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  1. Finally I managed to get the HP for this thing done after having it dusting on my desktop for several months
  2. Only the winning entry will get shipped with the game from what I've understood.
  3. I can vouch for the discord channel, nice place with a neat balance of help and creativity (and a bit of banter!)
  4. They are old placeholder models from Insurgency that were used in the mod version of DoI
  5. Sounds very cool, but isn't it a pretty big problem for this map that the Japanese army isnt a faction in the game? (at least so far)
  6. Okay, here goes my last modeling post related to guns for a while I fixed up a whole lot of historical errors on the rifle I made earlier, and I think I'm calling this thing done now. Have to make a lowpoly and unwrap the thing though, not looking forward to that part very much; I also cooked up some more attachments for it; Here's a link to the MoDDb page where this stuff is gonna be included eventually; http://www.moddb.com/mods/severe-defiance-the-invasion-of-norway-1940
  7. I'm making another thing that goes pew-pew
  8. Made a scope for the rifle;
  9. Another model from a newbie at this field, didnt really expect modeling to be this fun, but I keep jumping back into it This time it's a WIP hi-poly of a norwegian rifle;
  10. Hopefully you guys don't find two posts in a row spammy, but I finished my fourth model today Model might be a bit tri-heavy, (I probably should have optimized more) but I still reckon it's acceptable for game use. The model depicts a very common medieval weapon, and it was basically a gardening tool modified so it would cut and stab people instead of branches
  11. According to Valve themselves, it's alright to use Valve IP in mods; at least free mods. https://partner.steamgames.com/documentation/source_games
  12. Decided to jump into the world of modeling, and after some shoddy first attempts I managed to make this thing. Pretty proud of it
  13. ashton93


    Looks like a pretty good start! I've got a suggestion for the Pak 40, even though you've already said the texture is a WIP I reckon it was more common for the germans in WW2 to use the "kill rings" system to mark how many targets a gun had destroyed instead of displaying it with a tally count like you currently have in the texture.
  14. This looks like it could be a more hardcore and skillbased alternative to the newest Battlefront game, definitely keeping my eyes on this
  15. More stuff from the new version of WW1: Source:
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