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  1. @will2k Just curious as I have no experience outside of Source myself, how difficult is it to pick up tools for UE or whatever engine DL uses? Did you find any of your skills learned through the Source engine to be useful, or was it completely new and different?
  2. vcollide_wireframe 1, assuming the models have their collision meshes enabled (and when he puts the map on the workshop).
  3. I like the idea of a darker, more "depressing" interior design. You have a history of bright, clean maps and I'd love to see something with a grittier tone from you. Then again, ice is pretty reflective... When does it hit the workshop?
  4. Just out of curiosity, what environment themes would you distinguish in Portal? I usually just think "old" or "new" Aperture, as those are the two settings the game takes place in. Is "underground" old Aperture?
  5. Yeah I guess there aren't many particles in CS:GO anyway. Updated.
  6. Been watching TopHattWaffle's new series on YouTube and apparently CS:GO does not use LDR lighting at all; I guess HDR is forced, which is not how it was in TF2/CS:S. Updated the post to reflect that.
  7. We don't do much with shaders on the Source engine. They are picked in the material files for a corresponding texture, but most materials that will be applied on level geometry use a "LightMappedGeneric" shader that accepts lightmap data for lighting and shadows. I would guess a pretty big majority of the textures used here are custom. It's pretty typical of "serious" CS:GO maps to use a bunch of custom content.
  8. sevin

    [CS:GO][WIP] Tel Aviv

    Is the map up on the workshop yet? Would love to run around.
  9. This is a good way to make arches. Then you'd just slide the end vertices up to the desired height.
  10. Made a couple little videos on extracting custom content from maps in CS:GO for studying use and organizing your own custom content in the Source engine. Hope they help you!
  11. Many people will be buying the game just now for the competition. Don't let that discourage you! Unless you're just not interested in the theme.
  12. I doubt it, if anything there's probably a higher size limit for maps since they are based on warzones, so they will likely be more sprawling.
  13. Wow, what a gorgeous map. You say you're going to detail how you've done the lighting once you publish the map?
  14. I posted a version of this over at TF2Maps.net, figured CS:GO deserved one too. This is a concise list of things you should address before releasing your next iteration. Some are questions you should only need to ask once per map and not all are necessary to include in your alpha or even beta releases, but you should consider each by the time you are ready to enter your final iterations. Pre-compile Are all my visgroups checked? Is there anything in quick hide? Have I checked for errors (alt-p)? Did I place cubemaps? Have I properly playerclipped stairs and map boundaries where appropriate? Have I included soundscapes? Did I include areaportals, hints, func_details, and other optimization measures where appropriate? Have I included -staticproppolys, -staticproplighting, -textureshadows, and -final in the VRAD parameters? Am I compiling with HDR? Have I done lightmap optimization? Post-compile Were there any compile errors? Did I build cubemaps? Did I pack my custom content? Did I generate a navigation mesh for bots? Did I include a map info txt (loading screen info)? Did I include a loading screen image? Did I script spectator camera positions? Have I created and scripted radar images? Have I scripted which factions I want the map to use? In-game checks Check that I have properly clipped map boundaries. Check that the radar functions properly at all levels (if applicable). Check that my ladders function smoothly. Check suspicious areas that look like they might eat a bomb. Check that soundscapes are functioning and transitioning properly. Check that custom content is packed properly. This list is as much a reminder to myself as to you. Please comment below with anything you think should be added as I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting.
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