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  1. Managing community development and learning tons about urban and community planning. Hoping to transfer some of this to some arch-vis practice and level design. I think it is highly applicable.

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    2. Sigma


      Nice esspho! I'd love to talk with you about either. I assume that urban planning in Germany is somewhat different than here in the USA (e.g., we have a lot of greenspace considerations). Considering I basically got a crash course in Urban Planning to take this job, it is all still new to me but I am finding it enjoyable for the most part.

    3. esspho


      I bet there are very different approaches in the USA. But of course there must be many things that are equal. Whats happening here right now is that there many regions that are declining (inhabitants, taxes and so on) and few regions that are really booming.

      I'm working in the urban design department of an architectural firm. Our main job is to make the basic designs for quarters (or sometimes even single buildings) and work these out with the local authorities. Later on the architectural departments take over. Most of the time we work for private investors which can be really frustrating because basicly it's all about the money for them.

      There are a lot of greenspace considerations here, too. Overall environmental standards are pretty high I guess. Maybe the biggest issue at the moment is reducing the energy demands of our buildings and cities.

      What's going on over there?

    4. Sigma


      I would argue that the USA is have similar trends with our urbanization (many regions declining and some booming). I attribute much of this to the new economy and continued regression of manufacturing, which the USA is still feeling. In my small city, the environmental standards are the primary concern for myself; although because we are a bedroom community to a nearby major city there is a high level of competition with neighboring communities in economic development and amenities. Right now we're going through a major flood mitigation project and sidewalks in a neighborhood with high foot traffic (no pre-existing sidewalks). It is interesting to say the least. I guess I would be one of those "local authorities" you work with :D. Unfortunately my primary tax base is residential, which is not as nice a tax base as commercial/industrial - but since the citizens have placed a premium value on their residential spaces, I do not think it is an attitude I am likely to change in my short term here.

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