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  1. If you wanted to play it, go ahead Requires Counter Strike : Source, and Source SDK 2007 & 2006. There are two builds, one from 2006 (seen on the video), the other is an april 2008 build + list of commands and a map for the forest level (it's pretty big and confusing). It contains new zombies with new animations, more detailed maps, more maps too, new textures etc. It also contains a bug - the fire doesn't render and the first map is literally unplayable because of the broken vehicle, but it doesn't differ from the 2006 version. Judging from what i've played, it isn't half as bad as i thought it is, especially the 2008 version. It feels bland without any of the story implemented, the radios give out a generic static, tape recorders are just a prop, it would've been nice to see any story behind it. There are many nods to the original, the levels are actually nice looking, zombies are well modeled. BUT I can see why it was described as nothing nice to play, sometimes the level progression is confusing and i mean confusing, the game also has those moments when it throws a bunch of zombies at you, and without modifying the skill.cfg it's a madness.
  2. for the first 15 minutes i thought it was a showcase of levels with no enemies or anything like that. It is said to be one of the two builds leaked. It looks okay (few neat elements here and there) i guess, but nothing spectacular and given it was going to be a full fledged paid game it's even more underwhelming.
  3. yeah so turns out it was leaked back in february to the valve archive site, but those builds were taken down. Few of the levels are missing etc. It looks pretty rough honestly
  4. Well, from what i've read here i think i'm gonna appreciate being a Gold Nova, are some higher ranks really that toxic? Maybe i play it not so often, but i've never encountered dicks in my team on matchmaking (guess that's my luck).
  5. I meant smurfing to silver ranks, i know it's extra frustrating for the lower ranks to be stuck with a smurf who pwns an entire team, but i've always wanted to smurf on silver ranks. ( As for me i've never encountered a single smurf on mm's, mostly cause i play casual more )
  6. Seeing actions like that makes me wanna smurf, but i don't have money to buy an new account And how can I smurf if i have an Gold Nova 4 rank
  7. I've played the beta for like 4-5 hours and I regret that I haven't played it more ( Maps ran in like 30-40 FPS on Low settings, but loading screens were like 1 fps XD so it took ages to play Hoth for me. ) It looks amazing! May be boring when played for a long time, but still it was great.I fell in love with the Thermal Imploder sound and effect though.
  8. Hi everyone! I have been here for a while, but i haven't got to say hello to this awesome community ( And i felt very bad about this ) My name is Jacob and I live in southern Poland. Being a gamer for 12 years straight led to a moment, where i started to think " What about creating something cool by myself ". I actually just started mapping in Hammer, but I'm trying to do my best and get better and better!
  9. I've played it for a while. 1. No offence but I think you should finish the geometry of the map, because it's now somekind bland, and then post it to public playtest, but that's only my opinion. 2. On workshop you've been suggested to make it a Dockyard and I think it would be good., your map fits the setting of a dockyard or somekind of a warehouse 3. There are many unnecessary areas (at least for now) that are a little heaven for campers (for example, the dark, empty area on bombsite B) and which are just unneeded ( Window above Bombsite A, the one facing the vents ). Also the vents connect the corridors in a way that a normal room would and the vent outside A can easily be spammed and shot through. Remove the doors, they slow down the play in an awful way (especially the ones on B). A big problem is with the timing of Terrorist going to bombsite A, (At bs. B it's good for me) because CT and T arrive on A in about the same time (+ - 1 second of difference), that doesn't give enough time for CT to prepare for an attack. As of the aesthetics - the lighting is bad, it should contrast in some way with the enviroment or just shouldn't be "just white" or "just orange", experiment with it. Also the office should be imho improved.
  10. Hexen II - Omfg it's so awesome, as much as I love old games, I missed the Hexen franchise, but when I started playing it, I couldn't get off the computer Now I know why Hellraid was often comparised to Hexen, Necromancer ftw!
  11. I really liked Absolution and i didn't get why everybody was upset about it being more casual than the previous ones, so for me the new Hitman looks great. If the A.I. system is as good as they present it in interviews, then it will make the game even more fun to play a dozen of times ( in other words, imagine the possibilities )
  12. Jaayu28

    The Witch

    Nice idea for the setting, I hope it will be as good as the trailer shows Must watch for me!
  13. Damn, last time I played Minecraft was like a year ago. My favourite resource pack is Dokucraft, because it gives a more RPG-ish feeling to the game. Minecraft became popular because of the freedom you have. It's basically a Lego like game. I haven't played legos as a kid, so this game struck me like a lighting bolt, but it was fun to play only for a short amount of time.
  14. Maybe it's the double barreled shotgun, but Doom looks Bulletstormish ( you can say that i think ), which is why i'm gonna buy that game. Doom 3 was rather slower, and more focused on the atmosphere. The new Doom looks very promising imho, especially the hell level.
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