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  1. Ringel

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    No not feedback for every map. Just those with potential. And about the scattershot aesthtic. You can call it art. Did you played the map or just looked at the screenshots? Makes a huge difference. The original screenshots looking much better but after uploading them to the workshop the colours and the contrast got messed up.
  2. Ringel

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    That sounds like a very good idea. ^^ Edit: I created a training map for a france cs:go community. It was nice, something new. They asked me to join them but they didn't wanted that I upload the maps to the workshop. They wanted them exclusively. That is something I don't want and I did not joined. I also don't speak french. ^^
  3. Ringel

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I don't really get it. Are you unable to understand? Please say what you mean. thanks
  4. Ringel

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Do you also wonder how the cs:go team choose which map they take into the game or operation? They once wrote that they only notice a map if it gets really popular. That makes me feel valve is too lazy to check out every potential map. I believe they should check every map because everything else would not be rightous. Everyone should have the same chances. And if they don't check every map this is not given and hence unfair. It makes a lot of work. But maybe not that much, because you can see very fast which map has a too low quality. They also don't communicate with us mappers. Which is one of the worst things they can do. The Mappers should be informed about what they plan to do and if their map has a chance to be in the game. Do they make another operation? If so what kind of maps will be in it? Only cs and de maps or also wingman maps. In my opinion they lose a lot of potential the workshop has to offer. Because they do not communicate with us and do not work together with the community. It would be helpfull to know if valve checked a map and get some kind of feedback. Even if it is just a little one like a stamp that says great potential, too low quality or something like that. Is there a way to get in contact with the cs:go team? As I finished my latest map I asked myself why I should ever create a new map for cs:go. Because without the ability to play every workshop map together with others makes me wonder if my and other maps are played more often than one or two times. And because of that it feels like it is not worth the work. Valve could solve that problem by making a "pre-operation" with maps that are full of potential. Taking a few maps into it for a week or so and then replace them with others. I guess the community would like that, the mappers would be happy that their maps once were truly played and it would be a great way to find the next maps for a true operation. Mappers would also get much more valuable feedback. Which would give us the ability to create better maps in the future. A win win situation for all. What do you believe? Do you got a better idea?
  5. Ringel

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    I believe this red gives the map more live. I really like it! It also helps the player to recognise the location much easier. I would like to see just a few more colours for that reason.
  6. Ringel

    [Wingman] Station

    I checked it ingame. It looks really well made. I like it so far. Can't say much about how it plays. I just worked too much this week to make my thoughts about that but it looks interesting and fun to play.
  7. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    How long do you need to create a map? I needed 880+ hours for this one. Sometimes I think I am really slow. Maybe it is because I don't use references. I have to be very creative. That consumes a lot of time. Would be much faster to use some. But I don't want to, because I don't want to copy things. I like the freedom to create whatever I want without the boundaries of a given theme. With a free mindset. Edit: I mean a overall theme is good but I don't want to be restricted by it. For example if this map would really be in japan you would expect the roofs look different and not like mine. But you were never in every corner of japan. So you have a restricted thinking and maybe are not likely to accept something that don't matches your given knowledge. I hope you know what I mean. For my first map I created angled railings. Someone said it is not how it is done in the real world. So I changed it to "normal". Weeks later I saw a railing in the real world which was made almost exactly like I made it initially. I wished I had not changed the railings because I liked the original more. Oh and I had to learn new things for this project. I edited almost all custom textures. I did not just download them and smashed them into hammer. Just one Example.
  8. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    New Update! It contains a few important changes and plenty of visual improvements. cs_tori (鳥) (My first 5 star map on Steam Workshop yeah! ): Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521939381 Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/maps/201797 Changelog: This is the releaseversion 1.1 and the developerversion 2.2. The main development ends here. I needed ~880 working hours to create this map. I am really happy to finished this project after that long time. Now I'm ready for a new project. Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome. After gavering enough I may do another update. But it could take several weeks if no one provides great gameplay improvements or nothing gamebreaking is found. I hope you have fun playing my map. ^^ Thanks!
  9. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    Release of cs_tori (鳥) (My first cs:go map without crates! ) Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521939381 Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/maps/201797 Overview: Screenshots: (no references were used, all imagination) There are a few things I want to add and I also forgot some things to improve. There will be surely an update. [Edit: With each passing hour I noticed more and more what I forgot. Interesting that I didn't saw them while testing the map.] Your Feedback & Constructive Criticism will be very appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    After taking time to recover I do great progress with cs_tori (鳥). The release date will be the 22. September 2018 (If nothing unexpected happens.) Edit: Sorry, it happen. I had a a new bug which I couldn't fix until release date. Release will be very, very soon. Made a change I am unsure wheter it is good or not. What do you think? I also think about to make this fence non-solid to make it possible to throw grenades through. Two more Hammer screenshots to show some progress. The orange box in the background is the hostage rescue zone. This is the tunnel next to the CT spawn: The tunnel got now a hole on the top - as you can see on the bottom right. I also raised the ceiling as 'RZL suggested. The tunnel was something I had no idea how to make it pretty. Thought it would be tough to work on it. I always said to myself just make it when you got some ideas. But when I worked on something else I thought "I got to make this hard part!". Could't get it out of my mind. Decided to just do it. Was simpler than I thought, because I already made the annoying part. And this is the outcome. Just have to clip it. I like it. WIP Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217257648 (still the version from 10th of August)
  11. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

  12. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    Steam Workshop: [WIP] cs_tori (鳥) I just updated the workshop version of cs_tori (鳥) as promised. More updates will come! I want to replace the Room Divider with a model. The place in the screenshot above will be revised for the next update. I know the overview looks complicated and confusing. But actually the layout is not that hard to understand once you played it. (Minimap still WIP.) Today was my last workday. So, I got more time to work on this Project. Plenty of work has to be done. Not sure how long I will need to finish this map. One or maybe two months? Thanks for your attention, feedback is always welcome!
  13. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    I finally managed to use Propper correctly! Now I will replace func_details with models to prevent brushes from disappearing and flickering ingame. Which happens already because of high useage of world brushes. I started with this corner: I also want to create better models with Blender. I already made a simple one (the white cross on top of the building). Can't wait to start truly working on this project next week at the 01.08.2018.
  14. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

  15. Ringel

    cs_tori (鳥)

    I gave myself a deadline. I made this at a time where I sabotage myself because of personal reasons. Also my job became more and more a problem. I still do a lot of overtime. Personal reasons: I never really ended my projects. My last released Map de_focus is good. But it could be better with a few gameplay changes and by creating own models. I also stopped the development of two other maps with great potential. However I will not do that anymore. I quit my job (31.07.2018 is my last workday) to have time to work on cs_tori (鳥) and to work on become as fit as possible. I want to make the impossible possible and become a top notch athlete.. wasn't my idea, it was a call of god. (I don't care if you believe I am crazy. Because of the overtime I haven't worked that much on cs_tori (鳥) but I will have money to survive ~3 months without a job to finish this project. I will update the map at the set deadline (31.07.2018) but as I said I will continue to work on it. Thanks for your attention and have a happy day!