WIP] de_geiger

    **FIXED** While uploading the map yesterday I forgot to add the models and textures to the map file. I will see to fix this as soon as possible.
  2. PuffDragon

    [WIP] de_geiger

    A long time without any updates. Even though it's not finished I'm satisfied with the work that has been done during the limited amount of free time I've had. Thank you for your time!
  3. PuffDragon

    [WIP] de_geiger

    I've updated the overview so it's not as cluttered. I hope this make it easier to identify the layout. The textured area is a somewhat close representation of what I had in mind for the map. But do mind that it's not final. And yes, I use various picture references. The map is indeed of the larger scale, but I've kept the time for T to reach the bomb sites at about 16 seconds, give or take depending on how run. I'll take in consideration to flatten out the map a bit. I just worry that it hurt the layout too much. Alternatively removing some pathways. But it's much valued feedback which I will keep in mind while continuing my work on the map!
  4. PuffDragon

    [WIP] de_geiger

    Hello! I'm a first year leveldesign student who has, as a side project, been working on a CS:GO map. This is to learn more about leveldesign in general, but also getting experience from recieving and applying feedback to my work. "Geiger plays out within the gates of a canadian uranium refinement plant. The facility has been under the threat of terrorism during a few occations before but this is the largest operation to date. The counter-terrorist force has to stop it once and for all." Workshop Submission Imgur Album
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