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  1. Steve

    Interlopers.net Half Life 2 Mapping Competition

    Woops, double post. First one can be deleted This wont be judged from a solely artistic standpoint, as this is a level design contest. I answer a lot of questions here that some of you might find useful. http://www.interlopers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=37611
  2. Steve

    Interlopers.net Half Life 2 Mapping Competition

    Thanks for editing my post! Cant wait to see what you come up with Vivi Fmpone you should consider entering!
  3. Hey guys hope its okay to post this here, we are having a mapping competition over at Interlopers that some of you talented Mapcore folk may be interested in! You can find out more details about it here http://www.interlopers.net/theforgottenjourney/ We have some pretty cool posters signed by the guys at Valve to give away as prizes. Let me know what you guys think! Sorry if this isn't in the appropriate forum section, if that's the case could some one move it ? thanks! ____________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Added the details below: The Forgotten Journey: A malfunction with the teleporter sends Gordon Freeman to a new location. About: It has been a while since the last Interlopers mapping competition, so its time for a nice big juicy one. This time we have some prizes, some awesome posters signed by the guys at Valve and very kindly donated by Valve level designer Phil Co. You all voted on which game you would like to see used, and Half-Life2 was the winner. Half-Life2 has been used a lot for various competitions so I've tried to devise a competition that is fresh, interesting and challenging for you guys to delve into. For this competition you are tasked with designing a mini level for half life2 (mini in the sense that it doesn't take ages to play through, this doesn't limit the map size.) The main aim is to create a level that features a new location that doesn't feature in the original games but is crafted to feel like a missing chapter from the game. The theme is "The forgotten journey", you will be judged on layout and how you take players on this journey through your level. The method in which the player traverses your level is down to you, but there must be a clear end point for the player to reach. A final destination of some sort. What takes place on this journey is for you to decide! But gameplay in some form is a requirement. This competition will end on Monday the 30th of June. Rules: All entries must be submitted by Monday the 30th of June. You must create a WIP thread on our forums to showcase your progress and process. This is to make the competition educational for others. Your level must include gameplay in the form of either combat or a puzzle section, or both. Your level must bet set in a new location but stay true to the half-life 2 style.(If your not sure if your level fits ask on the forums!) Your submission must include the .vmf The .bsp and any required custom materials/models. Your submission must include at least three beauty shots of your level. Prizes: Portal 2 bots poster signed by the development team at Valve. Team Fortress 2 anatomy of the heavy poster signed by the development team at Valve. Dota 2 lithograph the shopkeeper. Signed numbered by the artist with certificate. After the contest concludes a poll will run to allow the community to determine the top five map submissions. From these final five I will then choose a final three and decide which will be first, second, and third. There will be prizes for first, second, and third places only. And honourable mentions for fourth and fifth. Please note that due to the limited number of posters we have, there will only be one awarded to each winning submission, so if you are working as a team we cannot supply one to each team member. This may deter you from working as a group. All top five submissions will be featured on Interlopers.net and here on our competition site. The first place submission will also receive map spotlight status on Interlopers.net The entrant that comes in first place will get first choice of which poster they would like.
  4. Steve

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    Hello ! I'm loving the style of this map, its looking great so far. Possibly a useful tip for you... If you create your wall textures as greyscale vtfs you can tint them using $color "{150 104 98}" in the vmt , making it pretty quick and cheap perfwise to create many wall variants. This method can be seen used in cs_italy and recently in de_overpass, materials/cs_italy/hpe_plaster_tint_red.vmt is an example.