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  1. Here is my entry. I'll continue to work on it for sure! http://imgur.com/a/2LAFx The working files https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bws2w2Hg_YSkaExocVBSZjNGaVE&usp=drive_web I'm astonished by your entries guys. The Core. Hope the folks at Epic will appreciate that.
  2. Oohh i haven't finish properly but it's enough (i've moved this week son i'm KO). I had some issues with the ligthing and the brushes. It's not very polished, it's absolutely not optimized but i'll do that an other day. Anyway, i wanted to Thank you all for this challenge. It bas been a great time, i've learned so much things from you guys in LD techniques and process. Thank you. So, here are somme screenshots of my map. http://imgur.com/a/2LAFx I'll post a walkthrough vidéo in a few days when i'll get back the internet on my PC. And the working files will be in the submission thread. It's probably not the more interesting map to analyse, unless you want to see all the things that you shouln't do. And once à gain, THANK YOU.
  3. It seems very clean. If mine could be as clean... Ahah
  4. Well, last day at Eden Games, it was really cool to work here. Great dudes. Great project. Thanks.

  5. I really like this light colors, but It's a bit too dark in some places I think.
  6. Waho There're some really interesting geometries in here
  7. i haven't finished the building yet but here is quick overview of my map. I stil have to build a part, maybe modify few things after your advices, work on lighting and create my interactive and dynamic events. So If you have some advice on building and especially on lighting, feel free to share your thoughts. I don't have lots of skill left on UT so I've failed some move while recording Btw it's a deathmatch map. Some screenshots : Hope that the music will bring you back some memories of the 90's ahah COMON COMON
  8. And more usually, there's the "It perfectly works on my PC" Me neither, not a single crash in three weeks, but moving a BSp takes me about 2 seconds ahah
  9. Wahoo, thx for that man. That was really interesting! And your map looks really awesome now O_O
  10. Leigh, may be you could "break some angles". I seems very vertical to me, some triangles could do the trick. And I agree with Chris, take off these covers, It's not CS: Dammit !! Btw, I've started to build the main room of my map today.
  11. TheOnlyDoubleF


    Yep, I'll watch this as soon as possible!
  12. Will the voice that announces "Double Kill, Multi kill, etc" be on Helium too That would be supra awesome
  13. WTF my internet is crashing when I try to download UT #sadness
  14. WTF is going on in your head
  15. I'm taking a rest from the Prison to start an other part of our campaign...
  16. First of all, I have to say Gears Of War: More than just a gore and violent game, there is a great and deep background on what happened because the first episode and the relationships between all the characters that we meet in the game that are not always explained. Most of all, these characters... pffff Yes there're a bit exagerrated sometimes but they are awesome to me. They always have a good word in any situation and the brotherhood between Dom and Marcus is to me one of the best relationship in the games have played. It was so strong and meaningful that I cryied in the third one when... you know, when something happened. And how not to talk about The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. What a game, what a rich universe. I've done the game 5 times and I was stil finding new quests and stories and elements on the background.
  17. This show is absolutely fascinating
  18. Thank you Lord, Thank you. Teach me master. This is gonna be awesome
  19. Dude, there're so much studios in norway and other scandinavian countries! you should be able to find something somewhere else
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