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  1. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    Thanks for the feedback Kinggambit. Thought I would post some pictures of where the map is at the minute. I've had a lot on so have been slacking on the mapping front lately but got the majority textured up now. Still lots to do with balancing, lighting and optimisation and also still want to build some of my own models in 3DSMAX. CT Spawn - Birthplace CT route to Bombsite A - Bombsite A - Brewery Mid - Market Square CT route to Bombsite B - Sword in the Stone T route to Bombsite B - Terror Lane New T Route to high mid.
  2. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    Thanks Niller^.- I had intended on sorting the lighting out but time got the better of me and before I knew it it was playtest day. B-Site: I will widen the alleyway into B. It is a bit tight through there. I actually quite like the idea of being able to jump to the adjacent roof from the fence. I will leave that for now. I don't think you can access the rooftops from there. I think that could be done from off the top of the railings at the T side of Bombsite A(fixed now). A-Site: A site is nearly complete. Will post some pics soon. Middle: I have a new plan for mid. I am moving towards the idea of a statue, perhaps a knight with a sword statue. Maybe something like this - and I will build it in 3DSMAX. As for the market place, I will not kill it just yet. The Gate: The idea behind the gate is to slow the CT's rotating to B-site preventing them from taking the shorter route through mid. I am not sure just yet. I also wanted to learn how to put a door like this into the map. much easier than first anticipated so I don't hold any massive love for it. Looks authentic though! Cheers for the feedback!
  3. Latest version of DE_Medieval attached. I spent some time trying to add the radar using Pakrat but can't get it to work. I have included it in the zip file.
  4. Hi 'RZL, Can we move this back to Thursday if not Sunday will be great. I need a couple more days to get it ready,
  5. Made some major changes to my map De_medieval. Can I get a playtest slot on Thursday? Could really do with some feedback before I move on.
  6. JediX


    Great work!
  7. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    My plan is to add modern day props such as electrical box's, telegraph poles and pipes etc to bring it into a modern day type setting. Much like a lot of the maps in CS GO. But I do like an historical setting. I will leave this task till last.
  8. JediX

    de_ali (working name)

    This map is great. Really enjoyed playing it. Looks amazing!
  9. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    So, after the playtest last week I received some valuable feedback during the test and after from Niller^.-. I have spent my time simplifying the T route to B site and balancing it from the CT pov. I have also started texturing it up to make it look prettier. I still very much need to work on A site for both T's and CT's but would like to play-test again first. Should be ready some time next week-ish. Here are a few of screenshots of B site.
  10. Thanks Niller^.-. Very useful feedback. I agree the map is very T sided. I will work on balancing this issue. I am addressing the U-turn first. I originally put this in as I wanted to extend the length of time for T's to reach A but in hindsight having to go back on yourself does make it confusing. I will add a CT flank path to A (possibly to higher ground) and remove the sniper window and try out windows on the bridge instead. I think I will remove the market entirely and place some kind of clock tower/ statue/ bandstand to act as a divide, providing suitable cover through the square. Thanks again and big thanks to 'RZL for sorting the test.
  11. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    Latest Update ready for test. Includes - .bsp .nav
  12. JediX, on 28 Feb 2014 - 08:26 AM, said: Yes, this sunday it will be. And yes, a radar would be highly advised. Also, you meant to write "except" and not "accept" right? Holy Cow! I meant "except" lols. I blame lack of sleep on account I've been binge mapping all week!
  13. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    I think I am happy with my layout for now or at least until the live test. I spent the evening dressing up a few more buildings.
  14. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    Excellent. I was hoping I would be able to do this. Great tip!!!
  15. JediX

    [CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

    Olde is used to describe an old-fashioned style that is intended to be quaint and attractive. It was used a lot in Englands past for example "Ye Olde Town". I was trying to make a play on words as cicinnati has pointed out. Excerpt from Wikipedia: "Ye Olde" is a pseudo-Early Modern English stock prefix, used anachronistically, suggestive of a Merry England or Deep England feel. A typical example would be Ye Olde English Pubbe or similar names of theme pubs.
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