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  1. Concept and 3d artist LFW

    Available for new projects
  2. Concept and 3d artist LFW

    Hello, I am a freelance artist having 6 years of experience, I have worked on range of projects from games to movies , I am available for new Projects, My website:- http://spuke3d.com/ Email:- [email protected] Thanks, Rohan
  3. Concept and 3d artist looking for work

    I am a freelance artist over 5 years experience in a wide variety of areas I have worked in house at some of the major VFX CG and post production studios, Please email me if you are interested in hiring me for full time work or remotely. Portfolio:- http://spukeanimation.daportfolio.com/ Character Animation Reel:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izcl6SGarY4 Motion Graphics:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gLw9MZLpT0 Cordially, Rohan Spuke concept and 3d artist Skype Name: spukeanimation Yahoo Messenger: spukeanimation Twitter: @spukeanimation Google+: [email protected] Web:spukeanimation.daportfolio.com Mob. Number: +1 315 670 7853