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    Midnight [TF2]

    Been making Halloween maps for past few years. So here's another one made with a friend and whats not a date like friday 13th to release for? Please vote on workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861668959 5 Control Points, showcased as Gallows each with their own name. Capturing one will free up a previously hanged soul. Capturing all five will magically move you and the opposing team to underworld, where you can also visit through well portals when clock hits midnight. At the end of the underworld, you must fight to survive. Against the other team, or against a common foe, untill gates open and you can escape... Here's some nice shots (more at workshop) and a preview video too. Thanks.
  2. ics

    [TF2] Gravestone

    Thank you all for the nice likes and words from FMPONE! I was pretty great to be able do this 3 consecutive years in a row, when Valve added maps to the game from the community. This year I had some help with some models, animations and particle effects as well as some custom decals so shout out to the others involved in the map too! Couldnt have done this without them. Riley "Sheltr" Aanestad (models, animations) Michał "AsG_Alligator" Byczko (models) Zach "Exactol" Matuson (particle effects) Liam “Diva Dan” Moffitt (custom decals) Thanks!
  3. ics

    [TF2] Gravestone

    Got this map selected for Team Fortress 2 Halloween Scream Fortress X update! Its now part of the game itself, just like the other 2 maps i did in previous years!
  4. ics

    [TF2] Stranded (Payload)

    Steam TF2 workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1481954279 RED base was stranded, but re-activated on top of the mountain. Push the payload cart and destroy their rocket silo before they launch the rocket! Stranded is a payload map, a result of nearly 8 months of hard work on my own pace. From Finland with love for the players of TF2. The work continues and map fine tuning has just started. Please take a look and report any bugs you find. Thanks! Map by ICS, www.ics-base.net Live server to play on: (Finland)
  5. ics

    [TF2] Gravestone

    This is another Halloween map that i have been working on for this year. Goal for BLU team is to sink a custom payload cart, that carries a big bottle of booze and a chemistry set into the enemys ghastly cauldron, causing an explosion. RED team should preent that from happening. But there is a catch - round doesnt end to either teams victory no matter how hard they try but they always end up the underworld. There, they have to have a bumper car race to their death or teans victory. Couldn't have done this without some help, and the people i worked with were awesome in helping me for making models and effects. Here's few screenshots belowand as always, it's in the Steam Workshop here! I usually don't say this but competition is hard, so vote it out at the workshop, either way is fine, like it or not. Thanks.
  6. ics

    [TF2] Dark Roads

    Dark Roads is one of the two halloween maps i've been creating for Team Fortress 2. Original map saw the light of the day 2011 and i helped creator of it to optimize and finish it up at that time. So with the permission of the original creator, i made out a halloween map out of it just because map still feels like it needs more attention. With the help of few others that contributed models and particle effects, this felt right thing to do. I've been working on this on and off for months now and right now i'm happy enough to say it's close to being finished. Map is available at the Steam Workshop of TF2 maps. Here are some screenshots from the latest version. Thanks.
  7. Keep working with tides, looks good so far. I'm not sure yet, It's a WIP and from angle that you rarely see from such high above.
  8. For the past 2 years, ive been making maps, especially halloween maps for Team Fortress 2. Both last year and previous before that, Valve included those halloween maps into the game as official levels. They can't count to 3 but i decided to do something for the players anyway. Soon.
  9. Particles are really cool thing. Here's one feature our team has been literally cooking up for the next TF2 halloween event.
  10. Decided to do a future projects page to keep track of my progress. Hopefully, i will be able to complete majority of these this year and without sliding up on the schedule.


  11. I think there is a translation error in relation to that chinese text. It may aswell be panorama mode from source 2 and not developing csgo for source2. It may be just the hud element, don't get too excited yet even though it is said that source2 is propably arriving in long term for every valve game.
  12. Valve usually is interested on "how good it runs" instead of "how it can run the best". This is not the first map that has framerate issues on newer machines, but it isn't as bad as overpass was when it arrived. Overpass also consumed 10% more cpu on servers whenever it was on compared to the other maps. Placing hint/skips has become tiresome, if the frames run acceptable levels to them, they do not use them much.
  13. Could also be some light entity inside basic brush. Compile log over pastebin or something would be very helpfull.
  14. On those videos posted, it looks to me as if some of the people have dropped their console (which is not a suprise since you can basically hold it at your hands if you like) and then made the video on "how it's broken". I haven't had single issues with it yet, except occasionally lagging on zelda at times. Such as frame drops and a couple of screen freezes for up to 5-6 seconds when fighting against enemies and moving the camera. But the game itself is awesome. You would expect that if you climb up on a mountain, there's nothing there except rocks but they have really put time and effort into the game. I'm loving some of the level design i've seen in it, some of it is just a masterpiece work.
  15. This is like Donkey Kong Country at it's time of hte release. Many magazines gave it a total 100/100 and later found out that they had just maxed out their score scale and future games were harder to rate. Luckily these days score is not an absolute truth and it's 5/5 or stars or whatnot and not so high numbers anymore. Gives more leeway.
  16. Went ahead and ordered switch + new zelda.
  17. Source2 is not coming into CSGO or TF2 anytime soon. All this fuzz about it was because Gabe said in an interview that all their games will be using the same engine eventually. There is nothing concrete happening and it's much more beneficial to them to put their resources into use on other avenues of development. You can wait source2 but meanwhile create something great.
  18. Regarding Team Fortress 2, it's certainly not dead even though Valve has made some big changes how games are searched these days and mostly to their own servers. Game turns 10 years old in October this year. TF2 is far from dead and Valve does care about it, while people seem to think they do not. There is definitely potential there to make out something awesome for the game if people choose to do so. Though It's propably not the easiest game to approach to. Money usually is good motivator, if the game age isn't. So if "old tools" are something you dislike, maybe they aren't such bad if your level gets into the game*. *no promises.
  19. ics

    de_Russka Remake

    By selecting map, as known as russka as a base of your work, others who know the original map, set to your version of that map high expectations automatically. So might be that you will be remembered from making either really good version of the original, or a version that doesn't live up to expectations of others.
  20. ics

    [TF2] Rumble

    Rumble in the jungle! It's time to shine your guns and reload! BLU team has been digging up some gold but they want to expand their operation. They want to take over the RED's logging facility, their spying satellite and their whole base! Steam workshop link! This is a 3CP map, meaning that RED will defend and BLU attacks. BLU must capture all points in order and RED cannot recapture them. Once all points have been captured, BLU wins. If time runs out, RED wins. Questions? No? Then go play! I have setup a server to run this map, running the map 24/7. Try the map out: This map uses following assets: Borneo pack by Sean "heyo" Cutino & Matt "vhalin" Leahy Mayann project detail props & soundscapes by Tim 'YM' Johnson Minecart custom animations by Sheltr Smaller control point pylons by Hakk1tus Have fun and enjoy! Note! This map is not yet finished. I uploaded this to the workshop and posted here to have more proper gameplay testing with it. I will update this map several times during the coming weeks so please report all issues and bugs you find! Thank you!
  21. Been working with this for nearly 2 months, ever since Valve made an invite publicly to join up. Can't wait to get it done.
  22. This is coming from TF2 beta player who started over 9 years ago, image above from that level looks way too awesome with all the other shots. Almost tempted to buy Overwatch just to watch around the environments on it.
  23. I like the visual look of that level a lot that Minos posted. It's interesting to see how Overwatch maps are released detailed as this one is. I know from personal experience that if this would have been a Valve map for Team Fortress 2, it would have been considered too busy for the art part and not accepted as is, so the players and the game is easier to read and comprehend.
  24. ics

    [UT4] CTF-PaleoPark

    A a a aa. you didn't say the magic word. Looks very nice, looking forward to the end result.
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