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  1. Yeah, I think Dust 2 fits the bill. I've not worked on any multiplayer shooters professionally, but I guess it must have been referenced at some point.
  2. Hey thanks, although I have seen this before. What I was referring to is actual production levels in released games that convey a set of level design principles well.
  3. Hey all, I was just curious if anyone knew of any best practice examples of level design for a mechanic, genre of game or a particular game series that are used internally at studios they work, have worked at in the past or you have seen stated by another studio (could be from one of your studio's games or from a competitor's)? So what I mean is a level or part of a level (could also be a mission or quest) that the team looks at as a guideline for best practices when designing other levels or more specifically, combat encounters - shooting/melee, puzzles, traversal challenges etc. I'm in
  4. @blackdog Thanks, yeah I've seen that link. Yeah I'm looking to do a write up on gating techniques, with some good and bad examples. It makes it a bit easier when clearly classifying the different types. I also want to avoid contradicting the common understanding of terms as well, so I just thought I'd double check on here.
  5. @Helder Pinto I'm talking in relation to single player games and gating in terms of blocking off exits to different areas of a level, whether temporarily of permanently. Mostly FPS and third person action/adventure genres, but gating is applicable to others. @Alf-Life Yeah they're both terms in relation to gating, where you are using methods of restricting the players movement through the level. What you call back gating gating I've heard referred to as hard gates. I've also read hard gates as being what you call front gates, where an absolute condition (such as killing all the enemies) m
  6. Hi everyone, I've been looking into gating through level design a bit more deeply, but have come across some differing interpretations between "hard gates" and "soft gates". I wanted to ask how you would define both "hard gates" and "soft gates" to see what the general consensus was here?
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