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  1. Just saw it last night. I really enjoyed it but there are some serious flaws regarding the plot, particularly how it just constantly ropes Ford in to keep a single human element throughout the film. It felt unnessacary and made Godzilla a supporting cast member in his own movie. The fights are great and there are some awesome throwbacks that I did not expect at all, but as fun as it was I don't think it was as good as Pacific Rim.
  2. So I've been a long standing Call of Duty fan. COD1 was one of the first multiplayer games I played at lan parties and I've owned every one except for the most recent two. This one looks quite refreshing and seems to have distanced itself the fartherst from modern times than any of the recent ones, which is in my opinoin a great sign. The mulitplayer generally only varies in degrees of what class of weapons are overpowered and how powerful the kill streaks are but this time around they show characters "super jumping" and Spider-Man like wall climbing which gives me hopes that the maps will be opened up to new ways to traverse vertical surfaces and hopefully accomidate new a new playstyle. This is also the first COD by Sledgehammer I'll be playing. In the past I have not been a fan of Infinity Wards multiplayer contributions to the series but have always enjoyed Treyarcs. I hope Sledgehammer also does well in this regard and I'll have 2 good COD's to look foward to instead of one.
  3. I guess I didn't mean to come across quite so sardonic but let me throw in my 2 cents (lots of spoilers... sorta). Like I said. I enjoyed both films but because of how the overarching plot flows, that really isn't that surprising.
  4. Watched 300: Rise of a Nation. It was basically 300 on boats. Enjoyable spectacle, light on the plot. If you liked the first one, this is basically the same movie with a three minute angry sex scene. Which was kind of awkward to watch with my wife next to me...
  5. Any chance we can get an ETA on that? I can't wait to read it =D
  6. Yay. My first render. I fear I botched something along the way with the shaders but I haven't been able to figure out what step I messed up. There's definitely an issue with the reflections though =/. I followed this tutorial here, mostly with it in the background. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to making a lot more things to get used to the UI. So far it's been quite easy and intuitive.
  7. Once you've taken the screenshot you're gonna use make sure you stay in the same position and write down the values for scale, pos_x and pos_y. Any changes made to either x or y doesn't seem to effect my radar in the end. I've made an overview before, where I just had to adjust it slightly. This is something else. It's way off. Edit: I think the problem might be my dds plug in making an odd file/texture or the likes. I use GIMP. Can someone make a dds file out of this image so I can test whether my GIMP is gimped or I'm just being completely blind/dumb with this overview. tga file I've done several radars in GIMP at this point with the DDS plugin. One big issue I figured out is that GIMP preservers an image's full size even if the canvas is shrunk so if the image your working with isn't 1024x1024 you have to remember to crop it to the canvas.
  8. Oh man. It's gonna be a late start for me but fortunately I got some stuff built up. Movies: The Worlds End Despicable Me 2 RIPD The Croods Man of Tai Chi 13 Assassins Dylan Dog God Bless America Daywatch Futurama Season 1 A Band Called Death The Lone Ranger 300: Rise of a Nation Frozen Captian America: The Winter Soldier Godzilla The Amazing Spiderman 2 Rick and Morty: Season 1 Books: Slaughterhouse-Five The Last Question George Carlin: Last Words Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Dune Messiah Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Children of Dune Games: (Whaaat! Boardgames Count?) Loadout Sparkle 2 Evo Hammerwatch Darksiders 2 The Ball Cogs Natural Selection 2 Serious Sam 3 Deus Ex: Human Revolution (DC) Counter Strike (ya. the first one >_>) DayZ Guns of Icarus Online Rust (This game is CRAZY fun) Titanfall Battlefield 4 Warframe Boss Monster (boardgame) Aquire (boardgame) Carcassonne (boardgame) Betrayal at the House on the Hill (boardgame) Querkle (boardgame) The Order of the Stick (boardgame) Terra Mysticia (boardgame) Kingdom Builder (boardgame) Dead Panic (boardgame) Forbidden Island (boardgame) The Resistance (boardgame) Tsuro (boardgame) Ogre (boardgame) Risk Legacy (boardgame) King of Tokyo (boardgame) Mashup (boardgame)
  9. Documenting some changes to the A Yard and Catwalk sections. The yellow shed was one of the oldest buildings on my map, probably the second or third one I ever made in hammer so it's kind of sad to see it go. That said, I feel like the area looks a lot better with it gone, and I get to bring back a few ideas from much older versions of the map. I don't quite like the look of the new building. The grey supports look really odd imbedded in with the bricks and I haven't worked out quite what the upper half will look like. Right now it's to uniform with the windows and all right angles. I'm going to add another vertical element I think and begin detailing it with props and decals.
  10. Woops. For what ever reason I had just assumed those sexy curbs were always just displacements. Well, that makes things easier at least.
  11. Some practice learning the arch tool a bit. Still working on it with smoothing groups to fix up the ugly railing top face. I'm also trying to make the smaller curbs into displacements so I can smooth them but I'm not yet sure how to go about that. Going to be looking up some tutorials tonight on interlopers.
  12. So I watched "The Man of Tai Chi" today. If you've never heard of it, it came out last year and is Keanu Reeves directorial debut. The whole thing is a bit of a mishmash but I want to speak on the good bits first. First off a first time directed film, Keanu has done a pretty good job. There's nothing to extravagant here as it was fairly low budget but the acting all around was fine (most of the movie isn't in English), the main character is an accomplished martial artist and it shows in several of the films well choreographed battles, it's very well paced considering its length and it's always fun to watch Keanu to play a bad guy. The overall story has tons of classic kung fu film tropes, particularly the personification of Yin and Yang in the antagonist and protagonists teacher. There are a LOT of fights but it isn't wall to wall none stop combat in the one hour forty-five minute run time. They find the time to actually focus on the plot and there are a few more elements involved than your typical kung fu flick because of it. Finally, the cinematography is very well done. I don't know whether or not Keanu had much to do with that but it was noticeable and unexpected. Some of the timelapses in particular that also transition from one city to another at the same time were very nice. Now of the not so good bits. While the action was great most of the time, some of the fights feel a little too random and long. Some of the grappling and throws are attempting to be showy but when there isn't wirework involved they end up looking flat. One fight in particular looked pretty bad due to having a portion of it either filmed in strobe lights, or altered in post (the saner, more expensive solution because can you imagine fighting when your only light source is constantly blinking on and off?). As I mentioned before Keanu is half of the Yin Yang dynamic in the film, and as the antagonist, that means he's pretty much flat out, 104% pure evil (don't question my math). That means he also gets some pretty cringe worthy one liners. I can somewhat forgive this because I suspect the movies core audience was meant to be Hong Kong cinema goers who likely don't speak English, and not some netflix client. Keanu is also looking his age for once, which kind of scared me until I realized that was a 50 year old man performing flying ninja kicks across the screen. He doesn't act his age. So there's my report for you fine mapcore folks. All and all I really enjoyed the film. If you've been pining to see Keanu do some kung fu since the Matrix films ended, or you just want a decent martial art's film to pass the time with then I'd say give The Man of Tai Chi a go. It isn't perfect by a mile, but it's enjoyable, pretty well made and you could do worse things with your time.
  13. I just want to make sure by finding out you mean using the Arch Tool included in Hammer? https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Arch_Properties Correct =)
  14. One of my friends pointed that out when I showed it to him as I was making it XD. The keys in the model are indented (it's hard to tell from that screen) but they are concave from all 4 sides instead of being cylindrical =S I remember before I stopped working on it I was looking into a way to edit all the keys at once so I wouldn't have to redo each one individually. After I've done some tutorials to brush back up, I might revisit it and fix it. =) EDIT: Here is the keyboard I was trying to model... and am currently typing on.
  15. I started them in 2006. I might have the last built versions in a pk3 file somewhere, I can upload them if you want. Please do. I need an excuse to reinstall COD2 =D I completly forgot the context of this thread and misunderstood "Then, I stopped level design until a few weeks ago !" to mean you started working on them again lol.
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