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  1. You can use Source 2 to create props?! Uuuh, nice! ^o^ That's fantastic! I guess I know what I will learn next now!
  2. cs_tori fully playable version: Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217257648 Got no time for screenshots or more infos. It is 5:10 in the morning. Want to sleep for one hour so I can stand up and go to work. Edit: Had to update it 3 times because I missed to include some textures.. 3 times.. Hah time to sleep.. oh no.. time to go to work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It takes longer then thought to create such massiv rocks/cliffs. Gameplay is finished also the visuals need some work. Have fun. Feedback is always welcome.
  3. You mean I should use shortcuts? I do, but never thought about to disable this window to save space. Or is there any other reason why I should disable it?
  4. Yes it is also how I have read it. But then I thought about it and got confused looked at wikipedia. Read that midnight is the start of the day but also the end. I wanted to make sure it I'm not a day too late.
  5. Hmm the day starts and end with midnight. Important question: Do we have time until the start or the end of the 30. November? I'm confused.
  6. Five days left. And I Still got hard work to do. Finding the right textures and editing them took very long. But I guess it was worth the effort. Here are a few pics of the current state. To save time I made them inside Hammer. Screenshots: I took holiday. I did many mistakes at work, because I was always thinking about the contest. Happily I always check my work afterwards so I can correct all the mistakes. So, I should be able to replace all the grey blocks with displacements and add a few more details. I also have to do the optimisation, create the minimap, integrate sound, lighting, clip the map so no one can climb unwanted places, .. We will see how much I can do in 5 (4 I don't work Sundays) days. I'm excited.
  7. Aerospace

    It looks really nice. I played it only a few rounds, so I can't say much about the gameplay. One suggestion: Please make it possible, that you can walk up there so you don't have to jump. It felt just not right to jump up. I like a smooth walk.
  8. I change the name from cs_cristal to cs_tori (鳥). This is japanese and means bird. Two reasons for the name: My map looks like it could take place in japan. (But it is not inspired by any japanese place.) My layout concept on paper looks like a Bird (the lower part): (I got a really bad cam..) I found this picture of a japanese bird today: Looks similar right? I also changed the setting, it takes place in a peacefull looking environment. Not at a dirty place where you have to rescue hostages from a gang. Progress: I finished the layout in hammer and started to texture and added a few details. I will continue to texture and detail it as much as possible. I wanted to create models for the rocks but maybe there is no time for that. I wil make them as displacement and replace them if I got time. I now know how to model in Blender, but not how to create UVs, how to texture it and how to integrate it in hammer. Models will most likely be made after the first phase of the contest. Screenshots:
  9. CS GO HAMMER - LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like you didn't sealed the map. "Levels created with the Source Engine must be completely internally sealed. No part of the interior of the level, the "world", must connect with the outside, the "Void". " You may find this very usefull: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Leak
  10. SDK CSGO vvis_dll.dll not found

    I also had this a few times. I saved the map with another name and it compiled without errors again.
  11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I guess the removed maps will get a makeover and will then join the map pool again.
  12. What's going on with your life?

    @Tisky Sounds really bad. Looks like you need help and true love. I were also in a deep dark hole 3 years ago. But I found pure love and escaped it, let me tell you how. I never felt love or felt beeing loved by someone until I was 24. But I only felt it for a brief moment. At that moment I started to fall down into a deep dark hole. Because I had no one who gave me love. A visit at my "family" made everything worse. I lived alone, had no friends and no girlfriend. I got depressed and my body lost almost all strength. I had to stay in bed 14-16h per day. I could barely move anything without that much rest. Worst 1,5 years of my life. I fought every day and I tried many things but everything went worse and worse. But ~1,5 years ago I found pure love. I found God. And God is love. You may not believe in God. But he truly rescued me. As soon as I invited him into my life he gave me his pure love. I felt it in my heart. And every time I was in a situation I would have cried before he gave me his love and healed my heart. I am truly happy now, every day. And my life becomes better and better. I got everything I need. As long as I walk together with Jesus. God can fix everything for you.
  13. How would you make a unique layout

    Keep Iterating. I remade middle of one of my unfinished Maps ~13 times. I also waited (1-2) weeks between every new remake. The first 2-4 versions were bad. The 5~7 were good but boring. Approximately the 13th remake made it fun. From there I only improved it several times without huge changes. If I work a long time on one thing I lose the ability to judge it right. I need distance to be able to make usefull improvements.
  14. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    This looks amazing! Really fascinating! How do you made those rocks, mountains and the icewall beside the submarine? Are they all models or displacements?