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  1. http://gyazo.com/6ffb38a3e26d5506ebf4dcf3d12a57d6 That is my Cliff
  2. I've started to watch Vikings. It's pretty cool
  3. See you tonight to see your wallet statu after steam' summer sale beginning
  4. It seems that Steam Summer Sale will start soon http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=835577

    1. SuperDuperYeah


      Ohhh s-h-i-t o_o *takes off glasses*.

  5. They didn't show anything at E3... Just a teaser for a trailer to come. I CAN'T STAND THAT
  6. The only problem is, you'll need 5 graphic cards to run the game
  7. No Gears of War, No Beyond good and Evil 2
  8. Check out this trailer from a final year team from Supinfogame :) that rocksssss https://vimeo.com/97533300

    1. AyzOn


      That is probably the best school/student made game that Ive seen so far.

    2. Em'


      Excellent art and nice trailer ! That could defo be released as an indie game on steam :D

  9. The just announced that they will begin today to work on a new Unreal Tournament. They'll release their build on the UE4 market place regularly so the community can start modd and work on the game. The game will be FREE (not F2P) because the game will be half made be the community. The said that they want to develop this game with the community. I think I heard that the source code will also be accessible. You'll also be able to propose your content on the ue4 market (just like Steam Workshop I think). You can sell your content or not (It's probably there that they make money) : maps, characters, weapons, skins, gamemode etc etc
  10. Not free to play, just FREE, in close cooperation with the community (through Unreal engine 4) YYEEAAHHHH
  11. Waho, It was like I was reading in my own brain
  12. So, you want to code ?

    1. Thrik


      I want to code her boobs.


    2. AlexM


      Oh man, this is not helping the image of a programmer in the slightest. What a crock of shit.

    3. Pericolos0
    4. Show next comments  63 more
  13. Who's gonna participate to the Ludum dare 48, starting in few hours ? http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/
  14. I've done legs yesterday, I was not able to get out of my bed this morning Excel is great
  15. I received mine ! Nice Easter gift I took a Medium size and it's fine (i'm 1m88)
  16. Shiiiitt I took a Large one, I didn't tought It would be american sizes
  17. You ca sign up for the alpha now http://alpha.fortnite.com/#!/personal-info
  18. I agree! I've lessen the amount of my evening meals, I do not drink soda anymore (I drink tea instead ), and with only 2hours of sport every week, I've lost 10kg since January !
  19. And it's a free-to-play model! they seem to have a system that really involved you in the game what makes you want to pay and involve you more and more. I'm sure we're gonna have a lot of content. Love you Epic <3
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