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  1. Won't I do it? Or I won't have any problems. English is not my language. Sorry
  2. Hello, everybody. I open this post to ask those of you who already have more experience in this world than I do. I have the idea to remake a map of a video game from 2003. For making a map that already exists in another video game, can I have some kind of legal problem when publishing it in the CSGO workshop? As this is an unofficial map for CSGO I don't know if I may or may not have problems. Thank you for your help, sorry for my English.
  3. Thanks for answering and giving your opinions! Another of my doubts: Many Web sites talk about the limitations of Source. Some say that at most on a level there may be 4096 objects between props and brushes. Others say that there is really no limit of props but that a limit of 8192 gives brushes. Can anyone remove doubts about this? Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! I was on vacation days thinking about whether it would be viable or possible to make a counter strike map in the style of today's game engines like Unity or Unreal. I mean creating maps with Source with models modulate themselves using static props and nothing else. Without touching the brushes at all. Is there any kind of limitation that will not let you do it this way? Sorry for my english
  5. Hello! I want to ask you a question. When you believe your maps with custom textures and models do you keep the models and textures within the game files or do a folder elsewhere on your hard drive? I'm afraid that may cause a problem with the VAC. Thank you! Sorry for my English
  6. aprats

    [CS:GO] de_section (WIP)

    Thanks, I understand that better not to abuse such large textures, but if they can be used.
  7. aprats

    [CS:GO] de_section (WIP)

    Good job! The models are very nice. I also use Blender to create all models, either for soure or other engines. The theme of the textures, is there any news? Do you know if there are problems in creating maps with bigger textures 1024px what? Sorry for my English.
  8. aprats

    SOURCE SDK limitations.

    Well, I understand that there are almost no limits, just make good use of optimization can achieve great things. Making good use of the "func_detail" "nodraw" "areaportal" "draw distance" "hint" A map with 2k textures would be super nice but I guess the performance would be much lower than if they were single 512x512 textures. Much depends also on the computer of each, like me a map with two thousand props and textures 2k I will 120fps and 45fps another. One question, why to use "hint" also must be used on the other side the "skip"? Other limitations according to the source wiki. BRUSH: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Brush -8192 brushes -128 faces on a single brush -65536 faces overall -NODRAW do not count toward the limit
  9. aprats

    SOURCE SDK limitations.

    Thank you for this first information received!
  10. I would like to know what are the technical limitations of the source engine. For example, maximum sizes of textures that can withstand, maximum number of porps map, maximum number of brushes map, maximum number of points of light, maximum number of polygons ... It also would be interesting to make a comparison of constraints between Source, Unity 5 UE4, this would help many developers to choose either engine. In the official documentation only I encounter any of these limitations, but it would be interesting to have it all in a single table. Thank you for your attention and sorry for my English.
  11. Now that the game takes a while with you, do you think that will be as popular as it is now Counter Strike? Do you know if in the future you will have workshop with map editor? I was previously a staunch fan of Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, but now is unlike anything I loved.
  12. aprats

    The random model thread!

    Low poly fountain for Counter Strike GO map. Textures 512x512. I intend to reuse this model in future projects in Unity 5. In process a version with 1024x1024 textures.
  13. aprats


    I love using blender, not that I know much, but in two months and learned a lot. This is my last model created in blender. Textures : 512x512 px optimized for Counter Strike GO (Also I have to learn more English hahaha)
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