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  1. It looks like I will be unemployed on the 1st of January. :/ My contract ends on december 31. They would like to keep me but I refused to renew my contract for my sanity. The team is just awesome but enough is enough. I already talked about these problem on this thread, but the bordeness of the tasks I had to do during these last months is the main big reason. I know I won't be able to evolve the way I want to. I need something new, something that challenges me. Of course, it goes with other issues I won't talk about in public. I still don't know what I'm gonna do though. It scares me a lot.
  2. Hey guys, This is the period of awards. What about MapCore Awards to reward our favorite community members, topics of the year, that kind of stuff to celebrate this awesome community? Like: - Funniest member - Best support member - Best map of the year - MapCore's Game of the year - Best new member - Introducing MapCore's Hall of Fame etc Cheers
  3. Well, concidering my good performances, I don't think they damage anything if you know what you're doing. My objective is not to become like Arnold. And yes indeed, I don't want to have my hand like a grater.
  4. I stabilize around 86kg. I keep working hard on my shoulders (my weakest point). This is me one week ago. A big buddy in perspective and before you ask for it, no @Bevielis you won't have a nude pic of me. Never.
  5. Even my dear Gears of War is now 10 years old
  6. Wooooh yeah Ford Focus RS (2016?), Good choice ! You're gonna be the new gymkhana king?
  7. I've shipped my first AAA game this week yeaaaaaaah !!! Gear Club is available on iOS. So proud!
  8. This First/Last episode is the point of no return for me. I can't stand whining anymore. The last seasons were total shit. The show rely on clifhangers at the mid season and that's it. They had a great cast and cool characters. But it's not worth watching after season 3. I'm done with this show.
  9. And what a pleasure to destroy all of them with the support class when you flank these cocksuckers
  10. Waaaahooo Just got a blast from Eddie the Eagle Hugh Jackman is great in it and Taron Egerton is awesome! He gave me a great impression in the Kingsman but here he got the role perfectly. GG to him
  11. I can't stop playing the fucking game. Totally agree, I felt the same thing. @Sprony I sent you a friend request on origin to fight by your side
  12. Beside my weight loss (=>here), my final year project from few months ago has been nominated to the french Ping Awards 2016 in the "Best student project" category. Hope we'll win it this time. After two months of complete bordeness at work, the last three weeks have been crazy. You'll hear about the game pretty soon I love having many things to do at the same time ahah it keeps me in shape. But, in the mean time, I've started to look for another job (*wink wink* people) as I have absolutely no clue on what's gonna happen after the release of this game. I can't say I'm happy even if the team and the project are great. I need serious challenges and I don't know if I can have some if I stay here :/ I sincerely don't know what would be best for me.
  13. I've lost over 12 kg of fat since July. July = Re-education of my body to exercices (after 5 months of inactivity) August & the first two weeks of September = Serious dry, low calories food, 3 cardio training per week + 3 muscle mass training (long reps with only 1 minute of rest between series) Last two weeks of September to today = muscle mass gain... but dry mass! I do a classic split training in the week + a full body & cardio training. I try to keep my food as clean as possible & I take two shakers of Phase 8 proteins and BCAA every day. It feels so good to be back in shape! Two days ago, I met a friend I hadn't seen for 2 months, I took my jacket off and she got big round eyes and said "WTF happened to you??" ahah. So I'm on the road to be a warrior again. BUT, warning to me, you're starting to eat some shit again between your lunches so you'd better watch out! I still have around 4 to 5 fat kilos to lose. It's gonna be difficult, I have a real problem with food, it's on my mind all day long. Even if I'm not hungry, after my shaker for example or even my lunch, I still want to eat. Plus there are a bunch of candy bars and chocolates at the studio :/ Maybe you have something for that guys? Second big problem: Half of my clothes are way to large for meeeee!!
  14. Do you mean for the art style ? I don't remember my artists talking about Wow. They were more onto Dishonored and scuptures for the different shapes.
  15. Here's a video of the prototype we made during our final year at Supinfogame France.
  16. Sorry I didn't come back to you after we met I had kind of a drip of beer and had to sleep
  17. Can't agree more with that. We can feel that they've have been through Battlefront, the iterface is pretty much the same, the game is much more casual (which is not especially a bad thing, it's suits my well as i'm a bad player). People said that vehicle where only available from the selection map but nope, it's bullshit, you can find the vehicle on the map just like before (beside the planes). Btw, the interface to select vehicles is way clearer to me like this. Plus you can only select to spawn in vehicle on certain points so I felt like there would be much more tactic to control specific points to allow your team to use the vechicles or at least to have an advantage. Honestly, I played 2 hours, I like it and I'll probably buy it in the first few days of its release. The old weapons feelings are so gooooooood :3 Plus the graphics are amazing, I'm running the game in ultra at 80FPS in mean with my gtx 1060.
  18. Oups, short cut, it's for Character, Camera, Control
  19. Totally non-productive for days and days and days... AAAAAAH I can't stand this. I had to manage my PC issues, now visual studio update 3 introduces new shit into my UE4 projects, I have to unsintall everything and install again.... So my TPS 3C prototype hasn't moved for weeks. Plus, I do absolutely nothing at my job, my task list is empty since last tuesday, and no one can find something left for me to do that someone else isn't already working on or that fits my skills. I CAN'T STAND this kind of period!!! I feel completely useless and non-productive, it's awful. Got to find somethong or i'm gonna turn totally crazy. At least there' sport to externalize my hanger onto fitness machines ahahah. Diet is going well, I've lost weight (don't know how much tough). My training is good, but I don't do enough cardio (only 3 times 45 minutes per weeks while i should to 45 minutes everyday). I put so efforts to get some shoulders back and there are get a good shape. So my training is great, my body is happy and healthy and my brain too (to balance the feeling I get from work).
  20. Yeah it's ok, i put on my Néo suit, got into the matrice and updated the BIOS a la mano. So now it works. Thank HP for following this I gained about 10 levels in IT tonight ahah
  21. I bought it in 2012 or 2013 i can't remember. I tried to update the Bios, but I failed :/ I tried from the bios itself but i didn't find how to do (I found an option "Update from the Drive" but it does nothin. Probably something to set up here) and from windows but win 10 doesn't want to launch the .exe of the driver update. I checked that, it only says it has a problem with the graphic card... Interesting huh. Yeah I did this several times, but it didn't change anything. :'(
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