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    Really nice looking! But the red door and stairs in the 8th screenshot look a little weird. Irl the door would propably be mirrored and the railing just at the end makes little sense. Good job, both of you.
  2. Good job! We've had a little bit of discussion in this thread
  3. In my experience the (packed) radar doesn't show on the first time loading the map. If you load the map again, it's mostly fine. I would like to know, too.
  4. It looks like you didn't smoothshade the individual parts before joining them together. They should look like this
  5. You shouldn't have to. Can you post a screenshot of your physics model in blender?
  6. This is insanely easy. Thanks for sharing!
  7. A small update: I've tried to implement the latest feedback and cut the small room behind the bombsite. I also removed one entrance to the bombsite and enlarged the plant area a little bit. To make the outside part more interesting i added some cover along the ramp. I also added some placeholder props here and there. Here are some slides which show the main changes: hallway 1 hallway 2 ramp park Workshop version a6: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1550287396 I'm always thankfull for any feedback. Cheers!
  8. esspho

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    Brick it up maybe?
  9. esspho

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    The stairs infront of that window look strange. (Read: the window behind the stairs makes little sense.)
  10. Name: Stefan Vorwerk Story: To open the Door, the player has to go on a little quest. Engine: Source SDK (csgo) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SEnY4HCES2hgf4hP4gzzS3m22VdF82Oc/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: Video link:
  11. There has been a little testmatch recently wich led to some very good feedback on how to simplify some of the areas. Many thanks to RZL, csWaldo and Vaya! The outside route will mostly stay untouched for now. I read about that contest some days ago. I didn't plan on it in the first place but if I'll have something presentable by december 13th I'll submit it.
  12. Here is a wingman map that I'm working on since about 3 month. workshop link At the moment I'm using some of the awesome resort props by @Yanzl. Other than that the map is currently filled with dev textures and wip props. If you have any kind of feedback I'll be happy to hear it.
  13. This is interesting. I guess I'm in.
  14. esspho

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    @Radu any updates on this nice little map?
  15. Imho the new look of the swimming pool is a little bit to clean. Also what rzl said about the storm drain being concrete and stuff. nice work, keep going!
  16. What about this classic? Ben’s small bible of realistic multiplayer leveldesign
  17. Really nice looking. I can't give you much feedback on the lighting but those Windows look pretty bland.
  18. esspho

    Goals for 2018?

    Merry christmas! My goal for 2018: being here more often again. Have a nice holiday season everyone!
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