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Status Updates posted by TheOnlyDoubleF

  1. New challenge: Listen to all the musics posted in "What have you listened to recently?" thread. 

    1. Vaya


      Time to start posting some hour long drone pieces ;)

    2. SuperDuperYeah
  2. I've been on Mapcore for two years now :v

    1. mr.P


      sweet! grats my man,

      in 2 months I've been here for 10 years ;)

    2. SuperDuperYeah


      :) *warm inside* <-- (is that creepy ?)

  3. Hurg is close to Hug. Coincidence? 

    1. El_Exodus


      was having the exact same thought :D

  4. C'mon people! Vote for Ultraflow ! (At least in the best student category <3 ) 


    1. esspho


      voted. I really like ultraflow. are there going to be more levels someday?

    2. TheOnlyDoubleF


      Thanks dude! 
      There won't be only new levels... ;)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheOnlyDoubleF


      Didn't seem legit to talk about the Core on the Core. 

    3. Sprony


      Nah man, I think it's right on the money. Sure, it will need some editing but I think it's a good fit.

    4. esspho


      Great article. Spot on!

  5. Looking for a nice soul to correct some english for an article. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TheOnlyDoubleF


      I know Sprony, thank you, but Sigma has already done an amazing work on this. Thanks a lot to him.


    3. Bastion


      Sorry for being useless in this, Other work keeps getting in the way,

    4. TheOnlyDoubleF


      Don't worry Bastion, than you for the proposal ;) The job is done, this is the important

  6. Interview tomorrow morning with Ubisoft Annecy for a game design internship. Fingers crossed.

  7. Haven't found an internship yet :(

    1. Sprony


      I've sent you an pm with all the places I know that take internships. I hope there is something in there for you.

    2. Klems


      Hey! Me neither.

    3. Deh0lise


      You'll get in eventually, you're building a very good portfolio! good luck Frank ^_-

  8. Chat room baby! Yeah! thx Thrik

  9. Looking for a new project to work on

    1. Nakroma


      Make a browsergame with me!

  10. I fell in love with Steel Panther

  11. Looking for some testers for my android mobile game! MP

  12. Starting to talk about my new game Ultraflow. Some tips or advices for success?

    1. Ugui


      Yeah put it on IOS! LAWL

  13. Well, last day at Eden Games, it was really cool to work here. Great dudes. Great project. Thanks.

  14. Things are going great for our L4D2 "The Walking Dead" campaign! We'll be able to show you a little something in the next few days

  15. Watch this Cute trailer

    1. AyzOn


      Not bad, some kind of AA would be nice on the ship.^^

    2. TheOnlyDoubleF


      Alcoholics Anonymous ?

  16. It seems that Steam Summer Sale will start soon http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=835577

    1. SuperDuperYeah


      Ohhh s-h-i-t o_o *takes off glasses*.

  17. Check out this trailer from a final year team from Supinfogame :) that rocksssss https://vimeo.com/97533300

    1. AyzOn


      That is probably the best school/student made game that Ive seen so far.

    2. Em'


      Excellent art and nice trailer ! That could defo be released as an indie game on steam :D

  18. So, you want to code ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Thrik


      I want to code her boobs.


    3. AlexM


      Oh man, this is not helping the image of a programmer in the slightest. What a crock of shit.

    4. Pericolos0
  19. I'll be level design intern at Eden Games this summer!

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