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  1. Important: Please public the ratings this year. Only this ways the contest can be taken seriously. According to the main post you rate the maps, so there should be no problem to share the ratings with us. The most important about making the ratings public is to receive feedback as participant and to assure the judges work serious with caution. I took part at the Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017. It was also said the judges will judged like this. But no ratings were made public. It was told we can have feedback afterwards. I wrote every four judges after the contest has finished and I only received answers from two of them. One said they don't have made ratings for every map. This is what he wrote: "In our judging process we narrowed the levels down to 10 contestants , I'm afraid we don't have a numeric rating for all levels (around 100 in total)." And then he gave me two sentences of feedback. 'RZL made videos for me and everyone who wanted feedback. Very good! He also said he didn't gave ratings to all maps. Maps that were far from finished and had a quite a way to go to be considered close to finished. My map was not 100% done, too unfinished for the judges, thats why I received no ratings. So if you do the same this time, tell us beforehand. I truly understand that you don't give ratings for unfinished maps with no chance to get into the top 10. In this case rate it with "too unfinished". But still make all the ratings public. This has to be done if you want to have a serious contest. Thank you! Edit: Oh and if you decide to give maps no points who are "too far" away from finished. I made my last map cs_wetland within 11 days and I only worked on 9 of it. And it has quality. Ok it uses fog and is "just" like ~80% of a map without fog. But I still worked really fast because I was focused. And I started my new map I am currently working on at the 9th of this month and I will be finished with until the end of this month. If you see the end result you will be amazed how much I made within this three weeks and one day. So be careful with your decisions.
  2. It would be nice to have an own section on mapcore for great tools like this and TAR. Mapcore also needs an own section for tutorials. Otherwise they will vanish over time.
  3. Yes, no need to fix this. ^^ I showed it because it looks funny ingame.
  4. Nice, thank you! This happens when you select pirates or anarchists: You can play as a ghost. ^^
  5. Good question. If its made right fog can improve the playervisibility greatly. I tested it on my map. But I am currently not sure whether I use fog for mine. Because it looks more colourful and better without. It also decreased visibility on one spots. Maybe more. I didn't checked it on all places. And I guess most competitive players will not like fog that much. So, I tend to use fog only for casual maps. Also If you look down you can see slightly further through the fog. So there should be no fully dense fog inside the playable area.
  6. You only have to set the "End Fade Dist/Pixels" to achieve that. You can leave the "Start Dist/Pixels" at -1.
  7. hi I looked at your map ingame. It looks good. A few things I noticed: - The custom water texture is not shown. You need to pack the custom content into your bsp file. You can use vide for that. - The tall rocks next to the gate are too pixelated. You should replace them or make them smaller and use more than one. The one rock inside the midle would be big enough and it looks not pixelated. - Your trees could have much better shadows. They are too dark. All you have to do is enable Ignore Surface Normal. It will then produce a better shadow. I don't play csgo anymore and I did not played aim maps. SO I cant tell you how it plays. That's it, happy mapping!
  8. Very early footage. I only worked on this map for three days. I found one way to improve the visability of the playermodels. I simply added fog to the map, check it out: Scene one: without fog ; with fog Scene two: without fog ; with fog The fog doesn't have to be this strong to improve the visability. The map takes place in a foggy nature camping / canoe region. A new challenge because I try to make a three bombsite map that works fine and is fun to play. Don't trust the minimap.
  9. Ringel

    [CSGO] cs_wetland

    Oh, I played that game many years ago on PS1. Can't remember much. I got the bird sounds on my map. While testing the map I was not sure wheter I should keep them in or make the map totally silent. I decided to let the birds sing!
  10. Ringel

    [CSGO] cs_wetland

    Steam Workshop: cs_wetland What is cs_wetland? -> A fun to play lovely atmospheric delightful hostage rescue foggylicious csgo map with a new kind of gameplay! You like to jump down bridges and cliffs? Then this map is for you! You want something innovative and new. Try cs_wetland! The disadvantage of this "new" fog gameplay: Your screenshots doesn't show much and it looks like you can't see far enough. I started this map two weeks ago (28.12.2019) almost from scratch. Nine days of development and two lazy no work sundays. So not even 100 hours of work, but very close! All I had was a fog test map of mine with one prop, three walls, a T and CT spawn, the env_fog_controller and a custom made skytexture (just one color). And the setting from a very short dream. A fog map was something I really wanted to do for a long time. And now it was the time. One great advantage of this fog map is the visability. You only see 722 units far but the playermodels stand out well. My next fog map - if I make one - will be with a higher distance for better sniper gameplay. But for this map 722 units is fine. More advantages: You are able to do very long paths without the need to block the vision for the player. It allows you to create a new kind of gameplay. And you don't have to think that much about the performance. Because of the "Far Z Clip Plane" provided by the env_fog_controller. Anything beyond the clip plane will not be rendered. No need to set prop fade out and create "hint and skip"s. Great! It was a short new experience. Reference images: I tried to use reference images and kind of failed. I started to search for wooden walkways in wetland like those two. number one and two -> Was useful. And I wanted to create a modern house and I found this: clicky click click -> It has somethin in common with my house placed inside the rock next to the T-spawn. But ingame you can hardly see it. I also wanted to do a modern wooden house. After looking at a few images on google I gave up and made my very own house. None of the images I looked at had something in common with it. -> The search for reference images was over. Everything else from cs_wetland was made without any other reference.All I need is beeing patient. Ideas will pop up whenether I stop to think of how to do things. They are like gifts. You can't force them you got to wait for them and then accept them. While developing cs_tori I waisted time by try to force new ideas. It does not work. This time I took a short break or worked on something I knew how to do instead of trying hard. And it worked very well. I mean I developed the whole map in nine days of work. Developing maps is more than a simple hobby for me. I don't do it for pleasure. I use it to express myself. It just happens naturally. Automatically and subconcious. I did not knew that until a few days ago. And it seams like using reference images don't fit into what I want to express. All of my maps have something personal and they also say something about myself. Well they said something about me and my circumstances at the time I created them.
  11. I finally found the latest version of de_urbany! Workshop link: de_urbany I also uploaded all my other old maps to the workshop except tiny tori. I just could not find it.
  12. Funny how he said he actually creates mirage but a bad version of it. It happened to me as well as I tried to develop the best possible layout. Two times! xD He also said it plays surprisingly good. All of my own maps played surprisingly good. At least for me. It only feels good because I am the creator, he will learn that too. Ok he playtestet it but still.
  13. Ringel

    [CS:GO] Golden

    I really like it. You also nailed the lighting on foliage. If you want your name on the map loading screen on the right you can create a txt file named like your map in the maps folder and copy and paste COMMUNITYMAPCREDITS: KingOfCorn into it. The workshop uploader packs it into the file for you. I found two spots with considerably less fps. But I would say it is still ok. I enabled wireframe 1 and I saw not much to improve. But I wondered why you used displacements of power 3 everywhere instead of power 2? You save time because power of 3 is the default setting but does it also looks better in some way? I went into hammer to make a really quick fps check if you could boost yor fps with turning down those displacements to power of 2. I made 352 displacements of power 2 and the same amount of power 3. And the fps was almost the same both had around 290 fps. The power of 2 had maybe 2-4 fps more. Can't say it precise because the fps went too fast up and down. So I doubled the amount of displacements to 704 and it was almost the same. It just went down for a very few fps for both.
  14. Ringel

    [CS:GO] Golden

    Edit: I forgot Setting 4 (it basically looks like setting 3 but the color is more like the original) I really like your map. Well made! What I noticed is the bad lighted / shadowed trees like this one: You can easily improve that. By change the Ignore Surface Normal to yes, Disable Shadows to No and Disable Self-Shadowing to No. Here is a comparison: For me setting 2 one looks best. It still got a great color and nice shadows. After that comes Setting 4. S3 is too bright and S1 too dark. The Treelines could also need this. But not all. Only those who got the sun in the back and from the side. Those who face to the sunlight could look better with setting 1. Here is a scene from my skybox to show you the difference more clearly. They got the sun in the back. Those Trees are also looking better with Setting 2: Only with this setting they don't look that much like cards. I hope I could help.
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