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  1. Sometimes I feel I lost a bit of sight, and maybe I did, because of all the criticsm I get. But I stick to my points and believe they are right. If we compare this game to other team sports like basketball, football or american football it is a very young game, e-sport. CSGO has much more potential and can played more versatile than it is currently played. The maps also have more potential and could be more diverse. Changing peoples thinking is hard as soon as they think they know how something works. Until someone comes with something new. This happens in sports from time to time. But it can take a loger time than csgo already exist. Edit: I got the theory by adding more diverse maps it will help players to find new ways to play and evolve the game.
  2. I agree, no one should work on a map mindlessly. Many players play too unaware. Don't read the minimap and stare only at one direction. As I played the game I often saw a group of people only looking at one entrance and they left the only one other they came from totally open and uncovered. I could often cought three or more people of guard because of that. Such people need to learn the game instead of learning the map. If you make the map fun they will learn it over time without have to dissect the map. Just by playing it. Oh and there are new players who do that. Most of them are new players or some who want something new.
  3. Too many paths are bad and too less are also bad. If you keep it as simple as possible the map will be much easier to learn and feel more familiar. But if you make it simple, it will most likely become just a copy of something that is already out there. It seems like most people here think it is bad that players have to get to know your map. So, they want to make everything as comfortable and convenint as possible for players to get a good start and feeling while running around your map at the first time. You can do this, but in my opinion there are already enough noob friendly maps out there. Like dust 2. A more complex map has to be explored and you need to get to know it. But if you create a good one it will be worth it. People easily say to you that some paths or areas are redundant. This is because they are stuck to what they learned and just repeat what they believe is the best. But that is not always the truth. Many "redundant" paths are of good use. For reasons they can't even imagine. Those paths can make your map more fun and unique and gives it a better fresh taste. But this has to be tested. And I mean really tested, not just checked. One or a few more playtests will most likely not be enough for that. Because players could play your map as it would be a standard map and might not get how to play it until they played it more often with an open mind. Most stick to what they already learned, just copy what they see others do and rarely come up with something new by their own. You have to teach them new ways or wait until someone who likes to come up with new things found out how to play it. Don't get me wrong, a few things only need to be checked to know whether they work or not. Feedback is very important, but also to filter out the most useful feedback and not just say yes to everything. If you want to create something new then think outside of the box and do what you are interested in. This is much harder than just following the given rules and make your map good and acceptable by following them. Because you might fail and most likely will fail at your first attempts. But if you keep doing it your way and improve it with every project you can create something new and wonderfull. It is up to you if you want to make just another standard map or something unique. So, find out what kind of map you want to make. One more advice. Find one or two who likes the concept of your map and team up with them to improve it as much as possible. This will make some things easier.
  4. I am working on a new version of cs_tori. Current build here: cs_bird I reduces the VVIS compile time from almost 5h to under 5 minutes by placing Visclusters at all outer parts of the map.
  5. New Update 04. April 2020 Steam Workshop Link: Norte | 3 Bombsites This map is for all who want to play something new just for fun. It makes fun in 10v10. And also in 5v5 fun competitive. It is not meant to be the next tournament competitive map. I took more time to improve my custom playermodel skins for better visibility. I also made gameplay changes. Change Notes: - Connector changed. You need a boost to get to Mid now. - custom player skin improvements for better visibility - added lights to connector for better player readability - I improved the clips above the rocks at banana for a smoother walk - window refelction at bombsite C improved - added a "fence" to appartments - others --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My new wingman map is now ready for playtests. >> Steam Workshop << --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am taking a timeout from developing csgo maps. I wish you the very best! (8th April 2020) >>> You find all of my published maps here <<<
  6. What I wonder about is wheter valve does communicate with the map creators of potential maps and give feedback? If they would give feedback to the creators of de_junction they would probably work on the map again and do the needed changes. True unadorned feedback is the most important for creators. Even the best needs help and ideas from others. The guy who made dust 2 didn't knew where to place the spawns or where the right place would be. Sounds ridiculous right? Because you might think that should be very clearly. But very often the obvious to you is not the obvious to someone else. Also if you work on a project for a longer time you become blind to some obvious things. When I abandon a project and come back to it after some time I immediately spot flaws I could not see in the past.
  7. No, no spelling mistake. It will be a two bombsite map designed for wingman. Two starting routes to go as T. As T you can only reach middle by boosting one teammate up. And you got early CT control. The north side of the map is just roughly made and needs some changes. Currently you can walk from the upper side to mid which will be changed shortly. And the whole layout is WIP.
  8. New Update 02. April 2020 Steam Workshop Link: Norte | 3 Bombsites I decided to give it more custom assets. It has 50 now. A bunch of new foliage models were added. There is also an important gameplay change at middle. I removed the stones so you can no longer go from "lower mid" to "mid". Connector has also received changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently I work on a new Wingman map and I am in search for two more people to join the project. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2033886191
  9. Ringel


    Interesting map! Feedback: Is this hiding spot intended? You can get stuck in the air if you jump and crouch directly under a displacement. You can prevent this by adding a clip beneath it. You get hindered by those stones, I would place clips for a smooth walk over them. You pop up here if you walk forward: (smooth it please) Some displacements got a small light line at the ground like here: You can replace the bottom texture with the vgui/black texture to solve this. If there are still some light lines then they come most likely from the environment light above/ behind. You can then place a toolsblocklight behind the displacements. The water sometimes loses its reflection. This is because you placed water on several levels. Source can't handle this very well. Thats it for now. ^^ (I didn't tested the gameplay.)
  10. I believe community maps would have a much higher acceptance in wingman and all the other casual modes. Maybe Valve should take more care of them. As I started to play csgo I only played the casual modes for a few hundred hours. It was a good and fun way for me to practise my aim and learn all the different spray patterns. And I wished there would have been more maps. Wingman also needs more maps which are actually designed for it. And not just cut of parts from 5v5 maps.
  11. A pro player would need a huge amount of time to learn how to create a high quality csgo map on his own. Best would be to do a cooperation with an experienced mapper. I currently create a new wingman map and would love to work with a pro or very experienced player. The comp mode was always too time consuming for me. Hence I played it very rarely. I always hoped valve would add a comp mode with less rounds. I can only speak for myself, but thats why most of my maps ended up as casual maps at first. My map de_ocity was supposed to be a comp map, but I needed two more releases until it became more competitive viable. The last version de_urbany does a good job. But because it "only" looks good it received almost no attention. CSGO has more players than ever. Plenty of them are new and would love to play more maps. They are not "old" and eager to learn something new. This would be a chance for Valve to implement new interesting maps. But sadly the most mappers do the same layout patterns again and again, because they also became "old". "Never change a runing system" leads to death at some point. In my oppinion cgso reached this point already. Many core players play the game without having real fun anymore. Some get more frustrated by the game than having fun. But because they get the good feelings from time to time and because they got used to the game they always come back. They are trapped to this game. Like old people plenty of them don't be open to something new that don't fit into their old fashion thinking. => progress stopped Edit: It is not solely thje fault of Valve, it is because of the old players and the focus of Valve making content for them instead of developing the whole game (hostage mode, wingmand, etc.) further. But now it got enough new players to refresh this game.
  12. I don't said they did not taken their work seriously. Publish the ratings is just one way to make sure they do. And it also prevents people to fantasize about bad things the judges could have done. Edit: I could think of several things, but I don't want to list them because I doubt something bad was going on.
  13. Sure it is very kind of them to give extra feedback. But last time they told us beforehand that the judges will give feedback if we ask them. This time not, so I don't ask for it. No.
  14. Transparency is very important for more than one reason. One is to provide that the judges took their work serious. There is no reason to not publish the scores. Just ignore the people who are not satisfied with the scores and complain about it. If they don't have to hide something they should publish them. Last time I asked all 4 of them for feedback, two ignored me. One gave good feedback and another gave me one sentence of feedback. One other participant told me he was also ignored by two judges.
  15. They should and they have the permission to do so. Edit{ Right now I am more interested in the score of all participants - especially the top 22- than my own.} Transparency is very important for a contest.
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