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  1. Hmm.. I deleted my Steam-Account. I didn't knew they would also remove my maps from the workshop. That was not intended. I'm sorry. I removed everything from my computer. So, I don't got the maps anymore. But you should still have them on your computer after downloading it at the steam workshop.
  2. The great success of de_urbany: Valve should remove the dislike-button.. Normally you rarely get dislikes no matter wheter your map is good or bad.
  3. Wow I got 29 dislikes at once today at the steam workshop. Looks like someone don't want to see my map on the frontpage.
  4. A private security guard team which are optimised could be chosen for every land and every map if they make them colorable. Oh and for me it is better to read with that spaces. Edit: Ok it would have been a versatile trained security guard team to be able to defuse a bomb. They could still be used for every hostage map. But yeah, maybe it was not the best thoughtful idea.
  5. Do you also got a hard time picking the right CT model for your map? The most CT models don't seam to be suitable. The T models are more suitable. I guess because they could make them wear whatever they want. CTs are based on true units. They wear clothes who are not made to make them as visible as possible. The newest model -FBI- does a better job than most of the others. But they are also not perfect for this game. The upper body is great. But the trousers don't match up. Valve should make the trousers match up with the jacket. This would help to make them more visible. For my map cs_tori I could not use the FBI because the trousers made their lower body almost disappear in some areas. So I chose GIGN instead. Not perfect but ok. All the other models were less visible. What Valve could also do is to make the models colorable. At least some parts. This would help to fit them into every map as good as possible. Some maps need brighter and some more or less saturated or darker colours. They could also create a new CT model. A private security guard team. They would have every freedom to make them most suitable for the game. In real life some of them are very eye catchy like those security guards. They don't have to be that eye catchy. Would be a touch too much. They also would fit into the world of cs:go. Because private security guards are heavily used in many areas around the world. But I guess to improve the FBI model would be fine. What do you think?
  6. The "make it real" Update is now live. Steam Workshop: de_urbany The Ts target the HLT company. I changed the textures of the HLT building at A site to match it up with the other buildings. I also added a few floors on the buildings at bombsite A and B. Bombsite A is remade. I replaced the crates with those leaf flowerpots and the pots on the right. I also demolished the house which was next to the HLT building. I placed security cameras to some areas which belongs to HLT and I made the entrances to bombsite B safer. A fence-gate was added and I replaced the crates with a new security door. And thats how Street and the surroundings looks now: There were more changes but those are the most significant. I hope you like it.
  7. I already worked on the "make it real" update. I didn't liked the wall on the top left screen. In early versions there was a tunel leading to a street. I removed them because I had too many func_details inside the map. Now that I made a whole bunch of them into displacements I opened it again. I also changed the building a bit. It feels much better that way. At the bottom left screen I removed the small house and the right buidling. I also adapted the one building to the twin towers. The windows on the top left screen were odd I removed and replaced them only to erase it completely. I removed the one building on the bottom left screen and thus made the other building bigger. Thats it. Need to wait until I got more ideas. Really good feedback @Roald ty again.
  8. Ringel


    The map has a great atmosphere. ----- Some sprites are too distractive. I would make them less visible. Especially at locations there you strafe in and out. Those where most annoying for me: The one behind the tree was flickering because of the leafs. --------- I would also place a clip here so you can walk up and don't have to jump. I learned two things while working on the remake I released last day. Sprites can be too distractive and doing 2 jumps in a row to climb something at a match can be unpleasant.
  9. Thanks for your feedback Roald. I try to make it look more like a real place and also place the windows inside the wall. I only took references for one building (Edit²: I deleted it because it was too detailed. I created the twin towers instead, less details and much sexier). But the map is chaotic like a district near my place. Edit: One reason why I made the map more chaotic is to give every section a unique look to make it easier to recognize where you are. But working with references is something I did insufficient in the past. I will use more for my next map. The one entrance from Pit to A on the minimap is none. You can just drop down from A to Pit. Ok,.. hmm seams like that someone could do a 3-man-boost. Hmm.. I really don't like 3-man-boosts. Makes building a map more complicated. And I will think about doing a mapcore playtest. Guess I should have done this before but I hope it is never to late for that. I am willing to improve the map and make changes if needed.
  10. de_urbany 5v5 competitive map with integrated Wingman You can also play Deathmatch. Steam Workshop: de_urbany Gamebanana: de_urbany This is a new version of de_focus. One of my old maps. One big and several small gameplay changes have been made. I also upgraded the look. I hope you like it. Minimap: I gave the minimap several colours. The reason why I did this is simple. When I play new maps and I look at the minimap to spot enemys and I see one further away I often don't realize in which area he is. The colours should make it easier for you to know faster which area is which. Let me know wheter the colours help you or not. ty
  11. Ghosting is cheating. You get an unfair, unallowed advantage. You do not use a program but you use a human who kinda act like one.
  12. What I really don't like about Danger Zone is the ability to cheat easily. You can easily cheat if you got a friend who is spectating with "watch game in progress" and provides you with all the infos you need. You can fly around, go inside every player, see every player on the big map and you also see the names, weapons and health floating over every player on any distance. Nearby enemys also glow red, sometimes also players far away. Like here: Otherwise the new mode is really well made.
  13. You should also name the Prop. But I guess that is not the problem. Have you ported the textures into the mod container? Did you followed this steps: https://www.tophattwaffle.com/configuring-propper-for-steampipe/ ? I only managed to get the qc and smd files by doing what TopHatWaffle wrote. I compile the the prop with Crowbar afterwards.
  14. No not feedback for every map. Just those with potential. And about the scattershot aesthtic. You can call it art. Did you played the map or just looked at the screenshots? Makes a huge difference. The original screenshots looking much better but after uploading them to the workshop the colours and the contrast got messed up.
  15. That sounds like a very good idea. ^^ Edit: I created a training map for a france cs:go community. It was nice, something new. They asked me to join them but they didn't wanted that I upload the maps to the workshop. They wanted them exclusively. That is something I don't want and I did not joined. I also don't speak french. ^^
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