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  1. There's a new trailer for the iOS soft launch release of Gear.CLub (they changed the game's name )
  2. I have loads of system issues, i'm gonna reboot my computer (didn't do it in 3 years) to clean and have a fresh start. Is it safe to go on Windows 10 now?
  3. @AlexM Good to here! Enjoy your rest Pretty hard time here, I try to do something with Ultraflow 2 but it's a commercial fail :/ (on Android at least). We are waiting for some official codes from the USA in order to release the game on WP and iOS. It's not very pleasant, I'm tired of administrative processes. Also, if someone had a contact in game publishing in China and Japan, I'll be glad to hear about it. On the job warfield: I had an interview this week with Ubisoft after they called me the week before. Waiting for an answer within two weeks as they met several people. It was weird 'cause it was not a classic job interview as they just wanted to meet students to find new talents. I don't even know if they want to put me on a game design, level design or producing position ^^ I also received and answered to a game design test from Splash Damage. Same for the open game design test from Epic Games #hope #ihavenochance. And finally, I'll meet a recruiter from Goodgame studio this week to talk about their opportunities! So you were right, there's no need for a recruitment agency. Plus, I've got a beautiful girlfriend for one month now! Everything would be great if only ultraflow2's revenues were good...
  4. So you're all advising not to go for it, is that it ?
  5. Just released a video of our 3C test map Feel like a beast
  6. I'm loving it so far. I got my ass kicked on the first game, but I'm starting a stronger one. I'm gonna create some Mapcorians in my squad to add a load of awesomeness
  7. Does anyone have an invite for the poor me?
  8. So, what are your training and diet programs?
  9. Hi guys, I'm getting in touch with a recruitment company. There are experts in video game placement. I was wondering if someone had already been in touch with such recruiters and if you could share your experience. Here some questions I asked him: "- What is the process to work with you? The process is simple, we want to make you the best candidate possible, so you send in a CV and Portfolio link and arrange a call with a consultant. We then work with you to give advice to improve both the CV and Portfolio ready to send to potential employers We provide a list of current roles we have that are suitable and when you say yes, we help manage the application and interview process hopefully leading to employment. - What are the advantages to be in touch with your company? The advantages of working with a recruiter, is it is our job to make you employable and get you a job. We know what studios are looking for and also know which studios are looking for people like you . Studios often use recruiters to manage their recruitment as they don’t have time to handle the response so we have access to many vacancies that are only advertised with recruiters. Then there is the recruiters network, where they have worked with studios and have contacts with hiring managers, we can place you on the inbox of hiring managers at studios that don’t have vacancies, but when faced with a talented individual often open up positions. - How a recruiter gets paid when he places someone? Recruiters don’t charge the candidate and it doesn’t cost you anything. We charge the client a % of your yearly salary. So it is in our best interest to maximise your salary and we also know the market rate for candidates, so you will often earn more by going through a recruiter." Here's a question: it is for the first year or every year? 'cause that would make a lot of money.
  10. Personal projects are cool, but God damn I won't start a new one in a long time. At least not within a team. For personal projects, Stay small and stay alone, that's my new slogan. 'Cause I just want to hang myself after Ultraflow 1 & 2.
  11. Oh I'm in there! Ahahah cool I love you all so much, you're my family! Let's rock 2016 Tell me if you want to make a video recap ... SO I CAN FINALLY USE THIS ANIMATED LOGO I DID FOR THE CORE
  12. The great marathon to find a job at the end of this final school year has begun... I'd like to ask the insiders a question about this: I'll be available for hire in July. I'd like to get a junior position in one of my target companies. I think I'm a good junior if I compare myself to my school colleagues and the juniors I met in previous companies, I can do the work. I have an 8 months Xp on a AAA mobile game project and 2 released games with several million players (plus other projects including the current creation of an hunting open world game). Concidering the taks and responsabilities I had on these projects, I think I've proved myself, I think I can apply to junior positions. But can I? 'cause I'm not even gratuated yet... So the real point is here: several companies will finish their internship recruitment program for this summer shortly. I should probably wait a bit if I want to apply to a true position starting in july. But I'm scared to miss the summer internship programs 'cause what if I'm wrong and I can't get a job? Should I apply to everything ? Maybe I should just simply get back to Eden Games once again. I'm confident about my skills but I'm not sure what I am in the eyes of a recruiter between a graduated guy and a junior designer. Some thoughts on this?
  13. Thanks. We had an interview with Droid Gamers: http://www.droidgamers.com/index.php/interviews/10543-the-making-of-a-masterful-puzzle-game-droidgamers-interviews-the-ultraflow-team-about-ultraflow-2
  14. @will2K Are you French ?? Windows Phone version will come out shortly with the iOS version
  15. Boooom We are ranked after just 3 days after the release !!
  16. There are just parameters for any analytic tools :/
  17. TheOnlyDoubleF


    Guyyyyyysss ULTRAFLOW 2 is out on Android! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ULTRATEAM.ULTRAFLOW2 We are so proud of it. Hope you'll like it!
  18. ULTRAFLOW 2's release is on thursday!! PRESSSSUUUUURRREEEE
  19. WTF there are ads when we launch the game now ????? In a 30$ + DLC game ? My roomate just decided to launch payday 2 again and guess what, a friggin' "Point Break" movie trailer starts up.
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