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    A post mortem sounds like a real nice idea. but first we need to actually finish the map One thing we'd like to do is a video fly through spanning over all the versions from start to finish. As for teamwork: We synch our files with googledrive and use lots of instances within our main map file. This way we can work on different parts of the map at the same time. We communicate mostly through discord where we also keep our references. Our roles are somewhat like this: Waldo is doing art including modelling and texture work while I'm working on general geometry, layout and from time to time radar. But we tend to stray from this formula and switch it up from time to time.
  2. esspho


    Since we consider the layout to be more or less final, it's time to step up from the greybox and to get some art done. This includes fleshing out a skybox.
  3. I'd say you did a good job on the overall atmosphere so far. One thing that I don't like is that clipping brush in mid. It' feels rather unintentional to not be able to boost up there. Better make the base brush higher or remove the clip. Also the big building near CTspawn with all the stairs doesn't feel good. The corridors feel narrow and mazelike. Anyways, keep it up!
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    Our first slot on the mapcore hubs is over and we've got a lot of feedback regarding various areas around the map. Right now, we are working on an update which will be playable on the hubs on march 30. Here are some sliders that show our progress so far. (Please let me know if there is a better way to embed those on the forums). https://imgsli.com/NDU1ODc https://imgsli.com/NDU1ODk https://imgsli.com/NDU1OTA https://imgsli.com/NDU1OTE https://imgsli.com/NDU1OTI https://imgsli.com/NDU1OTM https://imgsli.com/NDU1OTU https://imgsli.com/NDU1OTc https://imgsli.com/NDU2MDA Cheers!
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    We released another small update and tweaked some things just in time for our slot on the mapcore faceit hubs. A big thank-you to all the playtesters! The feedback from last week's match made us change the connector in a way that hopefully gives CTs a stronger position against rushing Ts. We added a pillar to the upper canal area for more cover. We also went wild with walltags to help with communication and feedback. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
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    We' ve updated the workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326921664 This time our main focus has been the canal area once again. We've tried to simplify more and improve the overall map flow. Also Ts should have a little more room for setups at the round start. Also B site got some more cover. Playtests showed that Ts used to have a hard time getting onto the spot. Now there is more safe space where they can't be seen directly by CTs watching from the window. The puddle of water below has been enlarged to make for easier dropdowns. The new radar has more contrast and should be easier to read hopefully. Overall the greybox is shaping up nicely and we are thrilled to be featured in the mapcore faceit hubs season 16!
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    Update time! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326921664 We've had another playtest and changed some things around acordingly. Thanks again for all the feedback we got in the past weeks! The big change this time is the area leading from the canal to the A site. We needed to separate the paths and do some trimming. We also thought a freight yard might fit this part of the map. The canal also saw some changes. There is a bit more cover now and there will propably be more of it in future versions. For the connector we are trying a non self-boostable solution. We've enlarged the CT-heaven and added a ladder. This should cut down on rotationtimes between sites. The radar We're excited for the next playtests. Have a nice day!
  8. esspho


    There is a new playtest version of Furnace on the workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326921664 We've mostly been working in feedback from our last test match. Thanks to everybody involved! Also thanks to @Roald for taking the time and giving some indepth advice. Here are some screens from the current map version: The Tspawn has slightly been altered - the garage on the right provides a faster and simpler path to the canal area. This shifts timings towards Bombsite A somewhat. The canal itself has been detailed a little more and got some cover in the process. The "Long B" has been fleshed out a little more - it now revolves around a derelict shack that should provide better cover for Ts. Bombsite B got some touches of color and the aforementioned half-open silo (not accessible). A sloped wall has been added beneath the heaven to hopefully limit weird vertical sightlines. CTspawn / Bombsite A has gotten the same sloped wall treatment. Also the lower part of the furnace has been detailed a little more. Top-Level Radar Bottom-Level Radar Radar comparison old / new
  9. esspho


    We've had a first playtest and got some valuable feedback from that. With that in mind we are fleshing out the individual areas some more. Hopefully we'll have a map update soon.
  10. This is pretty cool! If I had to pick out anything, I'd say the lighting looks a little flat (maybe due to the fog) and texture alignment needs some love (like the brick walls in the garage). Other than that I like it a lot!
  11. esspho


    You can check out an early version of Furnace on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326921664 Any feedback is well appreciated! We'll be doing some playtesting in the next days and weeks as well. Here are some WIPs: The central canal divides the map's residential and industrial parts. CTs spawn below bombsite A - an electric arc furnace. The Terrorist's plan B is to bomb the nearby gas silos located by the canal. For now we went with a layered radar. We're propably going to try an overlayed version in the future. Top level radar Bottom level radar
  12. I finally got the confirmation mail for my index yesterday. Since I'm also looking for a new apartment atm, I would be really interested in any recommodations regarding play splace. How big is your VR space? Does anyone have less than 2 x 3 m (6.5 x 10 feet)? on topic: i've heard good things about boneworks and job simulator.
  13. too late i'll be back in about 8 weeks, i guess
  14. esspho

    Corona Virus

    If you have some spare processing power in your beefy gaming rigs you can help running simulations on COVID-19 proteins in this Stanford University project: https://foldingathome.org/2020/03/15/coronavirus-what-were-doing-and-how-you-can-help-in-simple-terms/
  15. Congratulations to the top 4! I totally thought, Mustang would rank higher though.
  16. esspho

    Hammer export to DXF

    The DXF export works like it did in the past. Is your geometry far from the origin maybe? In my experience it works best if you copy just the brushes you need into an empty file and export from there. That's not helpful at all.
  17. I've tried it and it works like this: - copy de_laferte.bsp from csgo/maps/workshop/738146050 to csgo/maps - create your de_laferte.kv in csgo/maps - load the map via console (the new one, not the workshop version)
  18. Do you get an error message?
  19. You can play Cleanup in the current Mapcore Wingman Hub https://steamcommunity.com/groups/mapcorehub In the meantime a skybox update and some minor tweaks are in the works.
  20. Thank you very much for your feedback, everybody. The current version of the map has been put togehter in a total rush. I'll keep the layout (which i like very much) and try to rework most of the areas.
  21. the workshop map propably has it own kv file allready in place. You are generating a kv with the same filename as the other. In that case the game just picks the first one (the one packed into the bsp). A possible workaround could be to change the filename of the bsp and your kv file accordingly.
  22. Well, I'm not overly proud to enter the map in this rather rough state but I'm doing it anyway. It was fun working on Anchor so far and I'll be happy to bring it more to life in future updates. Workshop Link (may need a little time for steam approval): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807037033 Congrats to all that made it to the finish line. I'm excited to try out all of your awesome maps.
  23. Warowl is making a map and gives a shoutout to mapcore.
  24. Use the sdk`s model Browser. There is also a model Browser Inside Hammer. (nevermind - i misread the op)
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