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  1. Published a new article titled "Comparative fps study in Source Engine Optimization System". Cheers and enjoy the read http://gamebanana.com/articles/69

    1. nikkoship
    2. Vaya


      interesting to read about prop fade. I assumed it would make minimal difference on a map with proper hints and area portals..

    3. will2k


      @ nikkoship: Haha, thanks :)

      @ Vaya: Hey mate, thanks for dropping by :)

      As I mentioned in the article, the drop for props fading will be relative to the amount of props and to the openness of the map; the 2 locations I chose are fairly open and highly detailed to showcase a good variation but still the drop was not that big due to the hints and areaportals as I mentioned in the article. If I had chosen an interior location with twisted corridors and fewer props, then obviously the drop would have been negligible.

      Thanks again for your support, appreciate it :)


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