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  1. Thanks for the feedback Panda! made a few of these changes. So after what seems like a battle I have finally said to myself that I am happy with the layout and I just need to start detailing the damn thing. So from here on out I'm just trying to make the thing pretty. I know right now I am missing a lot of colour from the level but this will change going forward. T spawn CT spawn T hallways CT house T window Lot of work to come! p.s. Workshop link is not up to date.
  2. Cruckz

    de_Underground [WIP]

    Nice Ticket machine look forward to seeing it textured. Glad you have made the stairs a more gradual incline too I look forward to seeing this going forward and coming out of grey box. I do agree with Jack squires with 7/7 bombings but I would not let this stop you from going forward.
  3. Cruckz


    Ok so had a game against bots on this and then had a run around and I do like it overall. I feel that this will be interesting to see in playtest, it seems that the map has got some very interesting encounter spots. My only real gripe is with it is the passages around A being a little over complex pun not intended and maybe a few too may places to hide for an after plant scenario. Example being able to boost on top of the crane base. I felt that if you were playing a team that knew what they were doing it would be too hard to retake the site. I may be wrong and would like to see it in action. I feel that mid is a little T sided as if the ct pushes the overpass section to look at the t spawn entrance he is very easily flanked. however I feel if you were playing this map you would hold a little further back and let them push rather than pushing mid. I really liked the B set up <3 I think this map has a lot of potential and am excited to see it progress. glhf
  4. Cruckz

    What I'm Working On

    if you don't mind me asking how long has this taken you to put together Shawn? From block out to how it is now?
  5. Cruckz

    de_Underground [WIP]

    You need to add edge wear to you signs and asset texture. http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/TexturingTutorials from a professional point of view I'm not sure how I feel about using a gmod prop to reskin. Is it something that somebody has made and is now opensource? or another source game asset ?
  6. Cruckz

    de_Underground [WIP]

    THERE'S ALWAYS A CRITIC! Pretty much though just taken on my phone, my gf was getting annoyed with me taking photo's of escalators and walls and not her so was hurrying me along. but they're not for textures more for ideas and the feel of what the underground actually looks like.
  7. Cruckz

    de_Underground [WIP]

    So I was in London the other day and got these for you, a little blurry in a few but gives you a few good ideas I hope. http://imgur.com/a/NDu3l https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jwdnmac2dnxr0sy/AACny-Sp6-D00V-a5pY3I2R9a?dl=0 <------------ drop box half of em didnt go into the imgur
  8. Cheers Pivac One of my large lighting issues was having two env lights, and I've just given up on lighting issues for now I'll fix em at the end. Been doing a little bit of modelling for the map over the last few days and a couple of layout changes due to it being a little too ct sided. I am still looking for somebody to team up with on this map. If you have skills and are free give me a shout
  9. So a little more progress on the map with the addition of a few small WIP models going in. and trying to detail a few areas up. had a few playtests on it and did a lot of small alterations to the mid and A site. one problem I have had is with shadows and static meshes here is an example... I have just disabled shadows on the whole object but is there any other ways to deal with this issue ? Above are the areas I have started to detail however I am starting to think having a partner on this might be a good idea as it is a lot of work doing all the modelling and in engine work,if anyone is interested let me know.
  10. Hey people long time since I have posted, went on a large travelling trip and came back with new Ideas for my map. On my journey I went to Japan and absolutely loved it ! so now I'm back over the past week I have changed the map to be Japanese themed rather than just another warehouse theme that I had going before. Please tell me what you think of the new look If anyone wants to have a run around and tell me their thoughts here is the workshop link------> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=219637282 some of the images enlarged click to reveal.
  11. Hey guys! First of all i realised how image heavy these posts have been so far so I compiled the new ones into one image. some big changes to the flow of the map after testing had lots of problems, still in the process of working it all out but I really want a strong competitive map, so it is worth the struggle getting it right! I did have a 3d Skybox but moved the level to cut down on portals and still need to line it all up again. Obviously this is heavy WIP Please comment and let me know what you're thinking
  12. Great tutorial, very well produced!
  13. Cruckz

    [CS:GO] de_shotoen

    I think this map has so much potential just in bsp it feels great! Don't stop now
  14. So did some more playtests this weekend and it would seem that my map was very T sided due to the choke points being very open, the other problem I have and have not been able to fix nor do I know if its a real problem or just a way the map will play...is the rotate for the ct team is very fast from mid so there is usually 3 ct's on any site the T's are attacking. so to slow the enemy down at the A site I added some stairs and a door to funnel the player with a window in back to allow for smokes and flashes. (WIP textures )
  15. Thanks man! I have just bought my own server and luckily have quite a few people that are more than happy to test the map as I go. However I will put it in for playtest once i am a little happier with it. So did a bit more work on it mainly graphics things and learning how hammer works. (fog , sky, lights, terrain ect) I am still pondering whether or not to add the extra path from A or not . I feel that a one way drop into mid may work otherwise the timings for the choke points would be off. as always crit welcome
  16. Cruckz

    DE_Theos By Vinneri

    Hey Vinneri looks like a good map The biggest thing that stands out to me is the heavy contrast in images 5, 7 and 10 where a lot of the surfaces are near black. I would maybe lighten a few of the textures as my eye is being drawn straight to those dark areas. the underground tunnel lights also look to have the same problem making the ceiling very dark , I think a fill light at a lower intensity would help out a lot there. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0c/Stasi_Basement_Hallway.jpg I think the macro detailing is great around the map And i much prefer the shadows on the first image as i feel it gives the area more weight the second image looks as if it is a very cloudy day and the light is being diffused by the cloud cover, which contradicts the skybox atm. Hope this helps !
  17. Thanks Vinneri! I am in two minds about having mid CT or T sided but a bit of tweaking is still needed there, was going to do them after the next playtest Is there a playtest thread here on Mapcore, sorry I am super new here !
  18. Hi there! this is my post and first CSGO map I have made. I was unsure if I should post this at such an early stage but i thought the sooner i put it on the sooner i get feedback one thing I am going to change for sure is the amount of harsh 90 degree corners and straight edges in the map and also add clutter and equipment to the warehouse B site. I have not yet made the outer edges of the map which will give it a sense of scale ect but am wanting to have it in a mountainous/hilly region with grass and trees on it I am skeptical of using a lot of trees due to the performance hazards they usually come with. Has anybody had any experience in doing this ? thanks in advance guys also if you want to have a run round http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=219637282
  19. Cruckz

    [CS:GO] de_shotoen

    Love the look of this, I really hope this gets taken to the next level
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