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  1. Ah, I must have glossed over that. It makes a significant impact during encounter 02 where you're constantly having to worry about enemies, since it reduces the strain of having to memorize where the enemies are in the other time zone while you avoid having your face chomped off.
  2. I feel like you should also mention when you time travel between areas, there's a brief moment of lingering holograms from where enemies last were in the previous timeline. This helps players keep their bearings on where they should move and shoot next.
  3. Stiffy360

    CP_Oranges (TF2)

    Welcome to a completely remastered version of the super popular cp_orange_x3! This is a, from the ground up, remake of the map featuring completely overhauled visuals as well as optimizations and gameplay tweaks. You can find the map on the workshop here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454119288 And if you're too lazy to click links, here are some pictures!
  4. Don't compile LDR, LDR is completely and utterly unused. You can also probably func_detail half the brushes in the map.
  5. Doing an art pass of everyone's favorite TF2 map, cp_orange_x3. Some bits need a lot of work, and I'm still unsure how to do the ground without it looking overdetailed, but not underdetailed.
  6. wow extremely late, but CS:GO effectively broke the sky shader so HDR skies no longer work. You must use the LDR sky with unlitgeneric to use in CS:GO
  7. Late quote, but CS:GO broke the "sky" shader. The only way to do it now is to use "UnlitGeneric" on the LDR skies.
  8. I can convert them all into tgas and 2D panoramas if you guys want. (as well as a model for it) Would take some time though.
  9. No problem, I'm just sharing my friend's work. Give all credit to him as he made the skyboxes.
  10. Hello, my friend Mr. Chop made a large sum of skybox textures for use in the Source Engine. Since he is rather lazy, and didn't bother re-uploading his pack since I last downloaded it, I uploaded it to my dropbox with his permission to share with you all. Here are a few sample skyboxes. These are completely free, and Mr. Chop/Colter is completely fine with you sticking it in an operation map. Anyways here is the download (96mb) Enjoy! Please forgive me if this is in the wrong section, FMPONE suggested I share with you all as well, so if this needs to be moved please let me know. Also let me know if the download link goes down as well and I will do my best to maintain it. Have fun!
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