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  1. Awesome from start to finish, also Chris Pratt is sexy.
  2. Finally got my first 10 competitive matches done, Gold Nova II...
  3. Thanks fish, I'll check 'em out.
  4. Figured I'd ask this here rather than create a new thread, so can anyone recommend any books on Games Design? I'm gonna pick up 'Level Up!' by Scott Rodgers and wondered if there was anything else worth a read.
  5. I'm thinking this way myself. In some ways I guess I want to hear other people say it so that I'll have the balls to do it... if that makes sense.
  6. Reviving an old thread but anyway... I've been in contact with the AAA studio again, they have a QA position open until the end of October. My position is slightly different to last time, as I'm not longer in a long-term relationship and I guess I'm free to do as I please. I am still working full time, so it'd mean taking quite a hefty pay cut, relocating 4 hours away (to a city I'd actually love to live in) and living in a flat share for 3 months which is about a 30 minute bus journey from the studio. Again, there are no guarantees the contract will be renewed and I don't think it would be, but even if it's not, I can see myself looking for work in the city. From looking around on LinkedIn, a lot of the QA staff seem to be around for some time or end up working in more specific areas - I'm starting to think it's a chance I might as well just take as it could possibly open up other doors. After living expenses, I wouldn't have much left to go out on but I could get by. Current job is sucking the life out of me and I feel like I need a fresh start somewhere. If it goes tits up, then it goes tits up... at least I tried and had the experience - but maybe I'm just trying to reassure myself there! You guys always offer sound advice, I guess I'm just looking for opinions again, what would you guys do?
  7. Thanks for the explanation! It was doing it when stood still, but that was only the handbrake, which seems to have stopped completely since my last visit when they 'adjusted' the cable. I had my dad inspect the rear ( ) and the sound is coming from around the drivers side rear tyre when I release the brake, so I guess that's where the problem is! Even though I'd told them that's where I thought it was. I need to find a better garage, official dealer garages sux.
  8. Right, I've had an issue with my Focus for a while. It squeaks from the rear (and what sounds like directly underneath) when my brake pedal or handbrake is released. Garage have had it several times and say they've cleaned and adjusted stuff but no change. I'm convinced something needs to be replaced. Brakes work fine, it's just the squeak that is driving me mad now. One thing to note is that if the handbrake is on then the brake pedal doesn't squeak, which after looking around on-line, makes me think it's a rear drum and/or handbrake cable issue. Does anyone here know much about cars? Any ideas?
  9. Lord Friendzone does not approve of Daario
  10. Nerve

    Godzilla (2014)

    I would rather watch the awesome teaser trailers over and over than have to watch this from start to finish again. I was so excited, but it was incredibly disappointing imo. I was hoping Bryan Cranston would carry this film, but... Godzilla looked derpy and seemed to be more of an extra. Much preferred Pacific Rim!
  11. Haven't been on in a while, lots going on. I recently started a new job and also split with my girlfriend of 5 years. I feel like a bit of a bitch for letting it affect me as much as it has after reading some of the stuff you guys have gone through/are dealing with. Not really sure what to feel about anything at the moment. I guess it's motivated me to start working out more and means I can concentrate on myself and having fun for a while, which is always good. Glad to see some exciting things happening for some of you folks
  12. I need me a mug also dux, dem shoulders. edit: ordered Mouse mat would be pretty awesome.
  13. Nerve

    [CS:GO] De_Japan (WIP)

    Agree with the others about the paths, but definitely interested to see where you take this. If you can capture the atmosphere of those references images then it will be sex.
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