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  1. Hey all, This scene is a reimagining of my friend Yuya Takeda's concept, the archive of everything part - 2 'https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VODxP' The concept was an inspiration to try 3d modeling and texturing on a bigger scale for me and not just sticking to relighting or speed design scenes. Assets were modeled exclusively in Modo and use rounded edge shader for almost everything. The substance suite drives the texturing process with additional help taken from photoshop. Check out more and better res pics here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xzYNAm Leave your comments and thoughts below.
  2. @Beck Thanks for sharing mate . Hope soon others will follow
  3. @blackdog - I'll use a couple of example to what I meant by fucking up in the interview In one of my earlier interviews, the led asked me a general question related to one of the projects that I did. And rather than answering the truth about my design ideas, I tried to impress them on the spot by trying to make up answers that they wanted to hear, because I was scared if they would dismiss my ideas and my thinking. And eventually, it leads me to being clueless about the shit that I was doing. Later on, as I "grew wise", fuck ups happened when I was unwilling to accept what the studio's design idea when it came to valuating fun gameplay design was. These were minute things such as "we make shit procedural so we have 1 zillion replayability" and stuff like that so forth. So in short, arguing with a studio;s set design idea - will lead you to lose your job offer. So I guess those two examples should tell you enough. Be what you are and talk about what you know and know really well. Don't try to be something you are not, in short xD
  4. - Status: Offered Job Hey guys, So here I want to share with you a design test that landed me a AAA mid-senior designer job. Because of various reasons I cannot disclose the company for which I gave this test to. Even still, I believe this could help someone in the community land a place where they dream to be today or in the future. I feel like I want to share this because, a couple of years ago, I came across a random blog where a level designer (who is now a senior designer at machine games) shared his design tests, helped me prepare and land this AAA offer. He did not have to, but it helped me. Irrespective of if I'm in AAA or indie at the moment, I believe that something that brought me success, if shared, will help someone else, because of which I'm willing to share this test. If anyone would like to ask further questions, you can ask me personally in my email or discord (I'm Suicidal Carrot on Mapcore discord) So here is the question that was presented to me - https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0njmjm6iakta6g/Level design test- Question Paper.pdf?dl=0 And here is my response to that - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kkp76kmadr4hcw/Design Test (Game-Level) - Jeffy Zachariah.pdf?dl=0 They specifically said that blockouts aren't necessary but I still went ahead and made them. After rough sketching, I go directly into blocking out to make sure if the proportions and scale are correct and then readjust my layout accordingly. If anyone is interested in the layout, here you can find them - https://www.dropbox.com/s/kabw2zdfxl6a4fg/TreasonInTerra.rar?dl=0 - you need UE 4.16 to run this. ^_^ NOTE : The test time period was 10 Days Hope some of you may find this useful. Cheers JZ P.S - I've got other tests that I'm willing to share (not offered job but got till the interview and then fucked it up when talking with the design leads) if anyone is interested. Peace.
  5. Couple of things I'd like to add here as I remember this level very well (from my experience of playing the game), - The objective to reach the tower is so clear as the tower stands majestically in front of a very pale sky. The silhouette is so strong that at 1st when I played the level, I did not even realise that you could walk back the bridge a bit and get some other cool stuff for the level. The bridge works out as a good practice for the double jump boots. However, once you were on the bridge, the lights were all bright from here and there and you are no longer looking up vertically during the clashes that happen on the bridge. Also, the green lights trick was there in every other level before this one. The one place where this is most noticeable is the factory level where amongst the thick yellow color there are small green lights indicating to the player that he/she can jump on that. It's a good contrast in that level and ledges are easily identifiable because of this. Why I remember this level so much because is the fact that it's a ride from the bottom to the top. A straight vertical line. Some interesting platforming, pacing, and circular level design made is really interesting. Also, the thing about stairs.. yeah, I really dont think a flight of stairs would have worked here. I can actually see if feeling a little boringI don't remember the game even having that many stairs. Doom to me was all about having space to run about and not get cornered which I see happening in a dog-legged staircase. Good read. Reminded me to instal it again and have another go
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback
  7. Hi Sprony.. If you have the top down sci-fi assets with you I could provide the map (some fog sheets might be missing) .. all my personal stuff are done in 1 project where I have a collection of assets.. Its nearly 10 gigs :/
  8. Hey guys, To keep this short.. This is my portfolio site. Comprises of most of the work that I've done as a level designer and lighting artist. Would like to know your feedback regarding the sites and works. All opinions and comments are welcomed with a happy heart <3 . Always looking to improve http://jeffzach20.wix.com/jzach Cheers guys
  9. Hey guys, The title pretty much says it. So here is a scene made with the Top Down Sci-Fi assets from the marketplace (from Manufactura K4) aiming to create a scene along the lines of Alien Isolation. Here are the results
  10. Hey you guys. I don't know if stuff like this can be posted here, coz this has nothing to do with level design for gameplay but instead its more of an art thing that me as a level designer likes to do most of the time; create scenes, compositions, etc. So its been a while since I did anything productive for myself. I went ahead and created a post-apocalyptic scene inspired from a Last of Us concept sketch. Being a level designer, I only had limited number or assets to work with, so I gave the scene my own treatment. I wanted to display the idea of a post-apocalyptic scenario where nature takes over and the dust of whatever has happened has settled down in the wake of a new day. P.S - I used some color grading for a cinematic feel. I'll post a couple of pics from the non-color graded version with this. The content I used for this scene are as follows : - Platformer Demo assets from Epic Games - Landscape Auto Material from VEA Games - Ivy Assets from SilverTm - Destructible Cars from Dries Deryckere - Modular Building set from Pure Polygons - and a couple of free assets from TurboSquid
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