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  1. Mr. beautifull rabbit use gametracker.com for that Anyway, time will be the final judge. We will see what custom maps are still played after 2-3 years and what maps will be forgotten. De_mirage was once a custom map, now it's official. De_torn was official now it's forgotten.
  2. @FMPONE In spite the fact that your maps are in top 10 on steam workshop, in the real life, i mean on international public servers not just USA, nobody wants to play them so much if at all. I was amazed of the player's reaction to your maps, it was quite unexpected. If you make a statistic of the maps played around the world you will see that the most frequently played CS:GO custom maps aren't even in top 50 on the steam workshop, but still the people prefer them over yours or even the official ones. I wonder why?! Maybe it's the gameplay, maybe it's about how the map's environment makes you
  3. It has the sickest humor ever! I love it! there are your couple of lines dear Chimeray
  4. movie 43 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHQwLY0M-E8
  5. How did i learned what i know today... Back in 2008 i was curious about how the CS1.6 maps were made. There must be some kind of editor i said to myself. Then i started to search the internet and finally i found this site http://www.superjer.com/learn.php . It was perfect for me because i had zero skills and zero knoledge about level design at that time. I blindly followed the instructions provided, step by step. It was like learning an extraterestrial language, but i was eager to do it. After the first compile i opened the game and even though it was just a simple empty room without any sk
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