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  1. The Uncompressed template sets the textures to be BGR888 or BGRA8888. Though DXT compressed textures not working in SFM seems weird, since all the default models/maps use DXT compressed textures, sure there's not an issue somewhere else? Also I believe 16 bit textures are not really supported by VTFCmd, utility that we use to convert the textures, so no point in using that.

  2. One thing you can also do is to add $flow_debug 1 to both water vmts which will allow you to see the flowmap texture. Then try to align that between 3D skybox and level like you'd do with a regular texture. Delete $flow_debug 1 once you're done and hopefully it'll be seamless. 

  3. The water misalignment is because the scale of the water normal map is controlled by the vmt parameter $flow_normaluvscale. Texture scale in hammer controls the scaling of the flowmap texture, which should actually be something big like 20. To fix the issue you have to create a new vmt for the skybox water and adjust $flow_normaluvscale and $flow_noise_scale -- divide both by 16.  

    Here's how wrong Hammer texture scale looks like -- left is default .25 and you get these weird distortions while right is 10 and you get a normal looking water texture. 


  4. 10 hours ago, blackdog said:

    Yeah but not using a screenshot you would be editing blindly, how could you achieve something that looks good?

    I just said you could do that, not that it would produce good results :P 

    Hopefully this helps understand it better:


    Also you can have multiple CCs in one map, you can limit them with a radius or with a fog_volume, so only one is active at a time. 

  5. On 11/25/2018 at 1:14 AM, blackdog said:

    I’m not sure I understand, is the LUT meant to disappear during editing to give proper colour balance, or is it gonna be modified by the adjustment layers and you save that result?

    Yeah you basically modify the clean LUT with your adjustments that are then applied in game. The screenshot is there so you can better see what adjustments you are making, but you could also just open the LUT file by itself, do some adjustments and save. 

  6. Time to bring this thread up to date!

    VMT Editor 1.3.9 now with an official website.


    Biggest changes since 1.3.5:

    • 4 way blend tool texture creation
    • Glossiness, blend modulate and envmap mask texture previews
    • Ability to convert textures down to half size 
    • Paste parameters directly into VMT Editor window



  7. CS:GO still uses linear tonemapping, same as in Lost Coast or all of Source, though the big difference is CS:GO maps are lit more evenly, with indoor areas being almost as bright as the outdoor areas, while Lost Coast tried to have realistic brightness levels. 

    Sadly to get the same results as you see in the video in Source you'd have to rewrite the tonemapper. I believe other big engines already have it built in and it's commonly called filmic tonemapping. You can see the difference here: http://filmicworlds.com/blog/filmic-tonemapping-operators/


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