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  1. Totally non-productive for days and days and days... AAAAAAH I can't stand this. I had to manage my PC issues, now visual studio update 3 introduces new shit into my UE4 projects, I have to unsintall everything and install again.... So my TPS 3C prototype hasn't moved for weeks. Plus, I do absolutely nothing at my job, my task list is empty since last tuesday, and no one can find something left for me to do that someone else isn't already working on or that fits my skills. I CAN'T STAND this kind of period!!! I feel completely useless and non-productive, it's awful. Got to find somethong or i'm gonna turn totally crazy. At least there' sport to externalize my hanger onto fitness machines ahahah. Diet is going well, I've lost weight (don't know how much tough). My training is good, but I don't do enough cardio (only 3 times 45 minutes per weeks while i should to 45 minutes everyday). I put so efforts to get some shoulders back and there are get a good shape. So my training is great, my body is happy and healthy and my brain too (to balance the feeling I get from work).
  2. Yeah it's ok, i put on my Néo suit, got into the matrice and updated the BIOS a la mano. So now it works. Thank HP for following this I gained about 10 levels in IT tonight ahah
  3. I bought it in 2012 or 2013 i can't remember. I tried to update the Bios, but I failed :/ I tried from the bios itself but i didn't find how to do (I found an option "Update from the Drive" but it does nothin. Probably something to set up here) and from windows but win 10 doesn't want to launch the .exe of the driver update. I checked that, it only says it has a problem with the graphic card... Interesting huh. Yeah I did this several times, but it didn't change anything. :'(
  4. I just received my MSi GTX 1060, installed it, and got one long beep and 3 short beeps when I boot the Pc..... :'( And nothing is drawned on the screen. I tried to put it on another PCI 3.0 port, nothing. I made a clear CMOS, nothing. I'm suppose to have enough power left for this new baby. My mother board is a gigabyte GA Z77H D3H, a cpu i5 2500k, 2 DDR3 (so 8Go Ram), 3 ventilo and 2 storage disks. My power box is 530 W and I only need around 330W for this config. So I'm asking for your help. I didn't find anything interesting on the internet... :'(
  5. Wwooooo So I listened to some guys at work today, and it looks like it's my graphic card that's dead. That's the most expensive part of it but at least I won't have to invest 1k again.... And i can run my pc again until I grab a new GPU. Peeeew
  6. My PC is dead, this is the end of the World :'(
  7. Hi @voodoochopstiks, I guess you need someone as soon as possible ?
  8. Your portfolio is cool and clean, but I really miss one thing one i've skept the home page (That i always find completely useless btw on a portfolio). To me, your name and role should always be at the top of the website so I always know who you are and what you are.
  9. @jakuza I feel the same! I'm still working on a personal project afterwork but i NEED to find a new hobby or i'm going insane. It's been one month since I started my contract at Eden Games. I'm in charge of the car balancing & handling. The thing is, is already did this when I was an intern last year so now i don't feel like i'm learning/progressing on something. I know the project, i know my task, it looks like i'm doing it well... I don't face any new challenges !!! It's really annoying ! It's only been one month, I know my tasks for next months, so I'm really looking forward the next months, and hoping i'll have the opportunity to truely use my skillset ! Still looking for a buyer for the Ultraflow brand (in case you know someone that could be interested )
  10. WOW I want to see your level looking like this !!!
  11. I've had some difficulties to find the informations I wanted concerning your work, to me there are way to many moving things, the animated background seems completely useless and makes it hard to load the pages. For the overall, I think it's too complicated, we have to click on too many things to get to the right info. For example, why didn't you make a CV page that only proposes a button ? Just open the CV on the first tab button called "CV". It's one simple thing but I find it annoying. And it's just an example on how, in my opinion, you could improve your portfolio.
  12. There's too much reflection for me on the first image. It looks too shiny for a court. You could probably improve the lighting of the third scene that looks too much bright for me, play with shadows a bit, ilooks like a CS go like scene here (no offense hu) A better lighting could improve your scenes
  13. Hey guys, I'm not from Climax from here is the messages i received: "I am currently looking for an experienced Level Designer to work on a co-operative multiplayer, Sci-Fi action title, based on a new IP, that’ll be releasing on next gen consoles and PC. It’s a small team, with an indie soul, and the designer will be in charge of the levels of the game." Voilà. If someone's interested. Cheers
  14. I find it completely crazy. I look at these players and non players getting together in the street just to get pokemons ^^ It's extremely strong !! The game hasn't been launched in France and everybody already have it, including daddys and mommys and this is crazy. It's an awesome experience. Probably one of the most sociable video game I've experienced so far. There were hundreds of people on Sunday afternoon sitting in a park to play in the arena... This is just insane. I'm so happy when I see people in the street playing this game, probably because I like games, I like creating games and I like to see people being happy while playing games. Mic drop
  15. Come on dudes, the French team is good and we already beat the german team few months ago! So I'm very happy we reached the final and I'm really happy I was able to have a champagne shower in the pub where I watched the match
  16. Hey folks, just released a trailer for our final year project at Supinfogame. "Feral is a hunting game in which you play as a feline animal at the first person view. You have to hunt to survive in this forest. But becareful, because you are not the only predator in this world... " We had a lot of fun while creating this gam: First person animal body awareness, AI, Open world, UE4, optimization... A lot of extremely interesting challenges !
  17. Hoping for a Belgium - France in finale... Even if I know we are gonna get a big kick in the ass from the germans ^^ But we have a revenge to take !
  18. You can add me as Game Designer. Franck "TheOnlyDoubleF" Fitrzyk - Junior Game/Level Designer Portfolio: http://franckfitrzyk.com/ Eden Games - Lyon, France Thanks
  19. Germany vs Poland was awesome to watch.
  20. I broke up with my girlfriend about 1 months and 2 weeks ago... It's really hard to turn the page. :/ I'm getting on a new diet: I have about 5 fat kilos to leave. I'll try to loose at least 3 of them by the end of the month while getting the muscles back. I did it before. I can do it. My problem is how I eat when I get back home afterwork so I have to slow down the food in the evening and get full vegetables meals and soup without carbohydrate. I'm putting the Ultraflow brand on sale btw. I want to get out of this to get a fresh start with my new job. School will be over in 21 days ^^ and there's only one month before I move as game designer at Eden Games! I'm so excited to get back to this studio (even though I'm tired of looking for a new appartment in Lyon). Entering the Mapcore Job Census :3 New city, new "game" field, new job, new body (#hope), new life style, new objectives... Damn July is gonna be pretty interesting ahah.
  21. Could probably be added to the "Mapcore Job Census" list soon...
  22. ULTRAFLOW 2 is available on iOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Finally!!! (after a loooooong administrative fight) Here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultraflow-2/id1052872570 So happy
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