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    de_tropicana has existed as far back as 2010 with releases and reworks up until 2017, most recently being tested 3 months ago with the help of /r/globaloffensive and a small group of dedicated playtesters. updates and screenshots soon workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842816583
  2. if you really like the skybox you can clone stamp the moon out with minimal effort grimmnight is a pretty decent skybox although it too has a moon and clouds so depending on your perspective it could be harder to disguise
  3. w0llmart


    most of the map wasn't working, i deleted a filter_team for the squeaky doors while making the radar image AND if you sandwich a func_door_rotating between two func_brush entities like i did; it'll break them and force unnecessary workarounds. now though we get these no glock signs on the B doors i probably have to prevent bullet penetration in the lobby next to B also we should be able to enjoy the full bodied orange flavor this thursday, for really once i get rid of the door noises -.- if i could change the layout to include the cedar creek area for deathmatch mode too that'd be pretty sweet
  4. w0llmart


    theres some high end graphical stuff to be done but that's about it i made a thread back in 2014 for this map so yeah idk there are some props from resort that weren't packed but i'll try to get them fixed quickly http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842816583
  5. eat my vegetables at least a few times a week
  6. that was cool but the difficulty slumps a bit here and there if the segment started with giving the mega it'd keep the pacing even through the segment and put pressure on the player on repeat attempts
  7. soon <:^) the normal map is a little strong in the last one but itll get done
  8. w0llmart


    it's a really nice technical layout you should focus the areas on around the bombsite if you're going to keep working on this, the objectives are at the edges of the map regardless of which routes you take onto the sites and the bombsites are going to be sided(overly safe) if you don't give and take on a per segment basis its like it gets worse if you start missing and there's no way back into a round besides getting a kill on the other side of the map because. appreciate how many mistakes a terrorist gets to make compared to a counter terrorist, its a huge disparity that can't always be solved with cover and utility usage.
  9. this used to be a buffet line and now it's a hallway. I'm editing a texture for the lockers after dinner tonight
  10. the production is pretty good there's a lot of small details in the textures and some of the displacements could be flatter(look around t spawn) too much line and not enough shape in your brushwork the light_environment is a little too desaturated, maybe add some more yellow. rotating is problematic, try to think of the layout as a series of pipes, there's too much pressure on the system as it is currently. consider the ct side as a line with 1 large objective rather than 2 smaller ones, and maybe evaluating what makes de_bazaaar work will help you progress http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=225151817 you can improve the shape with good textures, think of silhouetting versus having to read/evaluate an image
  11. think of it almost like creating a glass texture, or water it's a waste to have water render on the face of a brush that can't be seen, and hint/skip work in the same way spamming hint is just going to negatively affect fps just think of skip like nodraw when using it to optimize your map, it's there to keep the hint brushes tidy and limited to the faces you want them on it gets super messy if you add too many hint brushes as performance will drop
  12. the map needs a sewer system really the map looks kind of skinny for some reason awping is going to be a major sticking point, you could take the map toward executions a la d2/mirage, figure out creative ways to force counter terrorists to play the sites (mirage, inferno) or balance the aim duels(across the yard ect ect) definitely a map that deserves a remake, though
  13. I'm not super qualified to answer specifically about the hard limitations of the Source Engine. That being said: generally speaking you can use 2k textures as long as they're a power of 2 (512x512 -> 2048 x 1024 etc) (this is super useful for avoiding tiling with the stock textures) although this can lead to a massive increase in file size (512kb ->4mb+) You should understand how visibility culling works as prop density is often more important than prop count although going crazy on the proverbial breadsticks is inadvisable due to performance reasons. Basic lighting isn't a problem unless you have too many lights pointing at a specific area(you really have to try to mess this one up tbh) Max numbers are mostly relative in source, except with areaportals and other expensive materials such as water; you're free to do anything as long as areas are properly partitioned with good, well thought out design and clean on grid brush work. Really consider reading up on Will2K's documentation on optimization and good luck on your mapping process!!!!11
  14. i've noticed that reducing the ambient has an effect on the shadows brightness is negligible though...
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