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  1. Hey there good folks of the Mapcore ! Pretty excited to announce that the studio is growing. We're currently looking for 3 talented, nice and enthusiastic devs to join our studio in Montreal to contribute to We Happy Few Senior Level Designer : https://goo.gl/J8WX45 Senior Ai Programmer : https://goo.gl/KyKNrf Gameplay Programmer : https://goo.gl/0pZ93X
  2. Heyyy dude ! Antoine here nice to meet you . Jr. Level Designer going to work at Compulsion Games on We Happy Few in a bit. This portfolio looks awesome ! Nice explanations of the development of your maps, clear concise stuff. The feeling that I get though from some of the CG:GO level explanation pages is that it's very art focused somehow. Like, if I take De_Meat for example, you've two nice screenshots at the top. It's cool that you have pics to show the feel of the level but later down there's plenty more that may or may not achieve to explain how you thought of this map design wise. What I feel is that the explanations are more geared towards letting others know about your technical process rather than explaining what your design intentions were. I think the first thing people would like to see from a designer (after your flavor screenshot and the process explanation) is an annotated top down map. You've got one but I'd nudge it higher than the pack of screenshots because it's more designer-y. It's where people can understand what your design intentions were for the map, like... This is the sniper area for these and these reasons and this is the choke point and so on. A video explaining that is always a winner because... people are lazy and reading is hard lul. I think that changing curriculum vitae to Resume would make your menu stuff more punchy. I don't think a lot of people use "Curriculum Vitae" (or maybe it's a dutch thing ?). In your resume, I've always been told that experience is a much better thing to put than education. So I would nudge your experience up and put education down there somewhere, maybe after skills and before your interests. In there I would try to find a way to say that you've shipped 4 titles and worked on consoles too. It's a pretty awesome thing to mention, It's like... automatically this guy knows what he's talking about. Right ? Your downloadable resume is a little different. You've got an intro paragraph in there that's pretty cool but I would reorganize your enumeration of cool stuff that you did. Rather than putting mods first I would put 4 shipped titles there, worked on consoles, did talks at GDC, showcased stuff at E3 and did some mods. I actually missed the download link, maybe because of the mute color ? I know it's like right under the title, but my attention when directly at your information for some reason. Hope that can help you
  3. Hey buddy ! Got a few things that might improve your website. I think there's too many clicks for me to get to your work. Just put your work (soundcloud widgets and such) in your first page (what's supposed to be the home page). Also instead of putting the "Home" bit bigger, just remove it and replace it with your name and your title (i.e. video game music composer or just composer... whatever defines you). That way if I just land on your page I won't be searching for what you do if I didn't want to read your introduction paragraph. Hope that helps !
  4. Gotham just dropped on Netflix. Gaaaah can't stop watching. I'm kind of in a Batman phase right now. Been catching up on the Batman games (how did miss out on them sooo good).
  5. My condolences Mazy... Last my grandmother not too long ago (she was awesome !). Pfewww my brain needs a nap. Been interviewing for this small startup in Vancouver. They look like a really nice bunch of human beings. Got a design test and finished the scripting test today. That scripting test was insane haha. Got it yesterday at around 4pm-ish and finished it today at 5pm (eat and sleep... didn't pass the night on it). I really tried to push for modular/reusable scripts... hence why my brain needs a nap. Feels pretty awesome to get stuff done like that. There's a movie shoot right under where I live and there's a huge crane with an immense spotlight flooding my apartment. Can't sleep. I got blinds but it's like insane lighting. Note that as I am writing this it's pitch black night here in Vancouver. Linked a picture to give you guys an idea. Apparently it's a new show called "Minority Report" (based on the movie).
  6. Yep ! I totally agree. Needs to be quicker to access information. I'll give other layouts a try. When I've reorganized this stuff I'll post an update in here. Thanks guys !
  7. Ohh yeah ! First interview today. Nervous ? A little. Excited ? Yessss.

  8. Just discovered a sort of up and coming artist from Montreal (Eliott Maginot). Really cool style. The first song feels like it could be put in Life is Strange and fit perfectly. The other one is... hard to describe but really awesome.
  9. Hey Franck ! Thanks a bunch. Absolutely no offense taken (it's a fact ! No experience yet). I've put the education bit there because almost all my instructors said "In this industry... People don't really care for education. It's more what you can do". So that's that... Not too sure what to do with it to be honest.
  10. Hola good people of the Mapcore ! I've been commenting a bunch on other's portfolio and thought I'd submit myself to the exercise as well. Here's the link ! I also want to mention that I'm looking for work :). Thanks ! http://antoineladouceurld.weebly.com/
  11. Bumping from the depths of the necro stuff. So there's a new free DLC. Pretty cool, at least I think... It's all stealthy with night vision thingies (called Night Operations). Any of you going to boot up BF4 again out of curiosity ?
  12. Hey dude ! There's one thing that comes up for me. I have no idea what you actually do... do. I know your name is Shea Lane, but if you are an environment artist or a concept artist is a little bit hard for me to discover. The thing is I shouldn't even try to guess it should right in my face so there's no confusion.
  13. Hey there again John ! I've read your introduction and I think there's some little tweaks you could do in there (my opinion of the course ). I've also dug a little deeper in your portfolio. I'd really try to replace anything with "aspiring". Maybe Junior like Stefan said ? I wouldn't say "high level understanding" I think I would just go for "understanding". Some producer are very knowledgeable of pipeline stuff (anyone correct me if I'm wrong). In fact I would write this sentence with a different angle. More like... "I am a junior producer with a wide range of interests in game development things" and then mention what you like to do. In your enumeration of things you created I'd place game design documents first. I feel that for a producer it might be more important cause producers organize things, write things... For the "ultra-low resolution settings" I would rephrase that. I know what you mean, you know how to do low-poly things, but it could come off as I have this super high rez model and just put the quality settings to "low". "I employ my educational background" is super cool. The way it's phrased though I'm sort of waiting for a "I employ my experience with this ----- to do this". There's just the "to do" bit that's missing (example: I employ my expertise at climbing rocks. (To walk 4 steps at the time... that sort of thing)). Dude real talk... Your 3D things rock wayyyy harder than the 2D things. I was expecting concept art stuff. In the 3D part I would put that power up (that is totally siiiiick) way up there. So people don't have to scroll to uncover cool shit. The title for the things in the 2D art section are barely readable same thing for the 3D art bit. Imagine your readers to be a grandma who lost its glasses and has an attention deficit problem haha. In your resume I would say either "non-professional" or "personal", because they both mean the same things. Hope this helps. Making a nice portfolio is the most fucking hardest thing seriously. I know someone who's done some pretty cool stuff in a producer role at EA here in Vancouver and you know what he did back when he was junior, he made time organization sheets and pipeline sketches to prove he understood game producing stuff (waterfall things). If you do that you could showcase that in your website. That could make people go like... yep he's a producer he knows what needs to be done . Just an idea.
  14. Yep totally agree with Stefan . I also caught that in your text "I employ my educational background as managing member of...". I'd maybe put that in the first few sentences then mention your experience with 2D art, 3D, etc. I feel like it sounds more producer-ish. Just an idea.
  15. Hey dude ! I would try to pick something else than "aspiring" to describe what you do. I'm not sure if it's super attractive for potential employers.
  16. Hey thur guys ! Been prototyping a first person game in UE4 and got to the point where I needed military-ish hands. So I found a CSS rig online and decided to do a little work on it in Maya to fit UE4's standards (1 root instead of 2). I had to redo the skin weights... I'm a level designer soooo... It's definitely usable but not "pro". It's a really bare bones rigs (massively bad pun lol). There's no controls, constraints and fancy things like that. I added a bone for camera animations and such. The main use for this thing is just to have something to work off from when prototyping realistic fps games (no grey character thing or blue guy). I've linked the source files that I used to tweak the rig if people want to change stuff. There's a 2014 and a 2016 Maya file, an fbx and unreal files you guys can add directly to your projects (created with 4.8.3). I've also added the original textures. They are referenced in the Maya projects. Here's the download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y333vxqqvg0kud/FirstPersonHands.zip?dl=0 Hope this thing is going to be useful for people doing the same-ish stuff as me.
  17. (I'm under windows 7). I'm probably going to upgrade whenever Epic releases an official "hey UE4 works great with Windows 10". Until then... I'm waiting. I'm absolutely in no rush to upgrade.
  18. Hey thur ! Level Designer for sure . Just graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver and looking to kick some asses (literally... I'm joking... literally). Been making my portfolio, website, resume all nice and clean. There's a link down there to my web thing. Haven't posted it yet in the portfolio section yet (my favourite forum section) because there's some stuff I need to tweak. http://antoineladouceurld.weebly.com/ Whatever you are doing Sprony... it's going to be cool.
  19. Sooooo... what did you guys think {Gears 4} ? Went to have lunch downtown Vancouver. Was pretty fun to hear dev conversation in the street about it.
  20. Hello new disciple... Wait.. was that awkward ?
  21. Definitely. I'm also going to fix the other 5 massive ugly issues in that image such as the light bleed on top, the dark spot on the bottom and the shadow softness issues. ...When I get back from Japan ​Youuu lucky B...
  22. Wow this looks suuuuper cool ! Beautiful pics men. Though... I've never heard about "ulule". Is there a reason why you chose that over IndieGogo or Kickstarter ?
  23. Hey men ! There's a small wall border at the bottom on the left photo. Are going to add it ? (eagle eye type stuff right here).
  24. SuperDuperYeah


    Hey men ! Welcome to Mapcore. So first thing, you've got a typo in your welcome paragraph "and I wish create something amazing". I would totally remove the welcome page and just make me land straight up on your work. The less clicking I do the better it is. So in your case I clicked on your link (1 click), it's a welcome page... I clicked on the portfolio page (2 clicks), there's a games list and I click on a game (3 clicks). I'm done reading the description and I click "back" (4 clicks) and so on. Also maybe you shouldn't say "click on the picture or the link to go to the corresponding project". I wouldn't say anything in that case because it's pretty much common knowledge. In the best scenario, I click on your link and all the information I need is right in my face and I just scroll down the page to see if I'm interested or not. In your games' description there's very little for me to understand about your design intentions. For example, in your description for the "World of Cards", you say at some point "Then I combined those with the basic pre-scripted movement modules, which created a more dynamic and interesting gameplay experience". You never explained why this made more interesting and dynamic gameplay. I think you have too many categories in your games' description. Usually the things people are looking for is some kind of essence statement about what the core experience of your game is, your design intentions and what you did on the project. And try to keep it concise. Comments like "The entire process of learning the editor and creating something that was satisfying... Which is surprisingly low now that I look back at it" don't sound very professional to me. Keep those things for your resume where you can say, in your skills, "fast learner". The whole point of an online portfolio is to allow recruiters, hiring managers, whoever is in charge of hiring people to "get in and get out". Go straight to the point : "this level was designed in order to make the Player feel vulnerable and want to hide" then "this is how I made sure that that mindset was respected" you know... something like that. Also... no videos. You need videos with text describing your gameplay and your design intentions. It's always better if you can show your design in action and why it supposed to work in a certain way. On the about me section, I would shy away from titles like "the story of my life...". I read the title and went "oh god this is going to be long" and I skipped reading it. Then I went back to it and read it just to give you more feedback. In this section, I would try to give more insights about what kind of games you like to make as opposed to who you are in general. I think this sentence could be reworked "At IGAD I've learned how to deal with 60+ work hours a week, tight deadlines...". Again you don't say how. Did you learn how to time manage and organize your tasks using a software of some kind or something else ? You could phrase like "I've effectively learned how to time manage by prioritizing tasks and blabla". Your title says Game & Level Designer. In the case you are applying for a level design position, I think the person that has "Level Designer" (and has equal quality work to you) would have more chances of actually being hired. People on the other end might go "yep we want a passionate level designer ! The other applicant seems to not really know what he wants". And it's also quite important at junior level too. "Game and level designer" for a senior person with 5+ years and shipped games... why the hell not (it still doesn't sound as punchy as just Level or Game designer). Also make sure that you specify that you are junior (I'm working on my portfolio too and that's one thing that I need to change (thanks for reminding me haha)). In your contacts, I don't think I would give my phone number. I would have it in a resume but not in my contacts. And also make sure you have a resume. I thought I would just write a couple lines... welp. I'm usually the guy hanging around this area of the forum. So yeah... hope that was helpful to you ! Can't wait to see how this pans out. Cheeerss !!
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