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  1. 2 identical materials applied to a flat brush and model, both are lit differently, source ftw.

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    2. Vaya


      yeah plubo might be able to help more...it's never going to be exact since models and brushes are light different ways, right?

    3. tomm


      yeah I guess it makes sense, after all:  brushes - lightmaps, models - vertex lighting

      dunno why I expected them to blend perfectly.

      just use brushes whenever possible.

    4. leplubodeslapin


      Yes the methods to catch the light for brush and models is different, but it shouldn't catch light with different colors/intensity. It's just that Source Engine does it differently, because it's more fun to make things complicated than easy i guess ?

      This kind of stuff annoys me a lot too :-(

      Good luck

    1. 'RZL


      Good thing, that you're trying to stay fit. Kinda mean from the others to make fun of you though :(

  2. is chat deaded for good?

    1. TheOnlyDoubleF


      "I'll be back" he said.

  3. what is this madness? http://youtu.be/-CtB0WfHxL8

    1. Deh0lise


      Oh god, dunno what it is, but I WANT some of that magic too!

  4. It's spring officially and there's still snow on the mapcore logo :(

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    2. Thurnip


      not snow, marshmallow

    3. Sprony


      Cum to think of it, who ever said it was snow on the logo ;)

    4. tomm


      Ah I see, hardcore mapcore

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