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  1. Veeblur


    Thanks for the crits and support! Updated the workshop with latest. Includes texture updates, some new models, lighting adjustments, more cubemaps, and tweaked cover placement. Planning on at least one more update. Here are some shots:
  2. Nice map. Have not played it competitively. Feedback that I can give: Would love to see a wooden door replace squeaky. Also, the stairs on the interior side of squeaky make peeking the doorway a little weird. Not sure if people are supposed to peek there, but if they are. Coming from CT spawn, there is an "A" with arrows pointing opposite directions. The arrow on the right points to mid though. It may be due to the thorough detailing elsewhere, but there are a few key spots where the floors look a little flat despite the nice texturing. A few carefully placed props/decals could make these floors pop more: http://imgur.com/a/k1iPV You've invested heavily in laying down your clip, but I would do a serious pass on out-of-map bomb tossing when it comes time to nail that down. Don't forget! The double arrows below are accurate but probably unnecessary just a few steps away from the site. The repeating arches next to the "A" could use small detail to break the pattern. Keep it up!
  3. Veeblur


    Hi. ar_turnstile by Veeblur This is a CSGO gun game map. Love feedback if you've got it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451394404
  4. Veeblur

    [CSGO] de_contract

    I definitely agree, and thanks! I originally wanted to create a livable space to break up the theme, but I am considering dropping the A-site down and reducing the overall size/complexity. For example:
  5. Veeblur

    [CSGO] de_contract

    File has been added to the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231686137 This layout is raw, but I would like very much to see how the paths feel. Supports 5v5 defuse only. minimap mid B long A-site B-site
  6. Sounds good - just wanted to make sure it was on your radar. It pains me to see players jack up the brightness on nice looking maps to counter dark spaces (Seaside for example), but that also depends on the audience you are trying to reach I suppose. Either way, I really like the direction you are taking with the lighting so far.
  7. Looking good! Would suggest adding more small lights on the exterior to lead the player (judging by screenshots only). The path to B-site in the first shot looks very dark along the catwalk. garage - keeping with the dramatic lighting, you could throw some flood/spots along the ceiling to cast nice shadows from the beams onto the upper walls or maybe the floor. The stairway in the foreground looks super dark. And maybe drop a stain/props near the bronco wheels? Tires on clean concrete tend to look like they are floating (minor, but they always pop out at me). Maybe throw some really tall antennae on the roof to oppose the metal work shooting into the sky. Something to balance your screenshots and give the sky depth. Can't wait to see more!
  8. Veeblur

    [CS:GO] de_guard wip

    The text file you linked does not include the map name header. Did you include "void1" at the top? (looks like you did) Have you tried with a whole number for the scale to see if that works? Did you use cl_leveloverviewmarker to crop the minimap? Do you have any backup/archive versions of the dds in any csgo directories? I usually have to go through the whole process a couple of times before it lines up correctly.
  9. Some points you may want to take into consideration: You have four rooms connected by tunnels. Maybe expand the center connector? The middle of B site (where the "B" is) is exposed to sight lines coming from three directions. Keep at it!
  10. Veeblur

    [CSGO] de_contract

    Thanks for the support! I invested a little more time in the layout to make it presentable for you folks, but I generally work on paper a lot at the beginning. It has its pros and cons, no argument there. Day 5 Scale Test #1 - first floor 1) looked like a maze in the 2D layout and we have ourselves a duck! cramped winding walkways, hard corners, thin walls - needs a quick rework 2) LoS here leaves T's exposed to A-site campers - need to murder that nasty L-shape in the A site and force more commitment from CT's 3) The mid/retake approach to A is too narrow for interesting cover and interactions for my tastes - easy fix 4) LoS from long B (far left of the "4") offers vision through the center of the map - optimization buzzkill Here are the current spawn-to-site times in seconds: T > A = 17 T > B = 14 CT > A = 9 CT > B = 7 mr.P - thanks for the offering! i got slammed at the office when you posted cs_rush (finally subscribed!), and so will definitely be in touch in the near future. Next: Address problems mentioned above; Scale Test #2 (second floor); Retakes first pass; doc update
  11. Veeblur

    [CSGO] de_contract

    map download available: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231686137 Hi all. I had a glorious three day vacation thanks to the holiday weekend (hope you did too!). To celebrate I started a new concept I would like to share as I work through to blockout. I plan to post early iterations in the Workshop and look forward to any feedback you have to offer. Thanks for stopping by! Name: TBD Themes: Bunker, Lab Game: CSGO Gametype: Defusal 5v5 Day 1 (technically Friday night and Saturday morning) Pencil and some minor PS enhancements Day 2 Paths running up mid and around the cafeteria looking too sketchy, slapped it on a grid and the fun begins Day 3 First pass on bomb sites, spawn routes, rush points, LOS, choke markers Day 4 Posted this On Deck Scale test #1, bomb site retake flow, mark railings, update labels
  12. Veeblur

    [CS:GO] de_coldwater

    I like your map! Poked around some with bots. The water is awesome! Would like some gaps in the wall on the immediate left when spawning on T-side to be drawn more in that direction. Would also be nice if there was something in the water near the T spawn to take focus away from the far edge of the water. The pillars in B are visually interesting, but they make the space very tight and claustrophobic. Would delete the ones that aren't against the walls or find some way to ease the flow. The green dumpster in front of the doorway around the middle of the map creates nice cover. I would consider replacing it with something more visually appropriate though, if even just a small brick wall or another wood pile. The wooden stairs above the water leading from CT spawn could benefit from decals or some form of wear, especially on the platform where the wood texture pinches. There is a sharp collision at the curb below the big slanted wall. This can cause you to bounce backwards when trying to make the difficult jump up the wall - would suggest smoothing the curb. Would also suggest clipping all of the stairs for consistency. A lot of them are already clipped, but many of the small stairways stand out. The stairs leading to the three paintings feel too narrow, although they look nice. You may want to get some opinions on FPS in the back of A-site (top of stairs) and at the dead end of the walkway with the broken arch in the center near B. I dip to mid-40's on a local server with bots, might not be that bad on modern hardware. Some ambient water sounds that trigger on spawn would be very cool. Great use of lighting color and contrast between indoor an outdoor. You nailed it! Both spawn points do an amazing job of selling the map up front from a visual standpoint. Inspiring stuff. The spec on the indoor wooden floors is a very nice touch. Cool snow!
  13. Veeblur

    [CS:GO] Bagra

    Nice map! Ran around with bots for a bit. The corners of walls/buildings tend to blend together coming from T side - some decals/props or other detail could highlight the corners. Many of the curved walls create interesting sight paths, but the lack of props/decals along the top reveal some blockiness against the sky. The concrete blocks bordering many of the stairs look a little bare, and considering how prevalent they are could use some wear - moss, cracks, stains. The minimap is crisp, but the shadow contrast makes areas look inaccessible that are in fact part of the main route. I would suggest lowering the contrast for accessible areas. The path leading from T-spawn to A site near the big rig looks like a dead end, and the nook near the bike feels a bit generous. The pocket in A-site behind the sandbags feels too cluttered with the railings there. I like the visual detail, but would prefer a smoother transition in and out of the space or more functional cover behind the railings. There is an archway that could be smoothed with the wall inside of A-site on the outer path. The water tower behind CT could be more visible from the top of the stairs leading to the window room. Really cool view at the top of those stairs either way. FPS is spot-on Colors are bold but not distracting Love the vertical!
  14. Veeblur

    [CSGO] de_nugget

    Hello! This is a WIP of my first Source engine map - a discreet casino set in an urban environment. It focuses on vertical engagements and indoor combat while primarily targeting 5v5 competitive play. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=170838546
  15. Veeblur


    This is a very ambitious project! Really like the mood you are after. Here are some quick notes: -The chairs, indoor and outdoor, only have projectile collision. For the scale of these props, it seemed fairly noticeable when walking through them. Would suggest pushing them into corners/walls, or make them static with basic model collision. -The beached boat next to the dock could use a basic collision hull - awesome model though! -My ancient rig was struggling with framerate during the approach from CT spawn - likely not so bad on newer machines but I suspect the drop is still noticeable I'm afraid my favorite thing about the map so far is how the windows function. Having to break them before they could be opened from the outside felt great. Keep up the good work!
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