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  1. More work on Insertion2. Trying out a new dusk/dawn lighting setup. I Think i'll stick to it. Will be nice to play around with lights to guide player movement. It's still a bit too dark though. Need to find the sweetspot between nailing the dusk/dawn look and good overall brightness. I posted these on Twitter as well at https://twitter.com/Oskmos So make sure tO SmASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!
  2. Thanks Its just blend materials on displacements! I have lots of different snow textures but these are the ones that you can see in this scene:
  3. Yeah its all from photos I've taken close to where I live. Lots of photoscanning aswell ye
  4. Started working on the actual map now! Im posting progress pics on my Twitter (where I also post stuff about my indiegame that im building by myself (plz follow me)) https://twitter.com/Oskmos Cheers!
  5. A Quick (and very sloppy) breakdown as promised. The different colors represent the uv-seams. Hope it makes sense https://www.dropbox.com/s/fu5ov6biit83dw2/tree_breakdown.jpg?dl=0
  6. Photoscan and maya Yeah basically i can post a quick breakdown of one of the trees later
  7. its gonna be some sort of compound with a 3-5ish-story building in the middle i think... Something surrounded by a generic swedish forest haha
  8. Working on assets for a new CSGO map (Insertion2 basically). So this is just to test the assets, its not the actual map:
  9. Did anyone climb the treehouse (and did it cause rubberbanding?) on the Insertion playtest yesterday? Also sorry i could not attend the playtest of my own map lol
  10. Or compile a version of the map that has the entire map inside a big skybox cube, or a very high skybox.
  11. Everybody has been saying that Insertion is good for casual and not competetive, then it turns out its the most played on comp? didnt expect that
  12. Haha. Not being able to add custom place names wont make it any easier implementing callouts But im gonna try my best!
  13. Oskmos

    Random Photo Thread

    Haha ok. Really really looks like outside an IKEA store near where I live
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