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Status Updates posted by will2k

  1. Updated and moved my website to a new host


    1. blackdog


      On mobile I only see a bunch of frames :(

      this extends to the maps section. Haven’t browsed all cos seems clear it doesn’t work.


    2. will2k


      Thanks @blackdog, I'll look into this.

    3. will2k


      It should work properly on mobile now.

      The site was initially built and optimized for desktops without much concern for mobiles.

      I have now created a mobile-friendly version in line with Responsive web design (RWD) guidelines.

      @blackdog, can you please check it out now? Thanks :)

  2. My new article is live "Source Engine PVS - A Closer Look". Cheers and enjoy http://gamebanana.com/articles/72

  3. My newest article "Demystifying Source Engine Visleaves"; cheers and enjoy http://gamebanana.com/articles/71

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    2. will2k


      @ Vaya: Thanks mate, truly appreciate that :)

      @ Squad: Thank you my dear friend :). I really miss those early days of level design (1999-2002) even with the scarcity of tutorials and resources at that time. I guess getting older makes one feel nostalgic :P

    3. mr.P


      @Squad ...yay I know, lets built a time machine and send back will2k in time! :D

    4. will2k


      @ mr.P: I'm ready :D, nothing beats going back to being 20.

      In another note, many people have contacted me and expressed interest to know more about the subject of PVS and visibility calculation, so I guess I'll write a follow up article that goes into a little more detail about visleaves and PVS (portal generation, anti-penumbra clipping, source/destination/generator leaves, clip planes...)

  4. After being on hiatus for 1.5 years, "de_forlorn" project is resurrected and brought back to life https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17209-de_forlorn-wip/?page=2#comment-404898


    1. mr.P
    2. will2k


      Thanks P :)

      Had the same reaction when I compiled beta1 couple of days ago and had a run in it; felt good to see the map again :lol:

      @ Squad: thanks buddy for the support and for that awesome feedback back in alpha1 :)


  5. Published a new article titled "Comparative fps study in Source Engine Optimization System". Cheers and enjoy the read http://gamebanana.com/articles/69

    1. nikkoship
    2. Vaya


      interesting to read about prop fade. I assumed it would make minimal difference on a map with proper hints and area portals..

    3. will2k


      @ nikkoship: Haha, thanks :)

      @ Vaya: Hey mate, thanks for dropping by :)

      As I mentioned in the article, the drop for props fading will be relative to the amount of props and to the openness of the map; the 2 locations I chose are fairly open and highly detailed to showcase a good variation but still the drop was not that big due to the hints and areaportals as I mentioned in the article. If I had chosen an interior location with twisted corridors and fewer props, then obviously the drop would have been negligible.

      Thanks again for your support, appreciate it :)


  6. Published my latest article titled "Common Misconceptions in Source Engine Optimization". Check it out http://gamebanana.com/articles/68

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    2. will2k


      @ Squad: thanks mate for your continuous support and motivation boost :-D. Cheers

    3. mr.P


      mandatory reading for anyone doing stuff in source,

      read up on the rest of your stuff over at gamebanana, its good! too bad I rarely have time to hang there more often D:

    4. will2k


      @ mr.P: Thanks a lot for your kind and encouraging words, appreciate it mate :)

  7. If you need help with Source engine optimization, hit me up :)

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    2. LATTEH


      Its doing good! i really loved the review you made for it.

    3. AlexM


      Ah you guys are from FPSBanana? Welcome :)

    4. will2k


      @ AlexM: Thanks :)

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