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  1. "Bauen" sounds very weird. I would consider a name like "Bauwerk", "Baustelle" or "Konstrukt/ Konstruktion". Source: am german
  2. For anyone still looking to get the game, there is a New World Interactive sale going on in the Humble Store. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/newworldinteractive/
  3. gotcha

    de_bunker (WIP)

    I had the same idea a year ago, my map is still WIP but I don't find the time to continue it.
  4. 2 day mapping challenge for gd_crashsite? Maybe Valve fucked up their release date once again and needs map makers :X
  5. Did some changes to the lighting:
  6. Just a little scene made with the CS:GO SDK: This was my reference:
  7. I'm totally looking forward to this. If they catch only a small part of the atmosphere of their old games, this is gonna be great.
  8. After 2 hrs of installing from discs, I have the joy of downloading 5gb with 40 KB/S for about 20 hrs. Fuck this, I just want to play...
  9. The workshop link you provided tells me you removed the map. Did you subscribe your own map?
  10. You will understand his feelings once you're stuck in DMG hell.... I made it out last week.
  11. I ranked up to LE yesterday, two of my friends also ranked up. Maybe there was another VAC wave or they changed the rank system.
  12. Guys, greybox is done and ready for playtest
  13. I updated the map on the workshop and opened up the bombspots. I also highered the ceilings and added some cover on B long. OP updated with layout.
  14. Hello everyone, I want to present you my bomb defuse map. It is currently WIP (greybox, started some detailing in CT spawn zone) and I did several playtests but lots are yet to come. Steam-Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=399142003&searchtext= Layout: Screenshots: I will improve readability in the coming versions, since most of the textures are going to be replaced by custom ones. Also, the overall style will be changed and made equal. More about to come! Some of my references: Feedback/ideas/thoughts are highly appreciated!
  15. http://www.reddit.com/r/HalfLife/comments/2ww4y3/possible_arg_for_halflife_3_involving_black_mesa/ OMG
  16. Hey Exodus =) You are totally right about the nuclear crate. In fact, when we created the gameplay layout for the map, we took this asset to get something to bomb =) In the latest version, we swapped it for the Electrical generator of the whole station which, I guess, Is certainly more credible ^^ The drugs idea is very appealing too and we're discussing about. Personally, I think that I would just throw the drug case into water but... If I had C4, I don't know, maybe I would explode it if I was an Anti drug terrorist ? =D That sounds very deep ! What if you made a T vs T map? Two drug cartels fighting eachother.
  17. Just bought it and it feels like something in between Quake and Unreal Tournament. There is only one map and 2 gamemodes at the moment, but I can see the potencial.
  18. Did you check your graphics drivers settings (is it still catalyst control panel? haven't used AMD cards for years) for settings applied on the sdk? Do you run other software like sweetfx or fraps in the background? Does it appear only in CS:GO hammer or in every hammer?
  19. gotcha

    Making of's

    Don't know if this fits here, but this might be interesting for some of you: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1015529/Dear-Esther-Making-an-Indie
  20. I recently (2 months ago) played the PC version and I was amazed how sexy the game still looks and feels, even though it's like centuries old.
  21. I got every single one of them. The first game ever, I completed the achievements Edit: epic congratulations text
  22. I hope they don't, I got it last week after several years of torture and pain (but no cold pizza at all)
  23. gotcha

    de_manor (WIP name)

    Palazzo would be my choice, too. Estate could be mistaken for the classic map from CS1.6 (even though it was a hostage map).
  24. gotcha

    close this topic plz

    Wouldn't recreating a DoD map be stealing (since you took the idea of DoD)?! First bombspot would be garden and the other one would be tank, I guess?
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