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    Le1T reacted to Radix in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    I understand your concerns. But I don't think that there is an actual alternative for "rule 4".
    The contest is NOT about who can create the best map in ~8 months. Mapcore is holding this contest to encourage people to create/finish maps and so that some maps get a little more attention.
    If you really expect that everybody starts from zero when the contest starts, you can just forget it. Because nobody (except some hackers and intelligence agencies ) can control what's going on the hard disks of people. People can easily keep finished maps secret until a contest starts. The only way to avoid this would be to have a very limited theme (something like "snowy castle" and NOT something open like "exotic places"). But this would have the consequence that very few people would participate in the contest. Because nowadays most people need something like 2 years or more to create a new map.
    So just accept it, or we won't have any contests ever again.
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    Le1T got a reaction from Furiosa in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    Le1T got a reaction from Interfearance in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    de_cache for China

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    Le1T got a reaction from blackdog in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    de_cache for China

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    Le1T got a reaction from a Chunk in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    Le1T reacted to fewseb in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    It was some HLTV interview from 2011 or 2010, he said Valve wouldn't let him or cliffe make changes they wanted to make when Source was still be updating because Valve was afraid of the community getting miffed. He also implied other projects in the company were constantly getting in front of Counter Strike 2 going into full development.
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    Le1T reacted to blackdog in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    Anyhow, I had put a pin into this because I couldn't reply on the phone, but haven't been using the PC at home lately either
    I can't make the jump, have never practised it, so it doesn't phase me. Without playing the map, my take is that the cubby is too protected and the platform is a good excuse to put a fence there to make it shallower.
    For the question, I guess we would all like to be Valve employees to know the answer! ūüôÉ I guess the ever-shifting manpower allowed by Valve's structure doesn't help. But hey! This iterative approach is the one they've taken with Vertigo, so one would think this is what they'll do with Mirage, or whatever map gets reworked next.
    Popularity argument: I had to look this up because I haven't followed the tournaments closely, it felt every time I tuned in I would see (in order of frequency): Train, Nuke, Overpass, Mirage, Inferno... but the numbers say it's actually the other way around, with D2 to be the most played.
    Would be interesting to see a breakdown by tournament phase, I mean do the most played maps get those numbers thanks to the BO1 and fall-off in the play-offs?
    Balance: do we actually need to balance the maps to be as close to 50-50%? I remember at the time I was playing CS:S for fun (with a clan, but we didn't know what we were doing) that I used to be very mad when an imbalanced map like Aztec was voted next... but nowadays it seems to me that these maps fit nicely in the overall experience offering good stories (comeback!11) and in the contest of a pro-tournament are part of the strategy of a match in the map-pick mind-game: you float, you pick? And you can use it at your advantage doing what Astralis did with Nuke: perfect the T side that nobody wants to play and win the map right there and then.
    Check this out:
    Mirage and Dust 2 were "imbalanced" as much as Nuke in 2018 Mirage and Dust 2 in 2018 were "imbalanced" as much as Overpass is in 2019 Train in 2019 has a 4% higher delta compared to 2018, but then was as imbalanced as Nuke in 2019 Mirage, Nuke, Overpass are within a 5 matches delta, Dust 2 was favoured only 20 matches more than these in 2019, while in 2018 the two most played maps lead the others by ~100 matches! Cache is the only map really favouring Ts Vertigo is almost perfect 50-50 but nobody picks it anyway Source:
    Map pool in 2018 https://www.hltv.org/stats/maps?startDate=2018-01-01&endDate=2018-12-31&matchType=BigEvents Map pool in the last 6 months of 2019 https://www.hltv.org/stats/maps?startDate=2019-04-23&endDate=2019-10-23&matchType=BigEvents What those maps have in common? Except Vertigo, they haven't been substantially updated in the last two years (Nuke update was in Feb 2018).
    So what to make of all this and answer your question @Interfearance?
    I think that the perception of how well balanced maps are is probably wrong (eye test) given that the balance of maps shifts overtime as pros come up with new solutions despite the maps being unchanged; Manpower; I think Valve can't make substantial gameplay changes to more than two maps per year, but unless some unintended abuse surfaces, they want to keep it to one map, especially with an iterative approach, so that pros have always something to fall back to, otherwise teams would end up permabanning both the updated maps making it for boring tournaments and Valve not getting any data to improve the maps; A style choice: the current rate of updates encourages a tactical gameplay, which is the trait of CS; if you were to substantially refresh the maps more frequently than once every two years, you would favour teams rich in raw aiming skill, you would encourage orgs to create "super-teams" and the result would be a scene much similar to COD; Balance is also altered with weapon ballistics and economy, because all of a sudden you can encourage a certain type of engagement; Valve is also dealing with an ever-increasing e-sports scene, forget the competition from other games, there's still so much money on the line and companies are trying to cut bigger shares with exclusive, longer tournaments; there's the prospect of Majors not being the most prestigious award to get... so when you put all of this into perspective, updating a map can easily fall way behind in the priorities. @FMPONE and Sal made the argument of "seasons" way back in 2015, and I had the same feeling as a casual player: I really didn't like that what I can play is determined by what pros deem "worthy". Nowadays, having followed the pro scene in the last couple of years, I'm quite happy because teams don't perfect strategies in less than 6 months. I can also try to emulate tricks the pros do, much alike when playing basketball I would emulate tricks I saw the NBA players do.
    Right now what I'd like to see would be for Valve to rotate one map every year, giving to the new entry a minimum two year window of service. Also I'd love them to give a chance to community maps and promote them to the big leagues, but I can see very well how that is problematic (just think that if they didn't acquire or at least temporarily license the map, they couldn't guarantee the necessary updates the pro scene would drive).
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    Le1T reacted to blackdog in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    In every recount I’ve heard, Gooseman never blamed Valve for anything, he says in this interview at 16 min that he couldn’t work with the restrictions the community creates. Not sure how that translates in mandare in the company, but I remember he always talked about having lots of freedom. I think to remember, maybe from elsewhere -there are several interviews he has done- that he felt too under pressure to deliver the sequel.
    I don’t know, i played so much the original GoldSrc mods, still I was just a casual player and as such I wanted fun stuff added to the games, I remember fantasising with my friends what would be possible in DoD and CS thanks to the new physics engine: we wanted the disable vehicles like BF, we wanted object manipulation to create cover, etc.
    What he did in his indie game had lots of fun ingredients, just took too long to build, and was still very clunky when shown. 
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    Le1T reacted to fewseb in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    Gooseman left in 2007 because Valve wouldnt let him work on Counter Strike 2 mainly because they didnt want him making the realistic tactical shooter he always wanted to make, he really didnt like how CS became all about the competitive side and preferred 12 v 12 instead of 5 v 5.
    Cliffe may or may not still be working at Valve but if he did leave he either left because he was in jail for a month do to a false charge against or was fired for the same thing. He was very active on the CSGO team up until he was arrested.
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    Le1T got a reaction from blackdog in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    Le1T got a reaction from NikiOo in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    20. Real sewer manhole looks better.
    21. The same thing about the electric cabinet.
    P.S. Please, remove fucking conditioners. 
    P.S.S. CS 1.6 >>> CS:GO. Because CS 1.6 was created in order to play the best game on the planet; CS:GO was created in order to play the case opening simulator.
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    Le1T got a reaction from Vaya in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    I'm really happy what we have now. Map is perfect. But... maybe add more greens ?
    that's why Gooseman and Cliffe left VALVE. 
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    Le1T got a reaction from TelaF in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    Le1T reacted to fewseb in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    Your profile picture is surprisingly fitting
    CS 1.6 was created to make an authentic Counter Terrorism operations shooter focused on realism and tactics, CSGO was created to be the xbox and ps4 and compete with COD and Battlefield. Both games came a long way from where they started.
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    Le1T reacted to csWaldo in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    The AC isn't perfectly era accurate and part of a gameplay gimmick became slightly less gimmicky.

    If this is the feedback you get then the map must be near perfect ūüĎć
    Map looks cool, good job¬†ūüėõ¬†
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    Le1T reacted to Interfearance in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    @NikiOo So I am a causal? Are we going to have a problem here? But seriously, Nuke is my most played map, but outside is an atrocity. 3 smokes are required to safely make it to secret, and 2 if you have a ballsy awper. The overall size is not the problem, rather the ridiculous sightlines from the CT area (heaven, ct stairs headglitch, hell, below heaven, etc). On train, the problems are pretty obvious if you have ever watched a 1v1. There are an infinite amount of spots to check on and around the trains after plant, and the 1v1s usually devolve to aimless circling around the train cars. On B there are also too many huge sightlines from back yellow, and it doesn't help that the visibility is a joke. I'm pretty sure the only thing making them competitive is the fact that they are in the pool.
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    Le1T reacted to NikiOo in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    I don't think balance is the issue with Nuke and Train, they're just not the most fun maps to play on.
    A map can be very competitive, and I think train is a really good competitive map, but not very attractive for the average player.
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    Le1T reacted to Interfearance in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    @blackdog I for one am not really too opposed to the platform because the old one was pretty hard and more of a novelty than a reliable route. It is a good part to experiment on. This iterative mapping based on feedback reminds me: Why is stopping Valve from trying to find ways to balance unpopular maps like Train and Nuke? 
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    Le1T reacted to blackdog in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    Of course it makes it easier, but the first part is still very hard, to the point that YouTubers that show this kind of things still can’t do it at the first attempt.
    By the way, it’s not just about the jump, the platform gives a new angle for Ts that boost. It gives something to hide under to CTs that push mid, so creates new corners for players to check.
    Not sure if is good or bad, playtime will tell. But is better to try new things and then change, then keep everything as it was.
    I think the Cache update is super-iterative, something that should/could have been done a few years back and something that I would see all maps go through. Small changes to balance the game, accommodate new meta that players develop… then after a couple of substantial minor updates (like this), remake/remaster the map radically, allowing for substantial changes in layout.
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    Le1T reacted to Interfearance in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    @blackdog As devil's advocate here, does adding the platform not remove the skill needed and necessity to complete the old jump? What was wrong with the previous version?
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    Le1T reacted to blackdog in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    More importantly, @monolith you are talking about polar opposites: the examples you make is removing something, while the Cache change adds allowing more people to do it.
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    Le1T reacted to Vaya in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    Times change.
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    Le1T got a reaction from That50'sGuy in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    Le1T reacted to monolith in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    I'm not sure how that's a good point. That's like saying the ladder speed nerf in 2015 was okay because, "Oh, I couldn't do the ladder strafe to pallet on Nuke anyway!"
    But now you will never be able to do it. Just like the self-boost. Now you will never be able to do the original jump in a match.
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    Le1T reacted to Interfearance in DE_CACHE (new version)   
    @PogoP but the teddy bear's stitching pattern is not genuine Soviet work? How can you play the map and live with this!!!
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