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  1. About your map esspho (de_twinstar_a2). As i told you, i think it's currently an excellent deathmatch map, because it's kinda small and has lots of short paths that allow you to easily get around ennemies and kill very quickly a lot of people. Also i think that this is going to be beautiful, it's a great start. But if you want to make it more like a serious bomb map, maybe you should change things, starting by deleting some paths. This path has 2 issues : it makes the other path (with the conveyor belt for seeds or garbages i don't know) useless and it allows CT to rush immediatly the middle at the terrorists positions. This path is also not needed, terrorists shoud be able to climb in the middle if they want to rush the middle, so they don't need it. Also, counter terrorists can jump from the middle catwalk. It's true that terrorists must be able to rush the middle but this thing makes it too fast and easy for them. Instead, put some crates and stuff on the ground to let them climb and reach the CT position. This path is also something complicated that doesn't really make things more interesting. Instead of it, you can make a recess in the wall with some obstacles to make some covers in order to defend the bombsite. I'm not completely sure with this one but i think it's not really needed (because it's possible to access the corridor behind with the path on your left or the one from the bombsite B). Here, there are 2 ways to get out from the corridor behind, i don't think it helps and it makes things more complicated as usual. There are also a lot of tight paths that you should enlarge, keep in mind that in any paths players should be able to run with at least 2 or 3 players easily, without getting stucked. So here are some examples of tight corridors : There is also that sightline that might be overpowered in my opinion, maybe you should make it smaller. That's it for today, i hope it helps ! wow thanks man! this is REALLY helpful. the deathmatch-character showed especially during the warmup imo. i'll look at the mentioned shortcommings and try to change the gameplay to a more de-ish style. thank you for taking the time moving the t start sounds like a good idea. thanks for playing everyone!
  2. esspho

    [alien swarm] escape

    what's gonna happen when players reach the end? bloodhound-pickup? elevator ride? overall it looks rather short playtime wise (not a bad thing). since you seem to have a scenario - what kind of environment will it be? looking forward to a playable version.
  3. ... you may have a point there. i was planning to upload it to the workshop after another playtest. I'll get to this when i come home.
  4. Can we squeeze de_twinstar_a2 into one of the next playtests? The layout got some and i'd like to hear / see what people think about it.
  5. really funny classic with cool shots of artdeco skyscraper miniatures
  6. judging by the names of popular community maps on the workshop
  7. a revision of my wip csgo map named twinstar (obviously you leave out the 'de_' nowadays) after the first playtest some time ago i took the basic elements, rebuilt them in a smaller scale and rearanged them a bit. screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/2EQwE
  8. esspho

    CS:GO - de_faubourg

    such unregular shaped bombsites could be irritating for players - just a thought. also the industrial aspect you mentioned could be more obvious.
  9. esspho

    [alien swarm] escape

    that looks nice. i would like new alien swarm campaigns a lot. post screenshots once you got started.
  10. going on vacation - yeah!

    1. Thrik


      Wish I was. ;( Going to London for Cocktail Week tomorrow though. xD

  11. some places are really narrow - especially this part: but like you said it could be better in 5on5. also i wonder if cts should be able to do this: it could be too much of an advantage i think. overall it was really fun. but it could use some variations in the height of buildings (some could be lower).
  12. Second that. I played it a few weeks ago. It's really fun.
  13. esspho


    looks awesome and plays really good. i like the overall density.
  14. i'm really happy that so many people showed up and gave twinstar a run. to sum up the feedback so far: IT'S TOO BIG! stupid me: i was kind of thrilled to see real people play the map for once so that i used the team chat all the time. I'll try to get a new mic for tomorrow's test. so thanks again for playing
  15. thanks for the hint stranger. i got it brighter and toned down the textures saturation. once more an update http://www.mediafire.com/download/e65vn08a3z04856/de_twinstar_a1_brightup.rar looking forward to the playtest (also puddy's layout)
  16. It really does look confusing - at least in that posted screenshot. I think that when you're ingame it's okay for the test. But to improve orientation I redid the radar for the playtest. Hope that helps. download with new radar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6733brb10bkjycn/de_twinstar_a1_radar_update.rar Since it's just the radar image that's different I didn't do any name changing. So the old bsp should be replaced by the new one. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  17. Hi Mapcore! I've been following the forums for a while now. Since I'm working on a csgo map I'd like to playtest it on the server. here it is: de_twinstar more screenshots http://imgur.com/a/2skQv download http://www.mediafire.com/download/cc7zv7dx7to99ef/de_twinstar_a1.rar So if maybe tuesday there is a free slot i'd like to take it. also donated
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