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  1. I never said the creator of the top maps do this for the money.This what I said: I guess the most creators of the most high quality maps are not just in for the prizepool. But I don't know that I can only assume that. From my experience and what I saw there are people who are mostly in for the prizepool. One indication is that many abandoned their maps after they did not make it into the second round and some of them started new projects or went back to older ones. You say this as it would be fact without beeing able to prove it. Valorant has a 3 bombsite map and it is most likely just a matter of time until a high quality version of this map pops up in the steam workshop for cs. There are very talented young map developers who just create whatever they want. I assume they will create different versions of this map and start to develop their own 3 bombsite maps for cs:go. Time will tell if any of these maps will work for 5v5 in cs:go. Some players are also only casual players, many are casual competitive and I assume only a small amount of the whole playerbase are real competitive players. Well designed 3 bombsite maps will definitely work for some casual 5v5 players. I was never complaining. You really should stop writing your assumptions as they would be fact. I can also nothing read about that the contest was only for competitive maps. Powered by FACEIT but that is all. Another assumption of yours that is not fact. Original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps.. Hostage rescue.. Ooops. Guess that makes it not 5v5 competitive viable for you? Looks like you interpret / understand many things wrong.
  2. I am not frustrated anymore, but I once was. I don't expect to get any satisfaction from developing cs:go maps and ideas for the game. I am truly a new person from the day I got baptised last year. I get everything I need from god. All I want is to give something to others without expecting to get something in return. I took a break for several months before and came back 22nd of November 2019 to cs:go mapping in the believe I could give something valuable to the community. I spent 1555 hours develop maps since then. I got more and more tired and I am now very tired and stopped working on maps almost two weeks ago. Because it feels like my work is not wanted. Thus I might spend my time with something completely new from now on. I hope I could at least inspire a few. I am open and ready for new adventures.
  3. When I look closer at your height variations you might also have to deal with such 5 man boosts. Have fun!
  4. @Soldat Du Christ I like that you use different height variations and oneway-drops are also interesting. In cs:go 2 man boosts are very nice and comon but there are also 3 man boosts possible. Different height variations may make more of them possible so you may want to watch this: I personaly can't understand why they are possible. They are mostly used in an abusive way. If I would Valve I would at least highly increase the spread of the player on top. But most likely I would make 3 and more man boosts impossible because as a mapper they make the development more difficult and you may end up building too high walls or buildings which limits the amount of good molotovs and smoke lineups. Or you place an invisible wall but it is not always possible in an area with several height variations. And if I want that it needs 3 players to look over something I make an area you only reach with a 2 man boost that again needs a 2 man boost to look over it. So in my oppinion there is no need for a 3 man boost.
  5. You are right. I was just too focused on what I think can be innovated in a certain way. I guess thats why I didn't recognized the innovations of others which goes another way. I do believe people try something new, but only in a restricted already given ruleset which was just more of the same for me. I believe the ruleset can be widened without destroying the game. But developing something new takes time and most likely more than one approach. And it is better to accomplish this within a development-team of two or three people and of course with the help / feedback of others.
  6. The number of bombsites are not the innovation. The innovation would come from making it possible and fun to play.
  7. Maybe, I did not looked at all entrances, but I can't see any innovative map inside the top 10. I don't say those innovative maps have to be that extremly different and they don't have to be better than the existent now, but they would make the game more varied. I'm not a mapping guru, never said that, that is only in your head. I am good in beeing creative and having new ideas but I need others to make them fit. Thats one reason why I failed with my map norte and why I only want to develop maps with at least one more person in the future. [Edit: Oh, and I hoped someone would like my idea and would like to team up with me.] My only motivation to take part in the contest was to get more feedback thats all. I don't care about money and whether one of my maps get into the game or not. But I got the feeling many just entered because of the prizepool. Thats why I wrote the prizepool would better invested in paying the judges and playtesters. This would be compensation for the extra work. My suggestion to playtest the maps <once not 10 times> is not to get feedback. It is to make sure the judges don't score maps too low. Because of the reason I told you in the main post. It would also make the contest more professional. Trying to create innovations will extremely help developers to improve their skills in many ways. Because they will most likely fail at the first try. My third suggestion with the rule that maps should only have one or three bombsites would give developers a new challenge and a great way to improve their skills. You will never get to your full potential without a difficult challenge. And people normaly don't challenge themself properly and try something new. Especially than they create a map for a contest where maps get judged by just walking through them. Because it will not be possible for the judge to give new stuff a suitable score without testing it properly.
  8. This post was solely made to help the mapcore and cs:go community. Mapcores Twitter description: "Game development community taking creativity to the next level." A great goal. And a contest is a great way to achieve that. We can really appreciate your efforts! So, thank you! But what can we change to truly achieve that? Three well thought suggestions: 1. Change the way maps are tested. Currently each judge test the maps individually by walking through the map. This is not enough. Why? Simply because there are often maps that look like they don't work but they do. The only way to check if they work is to playtest them with real players in 5v5, I guess 4v4 would also work. At my first playtest for my map Bird a guy told me <after he checked the map ingame before the actual test> that two main areas will not work. After the playtest he said they were really fun to play, he enjoyed it very much and he could not believe it. Yesterday I saw a video where the creator of mirage said there is a map that should not work in theory because it seems way too big but it works fine. In the past several people told me they played one of my maps with the believe it will not work and after playing it they were surprised that they worked fine. Why does maps work although they break the rules and does not seem to work in theory? Because our theories are not perfect. I am not smart enough to know everything that works, and if you believe you are then you are naive. In my opinion what a map mainly needs are enjoyable main fighting areas. And this has to be tested in a real game in order to find it out. Everything else, like visuals or paths/areas between the main figthing areas can be fixed very easily in the second phase of the contest. How to reduce the number of entrance to make such tests possible? - Remove the prize pool completely. Valve adds the highest placed maps into the game anyways. No need for extra motivation in my opinion. [Edit: I forgot to say that you could use the money instead to pay the judges and playtesters] And/Or - Raise the conditions of participations. Not sure wheter this would be the right way to do it. But with good, well thought conditions this might be a good solution. [Edit²: A small entrance fee could help] 2. Give better Feedback. - Make the scores and the placements public. Very important! Add a few sentence of feedback to each map. Highlight the best and worse parts. Read this topic from here to the end for more infos. 3. Enforce people to create new innovative content. Like I said maps that should not work in theory can work pretty well and be very enjoyable. I suggest to establish a rule for the next contest which forces innovations. Something like that: - Only maps with one or three bombsites are allowed. I truly believe with enough work and creativity such maps can work very well. This would bring the developers creativity to the next level. And the outcoming maps would give players new experiences and challenges which helps them to reach a new level and to find new ways to play and evolve the game. Otherwise people will stick to the same formula again and again. Thanks for your attention!
  9. That is true, I was already aware of that. But this should not a be problem in this case.
  10. It is obvious that you can boost over this. The playtests have shown this. The advantage of doing it alone is to not need another player. It also should not be overpowered.
  11. Luckily it is not hard to achive but you still need practise to get it in first try every time. Not willing to learn something even when it takes not that much time = you miss the most fun.
  12. I planned to make a short introduction video for my map where I show this and others like marked smoke and molotov lineups. I guess only a few who want to learn something will watch the short video. And you don't have to make it like me. You can also create it more obvious that players who already made such jumps recognise this jump when they see it. But a block as railings suits not well in the shown case.
  13. 1. If you have this knowledge and see something like that you can jump up alone while others need to do a boost. This gives you an advantage. (I already wrote this) 2. You also have to learn it to be able to jump up every time at the first try. There are people who like challenges and have joy in master things. 3. There are also community server where you do nothing else than jump up something. Now they can create higher jumps. Old minded people may don't understand this. Edit: Oh, and my jump is not that hard to achieve. I guess you could also raise it a few units higher.
  14. The actual player jump height? Usually you can only jump up 66 units. Can you jump up 71 units? Yes you can. But the surface needs an angle like this: And you need the right jumping technique. You can't jump up if you stand. You have to run. You can do it with an awp or knife in your hands. Run towards the object, don't stop while jumping, stop then you landed on the object. If you are close enough press crouch and immediately after that jump. Let the crouch key pressed until you stand on the object. Don't jump too early or too late. I managed it after a few tries. With some experience it will become easier. You can test this out in my map cs_bird at the shown location above or recreate it in hammer by yourself. In cs:go knowledge can make a great difference. Placing such higher jumps will reward players who are eager to learn and discover something new. At the playetest I made no one knew that you can jump at there alone and thus they boosted other players over it. At both playtests, someone told me it might be better if you could jump up without the need of a boost. But they could do it all the time without a boost, they did just not know it. I did not tested this to the maximum maybe you can jump up higher with another angle.
  15. Ringel

    Texture Optimisation

    Hm they made this because of the high res users? Only ~10% uses higher res than 1920x1080 according to the steam survey. 64,81% uses 1920x1080. I would have guessed they would add higher res textures for those at some point, but not now or only with a new cs. If a new ever comes out. I also have the impression Valve wants to get more players from asia where they usually have much more less strong PCs. This is the prop with customized texture (not just downscaled) in lowest video settings and 1920x1080. [ Edit: Yes this texture has also mipmaps.] The left one is the original the right the customized. The right one looks better for me. Now with highest vid settings and 1920x1080. You woul not notice the difference that much while playing. And the texture only needs 11 KB. They could indeed be great as mipmaps. [ Edit: Off course you can't do this that much with all props. But this should show that textures really don't need high resolutions if they are properly optimized.] And remember, I am not a texture artist. I guess an expert could make them look even better. Strange that you picked Cache, because many textures look cartoonish with too many small details you only see on close range. But at least they are much better than the textures subzero has. They were very cartoonish. Edit²: Optimize all the models would need plenty of work but Valve has enough money to invest in this. They would not just invest in cs:go more important they would invest in people, new talents who would learn how to optimize textures and models in the first place. If this is of importance. They may need to hire new people or other companies for that extra work. I guess there are enough hobby artists who would love to get hired.
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