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  1. My newest article "Demystifying Source Engine Visleaves"; cheers and enjoy http://gamebanana.com/articles/71

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    2. will2k


      @ Vaya: Thanks mate, truly appreciate that :)

      @ Squad: Thank you my dear friend :). I really miss those early days of level design (1999-2002) even with the scarcity of tutorials and resources at that time. I guess getting older makes one feel nostalgic :P

    3. mr.P


      @Squad ...yay I know, lets built a time machine and send back will2k in time! :D

    4. will2k


      @ mr.P: I'm ready :D, nothing beats going back to being 20.

      In another note, many people have contacted me and expressed interest to know more about the subject of PVS and visibility calculation, so I guess I'll write a follow up article that goes into a little more detail about visleaves and PVS (portal generation, anti-penumbra clipping, source/destination/generator leaves, clip planes...)

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