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  1. Didn't recognize it was you @serialmapper , before looking at your post. The original theme of the map I was super digging (Dusty Brown). I'm starting to adjust to the newer brick texture which gives the map a more tropical theme to me (Pirates of Caribbean/old fort). The cave system looks like the biggest challenge and I would love to see how you tackle this. Though, the cliff over looking the ocean, great shot man. I can't control myself when I see great displacement on some of those rock edges. Hope you displace the floor realistic in those small corners to give it that age feel. I'll come back when you add some more detail buddy. Great job though !!
  2. sethen

    [CSGO] aim_temple

    i love the middle design in terms of the broken floor, good use of detail. Both sides have different displacement textures which is great. There's just something about the last image that needs some more love. Good stuff!
  3. inspires me to switch from the limited source engine. But overall, love the screenshots that are showing up. Great use of detail and each image looks professional!
  4. love the color pallet.. Especially the environmental art looks popping!!
  5. A level for Brainbread 2 cancelled. It was supposed to be in the style of Chernobyl, though I stopped development and never continued.
  6. @Radu , Yeah we released on steam actually which was a blessing in of itself. Mainly gameplay wise, just expanded on they original concept and added various gamemodes to the mix. Though it does has a arcade type feel to it.
  7. @Radu We've actually released the standalone mod back in August of last year. Took sometime but we finally got it released.
  8. Working on a project for brainbread 2, here it is W.i.P
  9. sethen

    DE_Theos By Vinneri

    Way better looking this time around!
  10. sethen

    DE_Theos By Vinneri

    Great job on the new additions to the map. The detail given in the first image really helps define the space and give it a little more personality. In the third image, I love the choice of color for the bright yellow colored overpass, it really helps catch the players eye. Although the ground could use some more randomness in terms of more grass around the edges. The fourth image has really nice and excellent detail and much personality to. They choice and design of the white tower is really interesting as well as the 2 tall metal towers in the back. In all, the map seems to have come along way since you showed it. Thank you for taking some of my feedback in to account. Good luck on your future endeavors.
  11. sethen

    DE_Theos By Vinneri

    Feedback from images: Detail/adjustment for eye detail ("NOT GAMEPLAY") 1st image The new addition to the concrete is a nice addition giving it a more realistic feel compared to the solid "Tile texture" used before. The white building with the big heart one it. The roof texture could use some adjustment in terms of moving the texture down to match where the edge ends. Plus maybe add a little more overhang to the roof to give more detail. 2nd image The roof with all the foliage on it seems a little repetitive. 3rd image This is by far the best looking part of the map as of right now. Not much to see change excluding the addition of decals on the floor and or around the broken in concrete area. 4th image Where the gravel connects to the concrete area, it seems to be black from the image. The concrete texture choice also seems a little plain, maybe change the texture to dirt or something "Again from image view, not sure what's behind the camera". 5th image The floor could use some missing planks and decals. The roof above seems it could use some more detail or variation to keep it repetitive. ("Or an addition of a more room under construction feel i.e. de_vertigo"). 6th image The skylight could use a beam detailing the parameter of the edges of the skylight. The rooms feels a little to flat, add some more variant detail to the walls. ("Bumps, pillars, arches") 7th image Seems alright from what I can see, just adjust the texture's by the stairs so they align properly. 8th image roof texture on both buildings need some adjusting. Plus the foliage on the building with the flag decal could use more variation . 9th image The displacement could use some more grass around the edges. Some props ("Crates, garbage") on the sides. 10th image Additional detailing to stairs leading into building ("Rails added to sides or middle") as well as the roof needing additional work. 11th image N/A Again these are just things that I would personally improve at the moment. Really nice work on the level, giving it a unique feel. Keep up the progress and hope to see some more additions to this level truly making it a masterpiece.
  12. Thank you for the lengthy feedback. I've been looking around the portfolio section to get some ideas about free website design sites. Which I then found weebly, so this will hopefully allow me to expand me content to a much broader scale in terms of displaying.
  13. Looks really interesting, I'll give it a go and give some feedback.
  14. http://www.nick-nugent.com/ I generally design community levels for Hammer SDK and various RTS based games. Please stop by my portfolio and tell me what you think.
  15. HL2 Contingency mod - This level was a newer version of the map that was lost due to Hammer SDK issues and finally a computer crash. HL2 mod Situation Outbreak - This was a brand new map centraled around an old farm house in the middle of nowhere. Plus fog added to blend zombies within environment. HL2 mod Situation Outbreak - Brand new map that I was working on and lost in a crash. CS:S zombie mod - Lost due to Hammer issues plus computer crash. ("Rat styled map") Sadly my computer and I haven't gotten along in the past three years. So usually now I try and save backups as much as I can. Usually my computer crashes about 6 times within 7 minutes of starting the PC via freezing and or just shutting off.
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