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  1. Here's a wee oldie i found in the corners of my hdd "the Spike TV Video Game Award to Valve for hl2" ended up getting cut from a old dm valve project.
  2. Lil random game-ready prop done in a day challenge (made this a lil while ago) EP.mp4
  3. Hmm its a funny thing that kinda thought you may be having, everyone goes through that thought process, whether its mapping or some other discipline, an im sure many others here can give you a better answers.. For me i started with mapping using the surce engine...but i never did properly release a map an ended up helping many with mapping problems and then got more into the 3d creation side of things. One thing i can say.. it's all about what you want... mapping is just like painting on a canvas or writing.. it is an outlet and something only oneself can commit to.. Really all i can say is if you love to map then do it, same as if you love to paint or write nomatter what anyone tells you, do it for you and nobody else and keep at it. Also dont tunnel vision yourself, i feel i had done that myself for years... take time .. have breaks .. do other things like painting or reading an writing, im about to take up clay sculpting an delve into that for some fun... an thats what its all about enjoy yourself an have fun.
  4. Not posted around in a lil while so heres some very rough trim sketch idea's transfered into Substance designer i thought id share.
  5. Never knew Jack Black was doing his thing on YT (which is brilliant) good on him, the guy is entertaining and funny afk Will never forget back in the early 2000nds at some house party and this came on^^ just about every guy turned and looked at there missus^^ (for some reason i cant even find the original vid on YT considering it was been played on some music vid channel at the time like ... Kerrang? still class :)^^
  6. Quick substance designer piss about, thinking of a scottish beach, needs a hell of alot more rock & stones added to be considered as a scottish beach^^ but for now just sand.
  7. Thats gold right there @[HP] actually really awsome! @StormCatcher.77 (think you may have the wrong thread) nice to see some good ol doom 2 stuff
  8. +Rusty+


    Just pre-ordered my implant today, had to sell a kidney but hoping that will be countered by the implant to let me know if im suffering from kidney failure... cant wait! One thing they havent mentioned is if i need a wifi signal (which is a little worrying) as some of the caves around my plantation use WPA3 and can be a little tricky.
  9. That was a really good read @leplubodeslapin thank you for sharing. This is also a great site for "breaking into the industry" and resource's (if it hasnt already been posted its worth checking out) https://www.beyondextent.com They also host good podcast that i enjoy listening to whilst working away on things
  10. Not sure how many times there gonna remake batman but gotta admit it does look good and would be brilliant if this also carryed on from the new joker movie esq/style which i felt really humanised & gave a good perspective to how this crazed villian came to be. 1 thought i do have .. are we now setting gotham and the batman world in england^^
  11. I know its old^^ I live in a cave & first time iv see it, hopefully it still brings a smile to folks face's.
  12. The devils brigade one could fall under "What have you watched recently" but i hear bagpipes and thats music to my ears enjoy
  13. Here's a little random & simple tip iv used for a while when setting up any kind of project that can save clicks with a simple pre-made .bat file
  14. Made this a lil while ago just for a quick test when the GGX (pbr) shader was added into insurgency.
  15. +Rusty+


    To answer your question: no it doesnt mean the pivot will be centered to the object (probably always best to manually set ones pivot especially for modular stuff) so yeh it moves the object and pivot to the the center of the scene keeping the object and pivot's origin intact .. if that makes sense? but will defo be refining names and also scrip's layout for easyer readability. Winging it as i go^^
  16. +Rusty+


    Iv also added a descriptions to all the settings so when cursor hovers over them the description is show, but that is a great point!. With the vanilla fbx export, if you were to have a model anywhere within blender when exporting the pivot is automatically centred as if transforms are automatically applyed but leave the mesh in the same position within blender and its pivot centred (which is ok if you want the positions of your models setup 1:1 with blender and keep the scene consistant. Example: Exported each object as seen below and then within ue4 there pivots are centered without mesh With my exporter (shown below in a gif) it will move exported mesh to center with pivot to keep the pivot and mesh correctly placed. https://gifyu.com/image/WKRw (sorry not the best compression with the gif) but here's after export in ue4 pivots are correct. Hope that makes sense @Minos But i also do have an idea, when using the exporter script that when exporting it does the same (as above) but then returns it to original position within blender. Making things clear to anyone using the exporter is definetely a must, its still w.i.p and i do have plans to add some animation functions ohh and if anyone hasnt tryed the "asset manager addon" https://blendermarket.com/products/asset-management id also recommend it, really awsome tool for creating & building libraries.
  17. +Rusty+


    After a couple of days of looking at code i thought it may just be an easyer idea to try and just update the original UE4 addon but that turned out to be pretty frustraiting with API updates and understanding the style of the original creator, so was advised it would porbably be better to start from scratch.. So two weeks of constant looking at code and getting to grips with python im finally getting to where i want to be. Iv managed to create this little custom panel for exporting simple models to UE4 (still very much wip ovc) -Selected objects name cane be changed within the panel -When pivot to centre is chekecked, on export the model's pivot is centred (which is 1 main reason i even wanted this addon because default fbx export causes you to manually move any objects to centre before exporting unless you want to keep blender's scene 1:1 which can also be done if unchecked) -Exporting normals type's that are used within ue4 -Adding the custom export folder destination with quick and easy acces when shift+click on the folder icon and ofcourse the export button that adds all the functions within.. Iv still to test more and add a mesh collision panel for also exporting collisions when checked.. Im no coder but learneing alot from this already.
  18. +Rusty+


    Nearly a year ago (within this thread) i posted about a UE4 addon for blender .. even though there are afew out there and you can still get the job done without any addon, Im still on the look out one that suits my needs and without a load of dropdown menus and options i would never use. So as they say "want something done right, do it yourself" and now racking my brains over blenders python coding to try and do exactly that, taking everything in from the api doc's ect and interweb sources. Very basic stuff so far but its a start, Iv only ever coded a simple popup menu for tools i mainly use but no need for that anymore with blenders recent quicktools menu built into 2.8 (which is brilliant). Got the addon options and toolbar up and going but still so much to take in^^
  19. One of those random Youtube recommendation that were worth the watch, afew years old but pretty stunning and insperational and Lizzie Higgins voice is beautiful.
  20. Picked up the metro series recently and looking foward to get stuck into it, also just noticed i had tombraider (2013) in my game library, must have picked it up a while ago free on steam and decided to check it out (last tombraider i played was TR3 about 20 years ago^^) but i gotta admit, im more than half way through and its a lil gem of a game, lots of lil puzzles good story cinematics and a nice hunting and weapon system.. would definitely recommend for anyone like myself that haven't played TR in a while.. (both series are on steam sale)
  21. A good ol friend channeling those creative juices & finally giving a taste of his musical experiments (and he has many but never public) decided to create a YT channel also thats awsome work there @Tisky
  22. That half-circular bench is awsome @leplubodeslapin gd job Heres a simple little blade wip created just to get myself familiarized & test modeling workflow within the XRay engine (s.t.a.l.k.e.r cop) Quick lowpoly and textures still to be done, but so far getting custom models in game was a success..
  23. +Rusty+


    Absolutely love that Ben Mauro has been delving more into blender, he's an awsome concept artist and also really good with zbrush, nice lil watch ty @Zarsky
  24. +Rusty+

    Corona Virus

    Just hope everyone here is taking care and looking out for family and others.
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