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  1. Well, I'm not sure to be the perfect one to answer this first but it doesn't matter. I'm here at Eden Games for three months now and I think I've never felt so good in my life. I'm currently building circuits and helping on game design. We're a small team, the (secret) project is great, everyone is gentle, skilled and enthusiastic. I've a freedom of action on my work and a real impact on the project so I really feel involved in what I do. Plus, working with people that have made V-Rally, Kya and Test Drive Unlimited. is. just. great. They are always fool of stories and are experts of racing games. I learn such a lot of things from them pffff It's awesome. It gives me so much energy that I need to still working (on personal projects) when I get back home. I've never been as productive since I'm here.
  2. They look a little like really short penis
  3. Hope they will upgrade L4D2 editor
  4. Wow, This camera probably needs some work to be smoother. It's too rough for me. Can you tell us more about the game design ? what are the Unique Selling Points ?
  5. Hi guys, You may have seen few days ago in the "Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day" thread that I've been working on a Left 4 Dead 2 scavenger map, trying to recreate the Walking Dead's Prison (the TV show version), and that I abandonned... BUT, I was so disappointed by myself to say such things about this map that I've started it again from scratch to have a clean project. I've also added a friend of mine on the project. To make a long story short, It's been about a week that we are working on it and here's what we've got: We've got more interior environnements done but it's quite dark, we wouldn't see many things on picture. In fact, we are doing a campaign including three chapters : The Prison, the Forest and railraod, The Terminus. And we're making it after the season 4 events as if players were other survivors walking in the footsteps of the show characters. We are currently trying to make the gamemode for the Prison: we'll cross the prison until a scavenge finale (as in the Atrium finale from Dead Center campaign). We are facing some problem to make this as we still newbees on Hammer. So, if anyone has a clear idea of what to do, I would be grateful. From now, we're trying to follow this Valve tutorial but as usual, things are not the same... https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/L4D2_Level_Design/Scavenge_Finale I've also decompile the Atrium map to see how it works, so it's in a good way. The other two chapters papermaps are not done yet but we have a good idea of what we want to do. Finally, as we want to release the campaign the same week than the new season 5 (the 12th of october this fall), you know, well as I do, that it's quite ambitious... So, we would be happy to open this project to some folks from the Core to help us especially on the environnement art and the lighting (but also on level design), and share with us their Source knowledge. (if we divide well the three chapters between few people, it could be done in time). We are working on it on our free time after work, so nobody has to be 24/24 working on it. This could become a real Mapcore project. So, share your thoughts, your ideas, your advices and your will to work together
  6. Things are going great for our L4D2 "The Walking Dead" campaign! We'll be able to show you a little something in the next few days

  7. Jessica Alba + Eva Green. Just saying
  8. Why don't we make a challenge on the Far CRy 3 map editor ? I'm sure there's a bunch of people playing this game on multiplayer gamemodes, right ?
  9. Yes, it was a really dark episode though. I think that people didn't actually disappear but were in fact invisible, so only few people could see them (like the sheriff can see his daughter and her friend => his son always call him but he don't call his little sister and no one talk about the sheriff's family in front of him because his daughter has disappeared, and his wife has gone crazy. Think about it, his father seems to be crazy, he talks to people that we don't see). So, there's maybe something with invisibility or that kind of shit, but it seems to be destroided with the last episode "no spoil"
  10. It's a shame for this work not to see the light. The Walking Dead would make a perfect setting for a L4D map. You could always start a WIP thread and post the problems in details with compile logs and what not, and I'm pretty sure you will get help from the many members around here who know a thing or 2 about Source . It would be also aweome if you branch this campaign into 3 maps: the first in the prison, the second sees the survivors escaping through the woods and the third/finale takes place after they reach the terminal (all plot credits go to AMC ). Thx will2K, i'll create a thread as you said because in fact, I was so disappointed by myself yesterday that I've started it again from zero and add a friend on the project. It revives me to finish this work! Previously, i was making this map to be played as a scavenger map, but your idea of making a three-part campaign is really interesting... Even if I have absolutely no idea of how to make a campaign like that. We're are just thinking about making it after the season 4 event so we can, first, have more flexibility on the prison design with destroided parts. So this project is walking and isn't dead anymore
  11. I've been working on this map where I've tryed to recreate a part of the AMC The Walking Dead's Prison, I've got so much problems which the props that doesn't appear when compile, the lighting, the scavenger gamemode and the source scripting that.....ppfffffff I really want to publish this map but I'm demoralized when I simply open it. May be I should start it from scratch again to work on a clean projectn and get some help from someone that knows Source better than me
  12. You haven't been hooked, BUT you've watched the all three episode so there's something that keeps you in.
  13. Hey guys, The Leftovers has begun on HBO. It's the new TV serie by the creator of "Lost", Damon Lindelof. There're already several episodes out, and it's pretty cool:. Of course, like Lost, there're lots of mysteries. And ... MYGAD I've got a big theory running in my head about what is going on in this show, I need to talk to someone that watch it. The story is about a bunch of people and families trying to survive to a huge tragedy and how they continue their lifes : 2% of the world population have disasppeared at the same (It reminds me the 4400 if you know that). So Check it out (so I can tell you my theory )
  14. I've watched "Joe" with Nicolas Cage. I'm happy to see him in a great movie again. The next one we'll be around 2020
  15. I hope it will be the same result tonight
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBF9MUsNUkQ
  17. Watch this Cute trailer

  18. It's Ok for me ( you've created an event for the 19th in the group ) Sentura, do you play dota ??
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      Not bad, some kind of AA would be nice on the ship.^^

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      Alcoholics Anonymous ?

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