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    tomm reacted to leplubodeslapin in 2 identical materials applied to a flat brush and model, both are lit differently, so   
    Yes the methods to catch the light for brush and models is different, but it shouldn't catch light with different colors/intensity. It's just that Source Engine does it differently, because it's more fun to make things complicated than easy i guess ?
    This kind of stuff annoys me a lot too :-(
    Good luck
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    tomm reacted to Vaya in Why i cant disable my cover photo? Everytime i remove it, change back to to my cover   
    loving the cover photo m8
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    tomm got a reaction from MaanMan in That feeling when Hammer crashes right before you save.....   
    Yeah I'm pressing ctrl + sĀ all the time without even realizing it.. good habit to get into
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