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    Interesting map! Feedback: Is this hiding spot intended? You can get stuck in the air if you jump and crouch directly under a displacement. You can prevent this by adding a clip beneath it. You get hindered by those stones, I would place clips for a smooth walk over them. You pop up here if you walk forward: (smooth it please) Some displacements got a small light line at the ground like here: You can replace the bottom texture with the vgui/black texture to solve this. If there are still some light lines then they come most likely from the environment light above/ behind. You can then place a toolsblocklight behind the displacements. The water sometimes loses its reflection. This is because you placed water on several levels. Source can't handle this very well. Thats it for now. ^^ (I didn't tested the gameplay.)
  2. I believe community maps would have a much higher acceptance in wingman and all the other casual modes. Maybe Valve should take more care of them. As I started to play csgo I only played the casual modes for a few hundred hours. It was a good and fun way for me to practise my aim and learn all the different spray patterns. And I wished there would have been more maps. Wingman also needs more maps which are actually designed for it. And not just cut of parts from 5v5 maps.
  3. A pro player would need a huge amount of time to learn how to create a high quality csgo map on his own. Best would be to do a cooperation with an experienced mapper. I currently create a new wingman map and would love to work with a pro or very experienced player. The comp mode was always too time consuming for me. Hence I played it very rarely. I always hoped valve would add a comp mode with less rounds. I can only speak for myself, but thats why most of my maps ended up as casual maps at first. My map de_ocity was supposed to be a comp map, but I needed two more releases until it became more competitive viable. The last version de_urbany does a good job. But because it "only" looks good it received almost no attention. CSGO has more players than ever. Plenty of them are new and would love to play more maps. They are not "old" and eager to learn something new. This would be a chance for Valve to implement new interesting maps. But sadly the most mappers do the same layout patterns again and again, because they also became "old". "Never change a runing system" leads to death at some point. In my oppinion cgso reached this point already. Many core players play the game without having real fun anymore. Some get more frustrated by the game than having fun. But because they get the good feelings from time to time and because they got used to the game they always come back. They are trapped to this game. Like old people plenty of them don't be open to something new that don't fit into their old fashion thinking. => progress stopped
  4. I don't said they did not taken their work seriously. Publish the ratings is just one way to make sure they do. And it also prevents people to fantasize about bad things the judges could have done. Edit: I could think of several things, but I don't want to list them because I doubt something bad was going on.
  5. Sure it is very kind of them to give extra feedback. But last time they told us beforehand that the judges will give feedback if we ask them. This time not, so I don't ask for it. No.
  6. Transparency is very important for more than one reason. One is to provide that the judges took their work serious. There is no reason to not publish the scores. Just ignore the people who are not satisfied with the scores and complain about it. If they don't have to hide something they should publish them. Last time I asked all 4 of them for feedback, two ignored me. One gave good feedback and another gave me one sentence of feedback. One other participant told me he was also ignored by two judges.
  7. They should and they have the permission to do so. Edit{ Right now I am more interested in the score of all participants - especially the top 22- than my own.} Transparency is very important for a contest.
  8. New Update 9th March 2020 Steam Workshop Link: Norte | 3 Bombsites Project started: 9th of January 2020 ; Days worked on this project: 41 After two months of development I come to an end with this project (as long as I don't receive feedback). Changenote: - changed the crates at bombsite A - changed the rock wall at T main - a few visual improvements - fade out fixes
  9. New Update: WHO DARES WINS "Who dares wins" is the slogan of the SAS. With this update I implemented my custom SAS Skin. Gameplaychanges were made at Bombsite B at Alley at Banana and Dirt Road. Visuall improvements were made all around the map. Steam Workshop Link: Norte | 3 Bombsites Project started: 9th of January 2020 ; Days worked on this project: 37 Edit: Again an update. Changenotes:
  10. I already work on it. I try to make it look less repetitive. I will release a wip version only visible for friends tomorrow. You can add me on steam.
  11. Confused right now. Is your feedback for the current or the simplified version?
  12. Yeah, thats true, small things can make a huge difference. Oh wow, this arch would need a custom model to look right. I don't really like to create custom models that much. Because the UV creation and texturing part is not mine. Also the collision model creation. I only created the cross you can find on the lighthouse and I changed the height of the valve grass models inside blender. I can do such small things but that rockformation. Sure, I could learn how to do this. But I would rather work with someone together with more experience in that field who creates such greater models with better quality. Are you into modeling? I already made an arch out of displacements for cs_tori. It works, but it would look better as model. I like your idea.
  13. Nah, I would not say it is my baby. Sure, at first it felt a bit odd even though I am open to changes. It just takes a while to think about all those changes that has to be done after removing those two paths. And currently I still feel exhausted. Which made me think I can't do this right now. I had to push me for the project all the time because I just do things without beeing motivated. I also pushed myself more than once to go beyond my limits. But I got this! Yes, I got what you mean. I only used two different rock models for those outer parts. I now got one more rock texture to create displacements for more variaty. Something I wanted to do earlier but at some point I didn't care anymore about this and thus haven't done it. Your illustration is nice, I like it! It helps. Thanks for your input and invested time! You seem experienced.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. Currently I wait for feedback from one person and then I do the last planed update. I am open to develope a simpler version. I guess I will need up to two weeks. Maybe I team up with someone for this. I made a minor update to Norte a few minutes ago. Update changes: - added Wingman - custom playermodel improvements // The head got a horizontal line for better visibility and the trousers are brighter. - disabled wind for better grenade lineups - I found and removed two pixelwalks - reduced max shadow distance - a few minor things
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