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  1. Watching the Harry Potter films again and god, the first ones are terrible (yet I loved them as a kid hehe)
  2. I most likely will be buying a PS4 when i have enough money for it (and probably wait a year or two for more games/fixes etc) All the people rushing to get one on release date... pretty insane
  3. I think this is one of those Boxes that are intended for the not-so-much into gaming people that'll simply walk into the shop and buy whichever game looks better. So three dudes with guns as a front box might attract them more. It's made to attract the masses basically. But yeah, Master Chief XD
  4. Backed this! Shared it to my facebook and social medias (you know, it might bounce around and reach more people ). What you guys are doing is what i'd like to one day try: set up my own thing with my friend and make a game we'd love to play. Keep on rocking !
  5. Sugus

    The Walking Dead

    @Beck: Thanks! Last year at Uni is currently keeping me very busy, but whenever i get some free time (if ever ) ill have a look.
  6. Sugus

    The Walking Dead

    I'm absolutely terrified by zombies! Buy i've heard the series are very good... worth overcoming my fears for?
  7. Sugus


    Gravity was deffinately a new fresh idea that I personally enjoyed watching! Hadn't gone to the cinema in a while and it was worth it!
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