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  1. Nope, I saw it yesterday and it's definitely shit. He's trying again to hide a remake of the first Alien movie but poorly... It's like Ridley himself doesn't know what makes Alien great. It's a bad horror movie, It takes the most basic horror situation and successfully do bad things with it.
  2. We avoided the worst with the president, but we still have to vote for our deputes in few weeks and that will be a huge election too.
  3. I don't know that. I don't drink coffee so I never looked for such info.
  4. @Tisky Come on bro Don't lift too heavy, learn how to do the exercice and progressively change your diet. Keep a good objective. I would say more things about diet today though as it is at least 60% of getting your body in shape. Low fat and low sugar is a good way to start I think. Don't do 0% right away, it would be too hard. It's not a sprint, it's a fucking marathon. However, you have to find what fits you the best 'cause advices are good, but everybody is different. Body don't always behave the same way. I did it for example by reduicing salt, fat and sugar and compensating snacking ('cause that's my huge problem) by green tea and fruits. I eat lots of vegetables. I personnally can't eat 3 meals a day. It's too much for me. May be you should follow a youtube channel. I only know the French guys but @dux can probably share some with you.
  5. It's funny because I started the Warmastered edition of the first Darksiders few days ago. I love it so i'm really looking forward to it!
  6. Congrats @Sjonsson (and late Happy birthday btw )
  7. Back from Barcelona. Well, I have few criticism toward the city: - Most of the cultural places' content are not translate in French nor English. Almost everything is written in Catalan language. So don't go there if you want to learn things. That's not really great for such a touristic city. - Beside tourists, people don't speak English or French. So welcome to the world of awkwardness. Even when I arrived at the airport the first day, I had struggle to find some help to get to the city XD The rule seems to be: if you find someone who speaks english, it means he is not from Barcelona. - I was sold that if was a city with an incredible architecture. Sorry, what? You mean those 5 or 6 ugly buildings ? I mean, beside the Gaudi stuff (that I think are horrible) and the Gothic district, it looks like a US city in Florida! - The food costs nothing but WTF the transport and the activities are expensive. - Tapas are their things, but after 8 days there, I still don't understand what are tapas. - The beach is dirty and full of tourists, even in April I walked around 12 kilometers each day, It was sunny and hot so that was cool. Chicks are hot of course, I felt in love every 10 meters. They have crazy Bar/club concept: for example, there was one where shots were getting more expensive as you were buying them. The price was getting lower if you were waiting to buy the next one. I stll don't understand the principle of this one but it was pretty fun. It was a good trip, but i wouldn't have gone alone. I'm sure it's a lot of fun with friends. I'm glad I had roommates at the auberge to get out with 'cause I'd have turned crazy. Plus, 8 days is probably a bit too much to spend in this location. Now I'm back at job hunting ^^
  8. So the second round will be the Rothschild bank vs Hitler.
  9. After six years without any true holidays, I'M GOING TO BARCELONA FOR A WEEK. Those last two weeks has been insane: I finally quited my job, I moved back at my parents' (not to lose money in a useless rent), I'm going through various interviews and tests to find a new jobs and OMG there are so much paperwork to do with the french administration when your situation changes. I thought I would be able to relax in April, but it has been the complete opposite so far. So at least i'll have one week to disconnect and relax a bit. Sea, beach and whatever comes my way. As soon as i'll get back in France, I already have some over interviews planned so this week really as to be the best to recharge my batteries.
  10. There's some really nice content over here these days Good job guys.
  11. @Sprony could you take me off the list please? I no longer work at Eden Games (since last week). Still got to figurine out where i'm gonna go :/
  12. Pfffff It's like I already saw half of this shitty movie.
  13. Same, I even started a second run of it about three weeks ago 'cause I love this game. I'm Super Hyped !
  14. Be brave @blackdog. @Sprony should read a book of his story. On my side, I made official today my departure from Eden Games (I finally stayed 3 months more after the december episode) which will be effective on March 31 :/ So i'm back on the job market, which, honnestly, is a bit terrifying. But I have hope!
  15. Those who vote for CSGO again are not my friends anymore
  16. @PampersWhat about your penis football game?
  17. Oh Yeah I watched it too last week, This one is great!
  18. This f***** movie is just awesome 7 golden globes awards this year; From Damien Chazelle, If you lovd Whiplash, this one should please you too. It's really, really great, bot visually and musically. I've also watched Hacksaw Ridge, from Mel Gibson, which is a pretty good movie too.
  19. Thinking about the other dudes that were alone tonight :/ Happy New Year everyone
  20. 2016 was, well good in the way it looks but I didn't felt that good: - While we are very proud of our game, Ultraflow 2 was a huge commercial fail even if we received great critics - I finally finished school at 23 - My final year project was an intense development but we faced awesome challenges and I learnt a lot about UE4 and open world creation (for both design and technical matters). Plus, the prototype has grown an incredible anthousiasm from Youtubers making it visible to millions of players. - I got contact by people from the industry for opportunites which, enven if they did not get to an end, made me more confident about finding a job. - I got my first real contract in the game industry - I shipped a big game - Unfortunately, the game we shipped doesn't encounter the success it deserves neither :/ - I haven't feel very proficient since August and I haven't start anything serious as personal project. So for 2017: - I want to start a serious personnal project with a small scope... - 'Cause I want to finish it. I have game ideas, map concepts for UT I have to achieve. - I want to learn how to code in C++ and C#. Even if I know I won't be the best, I want to be able to read more code than I can now, in both of these languages to strengthen my profile. - Get a new position for which i'll feel useful. Getting experience on a pro PC/console game would be a huge plus for my profile. - Make more money. (May be with short freelance work I could do on my spare time) - I want to travel. I need to see new things, learn more, feel something new. - I also would like to start a Youtube channel dedicated to very high quality video about level design or game design theory. Like lessons you'd give to a classroom.
  21. Yes, I'll go where there's work to do ^^
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