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  1. Let's try to keep this discussion civil. The main problem here is that you're indirectly parsing of other peoples work as your own. According to gamebanana, where the map is originally uploaded, the work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license. I ain't particually knowledgeable on these licensings, but it seems to be a good start to give credit where credit is due. No offense taken. This was my first "official" and "competitive" map which it to many degrees suffers from; that and a tight deadline due to being entered into the CEVO/Gamebanana mapping contest at the time. This map is so far from being competitive that making a completely new map is more reasonable than trying to make this one competitive.
  2. Oh boy. That I should live to see this day. Guess it pays of to still be lurking here despite not actively mapping anymore. Has it really been 6 years since I uploaded this map to gamebanana for the CEVO/Gamebanana mapping contest. I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed. You excluded the two best screenshots Props on the new name though, probably a bit better than its original name: de_nil_CastleIsland. I'll write it down as appreciation that you made this post. Start making your own maps, it's way more fun
  3. Hey Tynnyrimpi. Posting pictures of your map here directly, will more likely than not increase the interest from people. You should change the map picture on the workshop to a cool screenshot which represents your map, and thus not some animal. Regarding the overview of your map, you can make a better one ingame using the cl_leveloverview command. 1) Open your console 2) sv_cheats 1, r_drawviewmodel 0, cl_drawhud 0, noclip, cl_leveloverview 4 (if you can't see the whole map, increase the number) 3) Move around with a,s,d,w to line up the view correctly. If you can't see everything properly, try to reposition yourself (with cl_leveloverview set to 0). I'm uncertain of whether a better approach exist, but it will definitely provide you a better result than your current method I've spent a little time running around your map. Generally I like the concept, however there is room for improvement. Here's my feedback: First of you have a lot of empty space in the map. Consider the two spawns and the underground as examples of this. All this empty space adds to a very crucial flaw of the map, that is the rotation time. It seems to take roughly 25 seconds to get from one bomb site to another which is simply too much. You should aim to have the rotation time closer to 15 seconds (this is simply a guideline since it depends on the map as a whole). The drop/jump-up room from underground (screenshot 6) is neat, but requires 5 jumps, which it personally finds to be too much. Try to aim for 3 at max. You could probably achieve this by lowering the height of the underground. The entrance to B for T's seems highly unfair for T's. All these windows and the long (relative) small path into B seems to be too much. Consider if blocking of the windows would be better. This is however simply speculation. You should consider requesting a playtest of your map (preferably after working with this feedback). You can find the playtests here: Hope this feedback can help you
  4. I know that feeling :I hoping for next time
  5. Unless it's important to you or specifically designed to be so, I would recommend another theme than what appears to be the "classic" industry setting. There are just so many of them out there. Good luck with the map.
  6. The beta can't be here fast enough, eager to try it out
  7. Compromise - A map with 3 bombsites where only two was in play. At the beginning of the game a controller would choose two bombsites for that entire match, providing 3 different layouts out of one map, obviously this would also make the map even harder to balance Though I don't know if such setup is even possible.
  8. Niller^.-


    Hey Lajron, heres some feedback based on the recent playtest. I've made some colour coding based on your layout screenshot, thought that might be easier Red: This connector area feels a bit odd and tight. It's a long lane which seems easy for T's to hold with good retreat options when covering A (considered theres only one CT on B, so he can't boost). Green: This part should be more open (wide). Purple: The encounters here felt rather random, asweel as the crates placed. You should look into making some more simple covers. Blue: One of the problems with the purple lane is that when you decide to go this way it's close to a final decision. Turning around to go somewhere else takes sooooo long. A connector like the blue I have drawn might help (or somewhere else, but this area could use a connector of some sort imo). Brown: This door area should be more open, if CT's manages to push up this route, it would be a miracle to take it back going through this little doorway. For some more general feedback. I really dig the chokepoint on B, makes for some interesting combat, with a cool bombsite. A on the other hand feels very unattractive and simple (which is bad in this case). Try to make it less of a square. Keep up the good work, the design looks promising
  9. "Players who are hit by grenades "in flight" that were thrown by the other team now take a small amount of impact damage." Guess this means flashbang kills are back!
  10. Niller^.-

    [CS:GO] Tulip

    Hey catfood, heres my feedback for tulip The wooden plank here seems odd, maybe replace it by the same kind of ground the T's have (the ground you can see in the far left end of the foto). The left side of mid is good, because I can easily see if there is a CT sniper due to the good lighting. The right side is another case. During the playtest I found it hard to be sure whether or not there was a CT there. A low concrete wall (or similar) would be much more pleasing here instead of having to shoot through a small annoying fence. If you jump onto the trashcans you can see over the fence, revealing a lack of skybox. This part of the underground looks rather naked compared to the rest. One can jump onto the fountain and further onto the van. I'm unsure whether this is on purpose or something that needs a clip A friendly reminder that we can see nametags through all these kinds of fences You can jump out onto the first pole (not that it gives you a great advantage, but might need a clip). The new lighting fits the map very well
  11. Niller^.-


    Hey Squad, I've got some feedback for you aswell I have focused on gameplay since the design is more likely to change. Keep in mind when reading this, that it's mostly theory based, but something you might want to consider. If you're going to have a competitive playtest, remember to send me an invite Assume T's are rushing through middle into this room. The time it will take the T's to get to this particular room (through the tunnel), CT's will likely already have been able to rotate from bombsite to block this door. It's a single door, which will make it quite hard for T's to push through. This leads to two options: go through and have a good chance for a slaughter or go back. The road back is quite long and also with only one opening, making it possible that CT's from the other bombsite have gone up and blocked that path aswell. This comment is similar to the one catfood made. These fences also have a negative effect on the setting. This path is very dangerous for T's. 1) CT's can see the bodies of T's long before T's can see the CT's. 2) It's very small (easy to nade and spray down). 3) T's have numerous of areas/places to check when going in. It may show its worth in a competitive setting, but during the playtest, this path was just not worth the risk. I've also mentioned this ingame, but I'll post it here aswell so it's easier to see and remember. These railings need clip I'd also like to see the indoor bombsite have a second option to get up and down. Good luck with the map, great work so far
  12. Niller^.-


    The map feels generally too claustrophobic. Not said that it's a bad thing, or that any part of the map necessarily have to be changed, just that it's something to be aware of. I would like to see B be more open/bigger. The main path that leads into B for T's need to have a wall so that grenades don't fall down (currently "hard" to flash). Hope it's something to help you along, good work so far
  13. Niller^.-

    [CS:GO] de_market

    Hey Gooby, here's some feedback based on the playtest - I really like B. Good use of heights and with interesting ways into it. The B site itself (the place where you actually plant the bomb) could maybe use some more cover options. A statue in the middle perhaps? - A is rather boring compared to what you deliver, layout-wise, on B. I found myself to be at B most of the time, simply because it was more interesting and overall fun. Good luck with the map
  14. Hey there, good to see your work Some comments based on the screenshots: It looks like you have alot of open areas with long sight-lines. As you mentioned yourself, this would probably greatly favor awp. A second minor thing would be the stairs on the last screenshot, they look rather steep, you might want to stretch it further out (which would also make the rails fit better ;P). Good luck with the project.
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