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    TheOnlyDoubleF reacted to Sigma in Finding your own path as a professional Level Designer   
    Great article @FrieChamp!
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    TheOnlyDoubleF reacted to Nicky_Da_B in Finding your own path as a professional Level Designer   
    I really agree with Paul's final words. I think it is good advice that it can be applied to a much wider audience, not just games. 

    Mapcore, thanks for putting together good quality articles like these. I'm looking forward to the next one.
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    TheOnlyDoubleF reacted to ElectroSheep in Day of Infamy Mapping Contest   
    HO AY !
    Any kind of topics somewhere about DoI mapping basics ?
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    TheOnlyDoubleF reacted to FMPONE in Day of Infamy Mapping Contest   
    Just a great opportunity here for people, you can remake DoD:S maps, or do your own thing, win stuff, get a portfolio item, your map in the game, etc. Excited to see what you guys cook up
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    TheOnlyDoubleF got a reaction from Sprony in 2015: Mapcore's Year in Review   
    Oh I'm in there! Ahahah cool 
    I love you all so much, you're my family! Let's rock 2016
    Tell me if you want to make a video recap ... SO I CAN FINALLY USE THIS ANIMATED LOGO I DID FOR THE CORE 
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    TheOnlyDoubleF reacted to Sjonsson in Epic Games & Mapcore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Winners Announced   
    Lovely looking maps!

    Hope to see more competitions in collab with the developers of the games like this.

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