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  1. MR_R3TR0MAN

    [CS:GO] de_keep

    Love that "cobblestone" theme. Please reduce bloom effect, it is really annoying. And as for the hatch i'd prefer to make ladder instead boxes, because if you extremely in a hurry to bombsite A, this crates are extra obstacle. Good job, i think it will be perfect project!
  2. Optimization is in progress, thank you!
  3. Detailed? Yay. Clean? Nay. That's my point here, it seems like simplicity was overlooked by detail which is the props. Sometimes having too many "warehouse" details cramped into one area look bad, makes the fade in more obvious from distance (and if there's no fade in - rip fps). Optimization is in progress. Thank you!
  4. Bind +moveup and +movedown and use it when you're making screenshots for your radar. You can use it to move up or down during noclip (also ladders?), which also change the plane at which things are rendered when making the radar. As for "boring" warehouse i think they fit in this map theme. They perfectly can surround bombplace to make that zone more competitive. If you remember the original map was about oil port, so that's why there's pipes everywhere. But i admit your notes about ammo crates and cranes. Thank you!
  5. Overview will be available on the next update. Thank you!
  6. Thank you too! I will add landmarks to navigate players, also there's a chance that i will make global lighting brighter.
  7. I'l try to reduce props, make it much cleaner. I agree with you that lots of props are not on their places. I keep that in mind thank you!
  8. Just put this here what i'm doing . Workshop link if interested: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=440172625
  9. I'm keeping this in mind. Thank you!
  10. Hello MapCore developers! Last year I decided to reborn unfairly forgotten map de_port from original Valve's Counter-Strike:Source. This were my favorite map from CS:S so I used original layout and rebuild huge open areas to provide better navigation. So this map feels comfortable for close quarters, and of course for snipers duels. I'm in progress so long, I still need to get rid of bugs, add some new background and etc, so I need support from people who have experience in map design, that's why i'm here ! Please feel free to comment, recommend what to change, fix, all your feelings about this project. Also I know, factory and industrial theme is getting boring for the last time, so I've tried to make more "soft" atmosphere, so don't forget to comment about lighting. Enjoy! Steam Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=440172625&searchtext=
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