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  1. sethen

    AR Fawlty Towers

    Remember seeing the CS:S version on FPSB many years ago. Great looking recreation of the level. Finally got to see the show that its based off of and must say, pretty funny.
  2. Love the style of the indoor area by far. Great detailing man, tone, and really shows your style. The only area that seems a little bland is the parking lot area (Image). Possibly the addition of pipes above or some type of vent system, could help sell the detail even more. Of course the addition of a small yellow speed bump and decals to show how used the area is down there. Best Regards, Nick Nugent
  3. Doing well overall, just cruising along in life with college and such. Was working with BrainBread 2 on steam for some time since 2016, but finally taking a break from level design altogether. I need to check out your Dying Light campaign that you made. I know you did allot of custom work within the scripts and such. Again, congrats on that front and hope the Dev's check it out as well. Was thinking about the grass area and what you could do. Possibly a small parking lot for those who use the subway above, while also being enclosed by a wooden fence or some type of barrier that limits player/AI vision. The area will have two entrances with the first entrance being located by the ramp leading down to the tunnel area. This entrance is a typical parking lot entrance with a small guard post for protection Second, would be the fence/structure that surrounds it, having a small break in the foundation that allows for a second exit closets to the warehouse tunnel area. It seems more like a 1 to 1 comparison project. But never the less, just a thought. Maybe add some nice ivy trickling down from the wall, graffiti infested, and some small bushes in strategic places.
  4. I skimmed the post and thought you redid Cs_Assault for CS:GO in a 1.6 style, my bad XD Really great attention to detail, especially the crosswalk (brick) texture placement or whatever its called. Really interested to see how you detail that grass area under the pathway structure for the train. Keep up the great work, really like how your loving the new engine. Best of Luck, Sethen
  5. bbc_Nightclub for Brainbread 2 This map is actually based off of Dead to rights 2 nightclub/strip club level. Basically, watched a video on youtube of some person playing that level and made it into a map in the source engine. (WiP)Outside Area: The player starts in a apartment building overlooking the street. Inside: This area is after the player defeats the first boss. They must move through this area to proceed on. Inside (2nd Stripper: Continuing from the last area, this is a small area to showcase the environment a little more. Inside (Final Room): This area is a porn studio room, which showcases the final boss fight of the level. There's a lot more to this level, but only showing this amount for now. Still a WiP and needs more attention before initial release. If you are interested in designing levels for this mod. Visit us on our Discord!
  6. Didn't recognize it was you @serialmapper , before looking at your post. The original theme of the map I was super digging (Dusty Brown). I'm starting to adjust to the newer brick texture which gives the map a more tropical theme to me (Pirates of Caribbean/old fort). The cave system looks like the biggest challenge and I would love to see how you tackle this. Though, the cliff over looking the ocean, great shot man. I can't control myself when I see great displacement on some of those rock edges. Hope you displace the floor realistic in those small corners to give it that age feel. I'll come back when you add some more detail buddy. Great job though !!
  7. sethen

    [CSGO] aim_temple

    i love the middle design in terms of the broken floor, good use of detail. Both sides have different displacement textures which is great. There's just something about the last image that needs some more love. Good stuff!
  8. inspires me to switch from the limited source engine. But overall, love the screenshots that are showing up. Great use of detail and each image looks professional!
  9. love the color pallet.. Especially the environmental art looks popping!!
  10. A level for Brainbread 2 cancelled. It was supposed to be in the style of Chernobyl, though I stopped development and never continued.
  11. @Radu , Yeah we released on steam actually which was a blessing in of itself. Mainly gameplay wise, just expanded on they original concept and added various gamemodes to the mix. Though it does has a arcade type feel to it.
  12. @Radu We've actually released the standalone mod back in August of last year. Took sometime but we finally got it released.
  13. Working on a project for brainbread 2, here it is W.i.P
  14. sethen

    DE_Theos By Vinneri

    Way better looking this time around!
  15. sethen

    DE_Theos By Vinneri

    Great job on the new additions to the map. The detail given in the first image really helps define the space and give it a little more personality. In the third image, I love the choice of color for the bright yellow colored overpass, it really helps catch the players eye. Although the ground could use some more randomness in terms of more grass around the edges. The fourth image has really nice and excellent detail and much personality to. They choice and design of the white tower is really interesting as well as the 2 tall metal towers in the back. In all, the map seems to have come along way since you showed it. Thank you for taking some of my feedback in to account. Good luck on your future endeavors.
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