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    [CS:GO] Austria

    If someone of you wants to test this map online: de_austria runs here during the next week: America: Australia: Europe: Servers should be well populated most of the time. Big thanks @ 3kliksphilip Edit: Many promising submissions of the last weeks are there as well (concert, forlorn, lite, momentum, ramis, shipped, thrill, ...)
  2. Radix

    [CS:GO] Thrill

    confirmed. Workshop terrorists are back... I thinks it's Valve's turn now. It should be easy for them to detect those ~100 fake accounts and delete them. And remove the fake ratings. And ban the person who's responsible for this forever. And rework the complete workshop rating system, because it's just bullshit.
  3. Could work well, but it would change the way it's played completely. Don't know if this is really necessary. I'll have to think about this. p.s. downrating bullshit is back. yay.
  4. Radix

    [CS:GO] Austria

    Naah, you just don't click it correctly. I'm sure it works. Pretty strange... I could swear it worked yesterday. thx
  5. Radix

    [CS:GO] Thrill

    Well, we've seen a lot of promising maps in the last few days. (Some kind of overkill tbh.) But this one is probably the best so far. That's exactly how to make a great map.
  6. Currently I give this a try: (extended B site to the front of the house) What do you think? Edit: Forget this. Makes it even worse.
  7. Radix

    [CS:GO] Concert

    Congrats on the release! Let's Rock 'n' Roll, baby!
  8. Radix

    [CS:GO] Austria

    de_austria A bomb defuse map set in a snowy Austrian village. Armsrace, Demolition and Deathmatch are available as well. There are 16 player spawns for each team, but I strongly recommend lower player counts. Special thanks to Skybex and Yanzl - some of their assets are used in this map. Layout: Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727462766
  9. re-published it... The map didn't get any new downloads since that last downvote, so there was no chance to revive it. And I didn't want to waste >3k hours of work and let it die like this, so here we go: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727462766 Feel free to support this, if you like it. But take into account that you won't get 'free skins' from me edit: Timings are not fixed yet. Probably tomorrow together with a couple of small fixes
  10. Yeah, I will do this. (was just kidding)
  11. I've moved T-spawn to compensate this (not published yet). Rotating millwheel is one of my tasks for today. Thanks to everyone for giving feedback. Since the map got downrated so badly by those CS betting advertisement spam bots I will probably get no feedback from the workshop page anymore. Currently >40% negative ratings, 3/5 stars. Originally wanted this to be my very last map, because creating something like this has become way to time consuming (for me), but quitting like this would look like a rage quit, so I will have to move on...
  12. Radix


    Map looks fantastic! (as always) There are some minor issues like too intense reflectivity on some props and some 'overlay under thin object flickering'. But I'm sure you're aware of these things and will fix this. It's a pity that this fantastic map got downvoted by those idiots. Same happened to my Austria map. It already disappeared in the workshop nirvana with ridiculous 172 ratings and 6k downloads after one week in the workshop, which is pretty poor for a game with 10 mio. players. The whole workshop is completely messed up for more than a year (or longer?). On the first page of 'top rated all time' there are 2(!) actual maps (pripyat and zoo), the rest is aim/training/dust2copy/etc bullshit. The comments are >90% advertisement spam. And now those 10 minute map spam + downvote bots. Nothing happens. It's not only about getting into the next operation. There are also small guys like me who just want to get some feedback or just play the map they have made online. But this won't happen when good maps disappear behind that mass of spam.
  13. Thanks a lot! Well, I thought this was just a thing of awesome mapcore veterans, so i decided to be modest here. But he's there.
  14. Ok. Originally Ts were a bit faster there, but the map turned out to be a bit T-sided, so I moved spawns a little. Maybe a little too much. I'll gather some more information from playtesting and tweak this.
  15. It's possible that the timings are not perfect yet, especially spawn priorities etc. Ts or CTs too early at the chokepoint next to B? Here is the current "battlefront" (=orange areas; "bot_show_battlefront 1" in console) How would you change it? sure
  16. Radix


    <insert random superlative here>
  17. Radix


    Got it from your reference album. That's how it happened: Watched at your screenshots. Thought: "Wow, that's nice. But hmm... the sky needs a little bit of... I don't know... - wait - didn't he post this amazing reference pic some time ago?" Went back to page 1. "Ahh there it is!" Posted link. And I have to say you're pretty damn close to it!
  18. Radix


    Wow! This really gets better and better. Night theme is doing a great job there. But sky color feels not 100% perfect yet to me. Maybe a little warmer color. Something between what it is now and this.
  19. Finally published for testing... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722346331
  20. That moment when the final compile has finished and you just walk around the map to be sure everything is fine before you publish the map and after 10 seconds you find that huge bug which must have been there for months and you never noticed.
  21. Thanks man! Well, then I will probably upload it in the next days (maybe even tomorrow if I can manage to pack up all files until then) so people can already test it and I can do my very best to replace some assets meanwhile.
  22. Thanks! The map itself is pretty much done, I think. But unfortunately I'm still using some borrowed props from @Yanzl (lamp and cypress bush prop) and @Skybex (display dummies + clothes), so I can't publish it yet. I will probably not be able to build something similar in time, because my Blender skills are still incredibly poor. So this will take some time... (Maybe I will just remove these props. I don't know...)
  23. Something typical for this map: Adjusted the geometry of Valve's model to fit my needs better and reskinned it (and removed ~3k unneeded triangles for better fps) And how it looks like in the map:
  24. Radix


    Looks impressive! But did you ever try to put it all together and compile the whole map? Just to see how it "feels" and to be sure that good old Source can handle this.
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