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  1. Announcing The Dark Fist & upcoming features Announcing The Dark Fist - a new and exciting expansion for Punch Club that is completely free, adds 3 hours of content, and a ton of bulletpoint-worthy features! Release dates! March 8th on Steam March 10th on iOS & Android New Content! New storyline where you find a suitcase that pinpoints crimes in the city. Only logical thing to do is put on a mask and start fighting crime. 3 hours of new content Easily accessible from the house Cross-Platform Cloud Saves! Start playing on PC, continue on mobile or v
  2. Hey, great news! 1. The pre-orders are available and you can save 20% ordering Punch Club now. http://store.steampowered.com/app/394310 2. The game is ready and waiting for being released. 3. The game will not launch publicly on Steam and mobile until Twitch has beaten Punch Club. The fate of the game is in your hands! Right now, twitch is trying to beat the game: http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspunchclub
  3. Update 0.90 is live on Steam (still only for closed beta-testers). Patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/394310/allnews/
  4. Waiting for Fallout 4. Made this.
  5. Look, we wrote some crazy dialogs for PunchClub. Any other screen would be a spoiler A new character will appear in the new version of PunchClub. Can you guess what is he selling?
  6. Testing Punch Club French translation by @WoM_Fr. Hey! Look what we've found! 1 year old photo of our office. Developing PunchClub game! Everybody asked us for a love story. Here it goes! BackToTheFuture version of PunchClub.
  7. Re-designed a character tab and made a cute avatar. Now you can see how cool your character is!
  8. There will be traveling to distant locations in Punch Club. Wanted more explanation in Punch Club? Here it goes! Working on the main menu screen for Punch Club. Working on improving tech tree interface for Punch Club. Everybody asked us for this feature. Pat the cat! Punch Club logo.
  9. Attending #gamescom? Meet the Punch Club team in Cologne from 05 – 07 August at booth in Hall 2.2, A-088 of Gamescom’s Business Area.Come see us if you're nearby!
  10. A little teaser: we're working on the iOS version of PunchClub too! Follow us on @LazyBearGames
  11. PunchClub : vacation in Siberia!
  12. E3 reveal trailer of PunchClub. Release coming this fall!
  13. Punch Club - prison time!
  14. We're renaming our game to PunchClub. Some explanations will follow soon.
  15. Here's a small post describing changes of a.0.3 in case you missed it. http://vhs-story.com/en/alpha-a-0-3/
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